Top Tips for University Students to Get Rid of Math Phobia

Math is a subject that many students find challenging and difficult to learn. Some people suffer from math phobia, and it can be difficult to get rid of this phobia, especially when you are in university or college.

You might not feel motivated or interested in doing your math assignments, and even if you do, they might be incomplete or incorrect.

How to Introduce Toddlers to Fun and Engaging Educational Topics at Home

Introducing toddlers to educational topics can be daunting, but there are also a lot of solutions for it! There are fun and engaging ways to introduce toddlers to important educational concepts. By using activities that are fun, educational, and suitable for the age, you can help your toddler learn about educational topics at home.

Here are some of the things you can do to boost your toddler’s interest in educational topics at home:

The Reasons Why Women Shouldn't Drop Out College Because of Having a Child

There are lots of reasons why women should not drop out of college because of having a child. The situation may seem challenging, but it's not impossible. Many women have obtained their degrees and other certifications while still looking after their children.

Instead of dropping, there are several survival tips that you can embrace to balance parental roles and studies. These tips will also help you get the finances to fund your activities. Here are the tips you should embrace to avoid dropping out of school because of a child.

Music and Learning: Does Music Make You Smarter?

Ever since the first humans started banging animal bones against each other, music has been an important part of global culture. We use music to express feelings, perform religious rites, or for fun. The influence of music on our body and mind is the seed of numerous discussions in the scientific community. We have empiric evidence that music impacts the emotional state of a person, but what about all that talk that music can make you smarter? Would listening to classic composers help you through college?

We did some research and came up with results that will change your perspective of how music influences our lives.

Fun and Educational Activities for Child's Development

When you play with your child, not only are they having a good time, but they are also picking up vital knowledge that will advance them. You can do all sorts of games and activities with your child that are both fun and educational. This article will outline various activities that meet both criteria.

Homeschool Education Tips: Making History Fun

If you think learning history at home is impossible, this article is for you. Check it out, and you'll understand that education can be funny and exciting.

With each passing year, homeschooling is becoming more common. Homeschooling is a reasonably progressive movement in a world where parents teach their children alone or with tutors at home rather than sending them to school. The reasons why families choose this type of education are different:
- dissatisfaction with their school education.
- dissatisfied with religious philosophies and beliefs.

The home learning movement began to grow in the 1970s. For example, in the United States, more than 2 million children study at home, and this percentage is constantly growing. Homeschooling is also legal in about 50 countries.

Learning What DACA Means: Stories from Immigrant Families

Many people disagree about the rights of Dreamers and the necessity of a lasting solution, but one thing is for sure. Our situation is much better now that DACA is in place. DACA's advantages go far beyond the work authorization and deportation relief it provides to those who qualify. Compassion and compromise are necessary for those who were brought to the United States as children. They're from the US. Restricting their progress would only serve to limit the scope of our own national development.

Learning What DACA Means: Stories from Immigrant Families

DACA is a game-changer for recipients. It opened doors to training and employment prospects. Many Dreamers dislike living in two-year intervals. Also, legal issues threaten DACA's long-term survival. Over 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. are eligible for DACA, which leads to permanent residency and citizenship.

Pluses and Minuses of Online College Education | 2022 Edition

Online education allows people to learn by coming together in a physical classroom. However, this new setup is incomplete and fully advantageous.

The issue of whether we should use a predominantly online-based learning system has been a subject of discussion in our university system.

Pluses and Minuses of Online College Education | 2022 Edition

Many students feel uncomfortable with the difficulty of writing their college essays and studying for their examinations. Comparisons in works are especially complicated. Although they have the opportunity to check out the free compare and contrast essay examples on the Grades fixer, this does not completely solve the problem. After all, everyone is afraid of getting a bad grade. Nevertheless, free examples provide the basic confidence to start writing and set you up for a decent tutor-to-student contract for grades.

Let us review the benefits and downsides of an internet-based college education. You have a lot to learn from this detailed write-up.

How to Be a Successful Stay at Home Mom-Student: The Ultimate Guide

When bringing life into the world, many of your waking hours will be spent tending to your children’s every want and need. As you progress through motherhood, there may come a point where you reassess your situation and decide it’s time to go back into education. Gaining new skills and credentials can help you command a higher salary, which is vital for supporting your family and everything that goes with it.

How to Be a Successful Stay at Home Mom-Student: The Ultimate Guide

Many stay at home moms opt for online learning which provides freedom and flexibility, allowing you to study at home and at a pace that suits you. However, with children to look after along the way, juggling your duties can be difficult. To help, here is a guide on how to be a successful mom-student.

11 Ways Kids Benefit From Farm Visits

As a parent, you want your kids to enjoy and make the most of their youthful years. And so you strive to keep them grounded by limiting the time they spend using gadgets and urging them to spend more time outdoors to socialize with others or immerse themselves in nature. Some parents may take their children for backyard picnics and walks in the park. Meanwhile, others tend to be more adventurous and allow their kids to tag along when they’re backpacking, hiking, or going camping.

11 Ways Kids Benefit From Farm Visits

However, one activity that most parents may have never tried with their kids before is visiting a farm. Read on to find out why this particular option is worth considering.

Outdoor Activities That Can Educate Your Child

Outdoor Activities That Can Educate Your Child

Educating your children is one of the most important things you can do. But sometimes, it's hard to find an activity that will keep them entertained while also teaching them something new. Luckily, this post will offer plenty of outdoor activities that meet this criterion! These activities include:

Balancing Your Time When You Homeschool Your Kids

Homeschooling has become increasingly popular over the last few decades. As more and more parents venture into this type of childcare and education, though, many realize that this process isn’t as easy as it seems.

Balancing Your Time When You Homeschool Your Kids

Managing your time can be incredibly difficult, and many homeschooling parents struggle to find the time to give their children what they need. To help you out with this process, this article will be exploring some of the best ways to balance your time when you are going through this process.

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas from Nat Geo Kids

For parents looking to avoid sugar overload this year, books are a great way to fill the kids' Easter baskets (and last way longer than chocolate!). National Geographic Kids has six books for kids of all ages that are filled with fuzzy animals, fun facts, and Easter stories -- a perfect fit for this holiday and the celebration of Spring!

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas from Nat Geo Kids

Books to Teach & Celebrate Black History All Year Long

 It is Black History Month and I recently saw someone say that Black History is redundant and the reason he said this was because simply, Black History is American History and we should be teaching it all year long. We have been teaching a filtered version of our history to make it sound nicer, but the only we can do better is to teach our children the truth so we can actually learn from mistakes and do better.

Books to Teach & Celebrate Black History All Year Long

Today I'm sharing some books to help teach and celebrate Black History Month not just in February, but all year long.

How to Help Your Child Adapt to Homeschooling

If you have recently switched from schooling to homeschooling, the transition can be slow and difficult for your child and you, mostly when it was sudden. Although homeschooling has many benefits, such as a safer environment for your children and you get to spend more time with them, some children may take time to adapt to the new arrangement. How can you make the transition easier?

How to Help Your Child Adapt to Homeschooling

Home Learning Essentials from Nat Geo Kids Books

Whether you are going back to school in person, home schooling, distance learning, or decided to switch to private school, this year will look different. Our children are going in two weeks to in person school and they will have to wear masks for most of the day. Right now we are virtual learning and have been having a ton of tech issues. So supplementing their education is important to me.

As millions of kids (and their parents!) embark on distance learning, what’s on the family bookshelf has never been more important. Nat Geo Kids Books has always been the gold standard when it comes to providing educational, fun, engaging books for kids, and this fall is no different. I was recently sent a National Geographic Kids Books Home Learning Essentials that I am excited to share with you as well as giveaway! I love National Geographic Kids books for my family and these are no exception. Here is a bit more about these titles that are must-haves for the school year:

Six Ways To Make Home Education Fun

When it comes to homeschooling, the whole world is thrust into a situation where we are all home educating the kids - whether we like it or not. Of course, plenty of parents choose to home educate naturally, but those who don't go for home education usually have to then make adjustments. It’s stressful, we’re not going to lie.

However, you can make home education fun. You can teach your kids without needing to sit them down and teach them a lesson: education is everywhere should they want to partake in it. You can learn with Science Videos online, craft paper and glue, running round the house on scavenger hunts - it’s all available for your kids! With that in mind, let’s take a look at how you can make home education fun.

Tips To Help Your Child’s Early Development

Your child’s early development is important to focus on when it comes to giving them the best opportunities for later on in life. What you teach and influence in them right now will have an impact later on in their lives. There is plenty that you can do as a parent or guardian to make sure that your child is growing up to have the best start they possibly can in life, and when it comes to education. Here are some tips to help your child’s early development.

Taking Charge of your Child's Education: From Home

In recent months, more and more of us have had to dip our toe into the complex and complicated world of homeschooling. Now, more than ever, many of us who have taken for granted our public school teachers, college professors and daycare workers, truly understand and appreciate the hard work these professionals have invested in our children. For those of us who were already homeschooling our children, we’re heartened to know that now people truly understand the work and labor involved with educating children of all ages, abilities and talents.

If there’s any silver lining to practicing social-distancing, it’s that more of us have been given the gift of time with the children in our lives, and are able to have a direct hand in their education. For many of us, we’ve never been so hands-on when it came to our children’s daily lessons or homework. This experience is as rewarding as it is difficult.

If you’re still getting into the swing of things when it comes to your child’s remote learning - either because you’re getting used to requirements set forth by social distancing, or if you’re just new to the homeschooling thing and plan to keep doing it permanently - you may be wondering if there are any easy tricks or tips to help ease you and your child into this new situation. Luckily, there are. With educational technology ever on the rise, there are quite a few programs, platforms, apps and resources out there for parents who want to do remote learning at home.

Your Child And Their Future: How Your Decisions Will Impact It

When it comes to thinking about the future, we can all get a little lost on it. We are all encouraged to live in the moment. Life is too short to dwell on things, be present in the day to day, that sort of thing. But the truth is, we can all agree that while that mentality is a great one to have, time moves forward at a rapid pace, and often we can find ourselves wondering where the time has gone. After all, you are probably wondering where this year has gone. Sometimes it is good to spend a little time thinking about the future, and often the decisions we make, now and in our own near futures can have an impact on our child’s future. With that in mind, here are some of the ways your decisions can impact your child and their future.