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HOO HOO WHO? by Mary Maier Giveaway

You’re Invited! Mouse’s Surprise Party is today, but Owl’s glasses are broken. It’s a good thing you came along! Can you use the clues to help Owl figure out which guest is at the door? Hoo hoo who could it be?

In this catchy and interactive book, children are encouraged to take part in the story and use expressive language to respond to Owl’s WHO questions. With engaging opportunities on every page, children will be excited to read this story again and again. Who doesn’t love to yell, “Surprise!” and sing, “Happy Birthday”? The bold and distinctive illustrations are refreshing for parents, and particularly enthralling for children who will be naturally drawn to the curvy and circular shapes.

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Save Money When You Shop on Amazon

If you are anything like me, then you are always looking for a deal. I love shopping on Amazon, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Something may seem like a great deal, but it isn't. And what if the seller has a coupon code available out there? How will you know? What if there was a way for Amazon sellers to put their sales all in one place?

Save Money When You Shop on Amazon

I like shopping on Amazon for the convenience. I can order toilet paper or school supplies at the tap of a few finger tips. But if I can find a way to save money on something I am buying anyway, then I want the best deal available. I recently became aware of VIPON. VIPON is the largest Amazon deal sites with everything 50% to 90% off! They have over 2,000,000 registered shoppers and 40,000 discounted Amazon products in kitchen, beauty, home décor, baby, fashion, outdoor, and more!

How it Works:

When To Take Your Child to the Eye Doctor

So I have been having concerns about my son's eye sight. My pediatrician said that children should actually go to the ophthalmologist once a year especially if you have eye insurance. This post is all about my experience getting my son his glasses. If you have ANY concerns at all, even the slightest thing, then you need to talk to your pediatrician. Write down your concerns as soon as you have them so when you go to your pediatrician you can address them. I wish I had done this.

kid glasses

I am not a doctor, this is just our experience.

10 Unconventional Ways to Save Money and The Environment

The thing that I have noticed about my endeavors to save more money is that it can also help the environment in many ways. Since I have started my blog, I have learned about so many ways to help our environment. And so I have compiled a list of 10 unconventional ways my family saves money while helping the environment in the process.

Unconventional Ways to Save Money and the Environment