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The Outer Banks: One Of The Best Vacation Spots For Families

For a serene place to travel, laced with opportunities for enjoyment and wonder, the Outer Banks in North Carolina is the ideal place for many to vacate to during the holidays. As a result, the area welcomes millions of visitors every year. 


Picture roaming horses, impressive houses, charming villages, long golden sandy beaches, and an abundance of weathered lighthouses. And you will almost have a good picture of the Outer Banks already.

The 3 Major Challenges Of Parenthood, And How To Own Them

Parenthood is not easy. If anyone has told you otherwise, it’s time to reassess how honest they were with you. While having the fifth child might not be so much of a novel experience as the first, as you’re now prepared and know what to deal with, you still have one more child to look after. That takes time, energy, enthusiasm, and bundles of love to take part in well.

There are many parents out there. Not all of them are skilled for the task. Some learn, others do not. Some do all they can, others skirt the responsibility. That being said, all have to face universal parenting challenges that take time to show. For some, delayed responses to speech development can leave them worried, other children may have special needs, while others may suffer medical issues. Even if your child is lucky enough to avoid all of these potential issues, they still have the difficult task of learning how to be a human being at their fingertips. That’s tough, and it’s tough for you to raise a human being from scratch. Technically, you’re still a relatively young person before the age of 40. You can’t know all the answers.

So, what are these challenges, and how can they be overcome? Let’s discuss:

Back-To-School Essentials for Virtual Learning

Look on the positive side of things, we don't have to spend a small fortune buying new school clothes. All jokes aside, I was honestly devastated when I heard the news that we would be starting "virtual learning until further notice" because my son doesn't do well with me teaching him. He needs his eager classmates and the guidance of someone who knows how to handle a child with a short attention span. But if this means that my child won't get this virus, then that is what I have to do and what needs to be done. So my back-to-school shopping guide has to look a lot different this year and that's okay. The thing that stinks is I still have supplies at my child's school from last semester.

Homeschool Online Science Labs

This post is sponsored by Greg Landry of College Prep Science.

If you are like me, then you are a planner. With everything going on, it has been hard to plan when things are so unpredictable. I want to do the right thing for my children, while keeping them safe. We are starting the school out in a virtual learning environment, but I am no teacher and I hate making mistakes. So I have been researching options that can help not only my family, but others as well.

Science labs have always been a challenge for homeschooling families: supplies, specimens, equipment, writing lab reports, knowing how to perform labs, smelly frogs on the kitchen table, etc. Some families attempt to remedy those issues by getting together with other families and doing labs together - pooling resources or doing science labs in a homeschool co-op setting. But, that too is sometimes problematic and often doesn't end well. The newest challenge is not being able to do labs with other families or in a homeschool co-op setting because of COVID-19.