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Devotionals for Busy Mom Life

I have been attending church now with my kids since last March. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I stopped going when I met my husband years ago. They even mention sometimes that it can happen. He didn't go, so I stopped going. It was right, but that's what happened. And then I was scared to go by myself for so long. Why I have no idea. But then I did the "scary thing" and started back. I am so glad I made that decision for myself and family.

We have learned so much and it has helped me through so rough patches. I have anxiety and am stressed a lot, recently I have seen online that so many others mothers are too. So I thought I would share some devotionals that may help.  

Coping When You Have Kids and Aging Parents to Care For

Providing practical and emotional support on a long-term basis can be draining for anyone no matter their situation. When you’re caring for a loved one, such as a parent, the task can be even harder. For people with aging parents and a young family, the situation may feel impossible.

Known as the ‘sandwich generation’, increasing numbers of people are facing these circumstances. With so many issues to cope with, it can feel hard to find a way through. However, there are ways to spread your time and take care of yourself.

If you’re raising a family and supporting elderly parents, take a look at these top tips to help you cope...

Surviving a Road Trip With Kids

Going on a road trip with the kids? Keeping the kids occupied could be important for keeping you all happy. Here are a few ways in which you can make a road trip a fun experience for the family.

Top 20 Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix

We broke up with Cable and satellite back in 2016 and haven't look back. I have been an avid Netflix binger since 2010. So I created a post titled "Top 20 Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix" and it is really popular on Pinterest right now. The thing is, it is really outdated. So I asked my friends and family on social media what their favorite shows to stream on Netflix in 2020 and that are worth a day of binge watching. The list didn't disappoint so I hope you enjoy!

Top Binge Worthy Shows on Netflix