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Creating Lasting Memories with Shutterfly

Although I am an affiliate for Shutterfly, I have been using them to make beautiful creations for years. I have been using Shutterfly to create lasting memories that I absolutely love. I love that you can stack coupons and they always offer great freebies. Like, ew customers can get a Free 8x8 Photo Book just for signing up and right now you can get free prints if you order through their app. How amazing is that?

I used Shutterfly to send out Christmas Cards/Pregnancy Announcement

I get all my prints from them. And I make a wall calendar for my father-in-law almost every year so he can have beautiful, quality pictures of his grandkids in his office as well as a very useful item that even has everyone's birthday already on it. I have created so many other beautiful photo gifts as well.

Perfect Toy Gift Ideas for Girls

This post contains affiliate. Thank you for supporting my blog.

This list says gift ideas for girls, but I personally you can buy whatever a child wants for them. If they like it, then buy it. This list is for those aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc., who simply have no clue what to give the child in their life. These are some hot toy items for all ages. I have separate each in to their own age category for your easy viewing. I do suggest paying attention to age requirements when making a gift purchase for a child.

30+ Acts of Kindness to Celebrate the Season

Or all year long! Today is World Kindness Day. Kindness doesn't always have to be random. I think if we spread kindness around like confetti, then it genuinely would be contagious. And that is what we should show and teach our children is to show others kindness. It is something that has to be learned for some and the only way to instill it in our children is to continually show kindness through random acts. Some of these cost money, but some of these are simple and can be implemented everyday regardless of your financial situation. I challenge you to do something kind for someone today.

Getting Ahead For The Christmas Period: Here’s What You Can Do

You may be thinking that discussing Christmas right now is a little too soon, but in all fairness, the way the year has gone it is soon going to be coming around once more. The issue many people find with occasions such as Christmas is the fact it can sneak up on you. Christmas costs and there is no escaping that, and even if you vow to try and take it easy each year their are gifts you might want to buy, decorating your home and that amazing feast we all look forward to on Christmas Day itself. But the problem many face is the lack of preparation for the holiday season. With that in mind, it seems the perfect time to suggest some of the ways you can begin preparing right now, to ensure you have a fabulous Christmas this year.