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Reasons to Get a Weighted Blanket

If you have been following me on my blog or social media for any amount of time, then you know I suffer from anxiety. I don't talk about it online as much as I do in real life, but it is a very part of my life. Going to the gym and getting regular exercise has been helping tremendously. I have also tried CBD oil as well. There are many things that trigger it and sometimes it can be debilitating, but I am trying to work through it the best I can.

I recently reached out to SensaCalm about trying out one of their weighted travel blankets. I have a few issues that I wanted to try and resolve with this; 1. I have trouble sleeping when not in my own bed. 2. I have anxiety about going to the dentist. The reason I thought a weighted blanket would help with the later is because when they put the weighted x-ray blanket on me, I always felt a calming sensation. I had asked for them to keep it on me once I realized this and I wasn't as anxious throughout the visit. The next time I went in, I asked if they could put it on me even though they weren't taking x-rays and either they forgot or didn't want to, so the rest of that visit I was back to my over-anxious, crying self (yes, it causes me to cry uncontrollably for unexplained reasons). I have no idea why I get so anxious at the dentist, but going is a necessity.

Here are some reasons why you might consider getting a weighted blanket:

Kid-Friendly Videos on Demand with Kabillion + Roku Giveaway

Since my family has broken up with cable/satellite, we are always on the search for apps that have kid-friendly entertainment and if it is FREE then that is better. I removed YouTube Kids from my kids' tablets back in February and I do not regret my decision at all. But it was a free platform. In my search for new apps for my children, I found Kabillion.

With all the many options available today, Kabillion stands out as a reliable and safe destination for quality children’s entertainment – a place where parents can feel good about their children spending time. In fact, this outstanding platform is the only independently-owned VOD network to be ranked among the Top 10 Kids Free On Demand networks in the U.S.!

Going Green at Home to Support a Healthy Family

Every parent strives to provide their family with the healthiest environment possible. With an emphasis on creating an emotionally safe and loving environment, it can be easy to overlook the need to sustain a healthy physical environment in order to support a healthy family. As reported by Cornell University, housing quality has a tremendous impact on child-wellbeing, including exposure to toxic substances, general organization and cleanliness of the space, and easy access to natural settings. In fact, natural living is cited as the most beneficial in promoting your child’s health. Consider going green in the home to help your family thrive in the healthiest, earth-conscious environment possible. Look to these tips for ways to start living naturally today!

5 Benefits of Puzzles for Children

Right from the days of being a toddler, we all have memories of indulging in solving an extensive number of puzzles. Parents tend to sit with their children and make them play these due to their wide-ranging importance for the exercise of minds. The way puzzles manage to challenge children makes them apply every ounce of their mental strength and capabilities, thereby allowing them to experience adverse situations and honing skills. Hence, they seem to act as a learning tool for the children, whether they be 5 or even 15.

This article intends to delve into the positive aspects of solving puzzles for children and discuss the benefits that accrue to them.