Grandparent's Day Craft Free Printable

 I am happy as can BEE because the best Grandparents belong to me! I was searching for an easy printable craft to make with my 2k preschoolers for Grandparents Day. I found some on Esty, but they either had spelling errors or they weren't at the price point that I thought was fair to other teachers, especially private school preschool teachers. Since I am pretty handy at making printables, I thought I would give it a shot. A free bee image later and here is what I came up with. ENJOY!

Grandparent's Day Craft Free Printable

Feel free to click the image below to print at home for free. Use black or blue paint to paint child's hands. We used a foam brush and then applied their hands ourselves because they are only in 2K. But older kids could easily do both hands and apply the paint with help. 

Grandparent's Day free printable gift craft

Do you celebrate Grandparent's Day? What do you think of our craft?

Grandparent's Day Craft Free Printable - Free Printable Bee Handprint craft gift


  1. I am so saving this one to my favorites this one is so adorable!
    heather hgtempaddy

  2. Any way we can edit this? Some of our students don’t have a grandparent attend our event. They have someone special to them.


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