Protecting Children Online: Best Parental Control App

The Best Parental Control app for your child’s tablet or phone. And why my family chooses them.

"Screen time" is often talked about negatively, but electronics can have a lot of benefits too and the fact is, our world is turning more digital. 33% of public schools offered full-time remote instruction and 10% offered hybrid to students in June 2022, according to National Center for Education Statistics. Every child in our public school district has their own tablet to use in school and at-home.

Tablets and other devices can be an excellent source of educational games and learning resources, as well as wholesome entertainment. They are also a way for children to build fine motor skills and even continue friendships with school friends during breaks.

I am going to be honest; I think about what too much screen time is for my children, but I have trouble managing it on my own. My husband and I also worry about our children using their electronic devices responsibly. We want to make sure they only have access to age-appropriate content and don't become victims of sexual predators. My daughter is now twelve and my son is eight. We have decided we want to avoid them having social media as long as possible.

In a recent survey, 84% of parents reported that they are worried about their child’s online safety. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, kids ages 8-18 now spend on average, a whopping 7.5 hours in front of screen consuming entertainment media. This includes (but not limited to) computers, televisions, video game consoles, tablets, and phones.

3 Ways to Protect Children Online

Kid-Friendly Videos on Demand with Kabillion + Roku Giveaway

Since my family has broken up with cable/satellite, we are always on the search for apps that have kid-friendly entertainment and if it is FREE then that is better. I removed YouTube Kids from my kids' tablets back in February and I do not regret my decision at all. But it was a free platform. In my search for new apps for my children, I found Kabillion.

With all the many options available today, Kabillion stands out as a reliable and safe destination for quality children’s entertainment – a place where parents can feel good about their children spending time. In fact, this outstanding platform is the only independently-owned VOD network to be ranked among the Top 10 Kids Free On Demand networks in the U.S.!

Help Your Child Succeed in Math with Revolution Math

My daughter loves school and learning. I know that this isn't the case for all. My son just turned five and when he starts kindergarten next year, I know we will have our hands full especially when it comes to homework. But if you're child is like my son and school aged 2nd to 5th grade, I thought I would share our experience with a wonderful supplement to homeschool or at home tutoring program focusing on math.

Revolution Math Review

We were recently introduced to Revolution Math. Revolution Math is an online, after-school program designed to help 2nd-5th graders develop their math skills and overall love of learning. Small groups of 3-4 students are matched with a live tutor as they go on weekly story-based adventures, using math to solve mysteries and tackle team-based challenges.

They reached out to me before Christmas, but I was so slammed packed with Holiday Gift Guide stuff that I never got around to it. I wish I had sooner though because my daughter has absolutely LOVED this program! My daughter was in her class with another girl. The teacher was very nice and engaging. Here is our honest review of the program:

Maxi the Taxi Dog App Review + NYC Weekend Sweepstakes

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School has changed quite a bit since I went and I think for the better! They are embracing technology and encouraging our children to learn about their world in a way that will help them with their future endeavors. My children's favorite things to do are to play outside and explore or play on the iPads. Since I know they like their tablets, I try my best to search for quality and educational apps that will peak their interests.

Playing Forward is a transformational technology studio that creates digital experiences that ignite children’s imaginations. According to studies, social emotional development is key to success in school and in life. Playing Forward's name comes from the fact that the company is "playing it forward" to give every child the very best shot at a happy childhood and a successful adulthood. Playing Forward apps are specifically designed to support kids' social-emotional development through entertaining storytelling, movie-quality visual effects, and the use of Augmented Reality.

Jump Start Your New Year Resolutions with ibotta app

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I have loved the ibotta app since the very beginning. I love it because it is a simple, no nonsense app that lets you earn cash back on products you already buy and from retailers that you already shop at! If you are like me then you made New Year Resolutions. My two main ones for this year were to save more money to cut down on debt and get healthier. ibotta can help with both of these right thanks to Health and Wellness week from 1/8 to 1/14 on the app!

Jump Start Your New Year Resolutions with ibotta app

New users can also earn a $10 bonus for trying out the app! Check out these great offers that will be available on the app starting tomorrow:

Send Ecofriendly Virtual Flowers & Plant a Tree with Flowerling App

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I love sending flowers to friends and family, but I have been looking for a more ecofriendly option. I also have been on the search to send flowers more efficiently and cost effective, so I can send them more often. Introducing the Flowerling app.

The Flowerling App is a new app that allows you to send and receive digital flower bouquets and single roses to anyone without breaking the bank or any of the environmental impacts associated with sending physical flowers. This is a zero-waste and socially conscious way of sending and receiving flowers. With more and more people concerned with the state of our planet, the Flowerling app allows you to enjoy sending flowers again because you are making a positive impact on the world around you.

Creating Shareable Memories with TreeRing

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So the mommy guilt is real in our house. Like seriously. My daughter has a beautifully detailed and decorated baby book filled with her firsts down to the exact day included with a picture. Pictures? Yeah I use to print TONS when she was a baby. But my son? I take a ton, but they aren't printed out and his baby book is only half filled because I never wrote stuff down. But I have found a cool app that helps eliminate "mommy/daddy guilt" - we all get so busy and although we snap a ton of pictures of our kiddos, it's often hard to compile them into memory books for them to look back on. TreeRing Memories helps remedy this issue.

TreeRing Memories focuses on helping moms with three specific problems:

Save Money on Gifts with Groupon Goods

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I love saving money and hate paying retail. I have all my handy frugal apps right on my smart phone, so I never miss a deal. I know I have already mentioned how much I love the Groupon app. Groupon is a deal-of-the-day recommendation service saving you 40% to 60% off retail if you purchase that product or service.

Recently my husband and I have been obsessed with the Groupon Goods! We have bought so many things for our new house as well some pretty awesome birthday and Christmas presents.

My daughter was born just a few weeks before Christmas, so making sure she has a great birthday while not spending a lot is essential. Groupon lets me save on services like bouncy castles and goods which include electronics, jewelry, clothes, and more.

Some of my favorite gift ideas right now on Groupon include:

Easiest Way to Go to the Doctor

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For some reason I have been sick more times in the past year. I think it's because my daughter was in school and so more germs are being spread around. Sick days just take on a whole new meaning when you're a mom. I still had to take care of the day to day around the house while my husband was at work. I didn't have time to go to the doctor! But what if you could go see a doctor from the comfort of your own home? Amwell let's you do just that!

American Well is the nation’s largest telehealth company, connecting users with board-certified, licensed doctors, dieticians and psychologists for immediate and live, online visits—day or night, on either mobile or desktop. You can see a doctor anytime at the touch of your finger tips. Doctors on Amwell are board certified, with an average of 15 years in practice. They are available 24/7, with no appointment needed. Have a question to ask a doctor? Get the care you need quickly - typical issues include:

Handy Apps for Frugal Moms

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As a frugal mom myself, I am so grateful for the invention of smart phones. I have no idea how people saved money with out them (maybe because prices weren't so high?). I have compiled a list of my favorite frugal apps and hope you might like them too. :)

This post contains affiliate links, but these are all apps I use myself. This post was originally published in 2012 and I have updated because many of these apps I sill use today!

Easy Holiday Gifts with PicCollage & HP

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I love giving personalized gifts for the Holidays. I upload pictures and share them with friends and family online all the time, but there is something extra special about personalized picture gifts. Especially for the people in your life who aren't on social media.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE making picture collages. It's not always enough to post just one photo to showcase life's most precious moments. With the help of PicCollage, now it's easy to create customized, digital collages that truly capture the memories from those perfect days and share them with your friends and family!

$250 Cash Sizzling Summer #BabysBrilliantGiveaway, 2 Winners, Ends 8/18

Whether it's learning their ABC's and 123's, encouraging a love for reading or music, or even just teaching them to love learning in general, a baby's first years are the ideal time to start fostering a thirst for knowledge.

Baby's Brilliant App is perfect for little ones in the infant and toddler stages. This fun app was lovingly created to help parents teach their babies everything from the alphabet to music, and even introduce them to other languages!

Need Parenting Advice? Introducing SmartMom!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SmartMom.

Everyone needs a little parenting advice every now and then. It's okay to admit it. I know I do. When my daughter was a baby we struggled with breastfeeding so much. And I had NO physical support around me. I didn't know where to turn to and although we managed to make it to 14 months, it was a LONG battle. But why? Because I didn't have an access to easy support like SmartMom. Parenting has been easier this time around because now there's an app where advice is available 24/7, right from your smart phone.

Creativity Inspired By Television with "Tumble Leaf" by Amazon Studios #MC

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I personally believe television can be used as a great educational tool. I believe it isn't used properly that is why there is a negative stigma about it. Your child's television time should be limited and monitored. Let them watch educational shows were they learn something, whether it be the alphabet or sharing. You should talk to your children afterwards about what they've just seen and make sure they are taking what they should away from it. I understand this isn't always practical, but if you can't be there with your child, like if you are making dinner or breastfeeding a baby, you can put on something you know has a goal of developing creative thinking in children.
Tumble Leaf from Amazon Studios Amazon Prime Instant Video

Cute, Easy Family Holiday Cards from LEGO Minifigure

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Who doesn't love a personal Holiday card and with the chaos of the Holidays, sometimes an e-card is just what you need to make sure you can give something special to everyone on your list. This holiday season, LEGO has created a unique and fun online experience called “Minifigure Family”, which allows you to create your own custom LEGO Minifigure holiday card! It's so easy and you can make your own LEGO Minifigure Family in no time at all!
Minifigure Family by LEGO Holiday Card
Each member of your Minifigure family can be customized to match your skin tone, facial expressions, outfits, and more. Once you’ve got your family Minifig-ed, you can share the holiday card with your friends and family via your social channels, like Facebook or Twitter.
First you can need to pick ot your family memebers - up tp 13! You can pick out different clothes for them. And choose to have a baby or pets in your family. I was kind of disappointed that white wasn't an option for the dog. The next is to set your scene, you can choose a nice Holiday background or decide you want to head to the beach! At the end they have different options so you can easily share with others.
This is how my LEGO Minifigure Holiday Card ended up turning out...
My LEGO Minifigure Family Holiday Card
If you would like something fun to share in the Holiday spirit, I suggest making a LEGO Minifugre Holiday Card of your very own!
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