Handy Apps for Frugal Moms

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As a frugal mom myself, I am so grateful for the invention of smart phones. I have no idea how people saved money with out them (maybe because prices weren't so high?). I have compiled a list of my favorite frugal apps and hope you might like them too. :)

This post contains affiliate links, but these are all apps I use myself. This post was originally published in 2012 and I have updated because many of these apps I sill use today!

A Better Pharmacy Experience & Target HEALTHFUL™ App + GIVEAWAY

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I have been shopping at Target as my go-to store since I've had a driver's license.

My daughter & her friend B.
Why is Target my go-to store? Because it is my home away from home. I can get everything in one stop. It's been our favorite place to visit on a cold or rainy day just to get out of the house. I love that I can get a snack for the kiddos at their little café, shop for my groceries, buy some cute outfits for the kiddos, all while waiting for my $4 Generic Prescriptions to be filled!

Peanut's First Flu Shot {+ $25 Target e-Gift Card Giveaway}

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It’s that time of year. Have you received your flu shot yet? I took Peanut last month for his follow-up flu shot. I still need to get SweetPea her flu shot (I know I'm behind) and am thinking about going to Target Pharmacy.


Add Some Spice to Thanksgiving with #TargetWedding + $25 e-Gift Card Giveaway!

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Thanksgiving is such a special occasion where family can come together and give thanks to the ones they are thankful for all year long. When my Hubby and I were newly weds, I wanted more than anything to host Thanksgiving at our home. But we were still moving in and didn't have a way to make that dream become a reality. I wish I had known about all that Target has to offer to make our first Thanksgiving together a truly magical one with Target Wedding Registry.

Our first Thanksgiving as newly weds in 2007.

Pink Eye, a Pharmacy Visit, & a $50 Target e-Gift Card Giveaway

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SweetPea has come down with a case of what we think is Pink Eye. YUCK! She says it doesn't hurt and it wasn't very crusty when she woke up, but it was really red. We went swimming at my in-laws on Saturday for a family reunion and they put some kind of bleaching agent into the pool a week earlier to remove some staining. But no one else had irritated eyes or even mentioned anything about it. We are taking her to the doctor and if they give us eye drops (which they more than likely will), I think I'm going to check out my local Target Pharmacy.
Pink eye? You tell me. Either way, she seems pretty happy about it.
I mentioned back in April how I was on the fence about switching over my prescriptions to Target. BUT WHY? Did you know about Target Pharmacy Rewards? Like if you fill five prescriptions you can get 5% off a day of shopping. You can earn rewards faster by filling pet prescriptions or getting vaccinations such as the flu shot. And add all family members to one account!

Target Pharmacy - Now Everything's All In One {+ $50 e-Gift Card Giveaway!}

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I don't know about you, but I love shopping at Target, the huge baby section, their clearance end caps, and the tons of ways you can save including stacking coupons and their Cartwheel app. So needless to say I am in there more than a few times a month.

Registering with Target {$25 Target Gift Card Giveaway}

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Ahhh memories. The Hubby and I have been married for 7 years this coming up July. The Hubby and I lived together in a tiny apartment when we were engaged. But there were so many things that we needed and thought what better way to (hopefully) get the things we than creating a wedding registry?

We decided the best way to get everything we wanted as we started our life together was to go to one of our favorite places and register together. Target makes it very easy for you register and you can get everything you need for your new exciting journey, all in one place.

Hubby and I were very big into entertaining before we had children. I registered for glasses very similar to the Riedel Drinking Glasses just for such occasions. Plus I love the variety they come in. Hubby drinks beer, but I'm more of a wine girl myself. So I love that they have some of what we both like.

There was that one item on my registry that I didn't think to register for...and it was towels. They can get damaged so easily by husband's who don't know the difference between a guest towel or not. And with loving to have house guests and entertaining, we never seemed to have enough. If I could go back in time and re-register, I would definitely make sure to register for more towels. And I just love these Fieldcrest Luxury Towels.

With everything that you need for your wedding registry, Target has sponsored this giveaway for a $25 Target E-Gift Card! Entry is simple, all you have to do is enter through the Rafflecopter form below. Open to US only, must be 18+ to enter. Winning entry is verified. Good LUCK!

Enter to #win a $25 Target Gift Card! #giveaway #TargetWedding

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This post is brought to you by Target, but all opinions and content are my own. Follow along with #TargetWedding.

Holiday Gift Ideas for the Kiddos #MyKindOfHoliday

#ad Holiday Gift Ideas for the Kiddos #MyKindofHoliday #BlackFriday

It's that time of year again! Are you making your list and checking it twice? I am going Black Friday shopping solo this year and you know Target is definitely one of my go to stops. I have some ideas of what to get the kiddos in my life, thanks to Target. How about you? Are you an out-of-the-loop aunt, uncle, or grandparent and have no idea what to get the littles in your life? Well I have made a cheat sheet just for you!

1. Board games or get up games like this Chasin' Cheeky Game. SweetPea has this game and it so much fun to watch her and her friend B run around chasing after him trying to put the rings on his tail.

2. How cute would this car be? My daughter has so much fun with these little cars now that she is old enough to push herself around the room. And with Minnie? What 3-year old little girl isn't a huge Mickey/Minnie Mouse fan?!

3. We are huge Disney Princess fans in this house, especially of Rapunzel. And music is so essential to a child's development. This little guitar would be perfect for any little budding star.

4. My niece would fall head over heels in love with this Barbie House! Could you imagine walking in the door with this? You would definitely be the cool aunt/uncle. ;)

5. This hoop is great because it encourages the kiddos to get off the couch and exercise! What a fun hoop! We had one of these growing up and they last FOREVER!

Don't forget to check out the full

What are you getting your little ones for Christmas? Share and let the clueless relatives out! :)

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Be Yourself, Together with #TargetWedding

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My wedding seems so long ago now and considering we just celebrated our six year wedding anniversary plus everything we have been through together - it makes sense. But most of my friends are still about to embark on this part of their lives. I have two very good friends getting married next month and I honestly had no idea what to get them. I wanted to get them something that fit them perfectly despite their glowing differences. So when I was contacted by Target Wedding to come up with a wedding gift combination that could celebrate the differences between couples using their theme "Be Yourself, Together", I jumped at the opportunity.

Here is a little description of my friends, he is a little bit country while she is a lot city. He is a penny pincher and she is just learning (since being with him) the concept of the value of a dollar. He is super athletic and very active outdoors. Although she is in shape, she has only started becoming active outdoors since she has been with him. She was the kind of girl that spent tons of time decorating her room and making it the perfect place to lounge.

So I thought why not get them something that could encourage both of their lifestyles.

What is more perfect than the Schwinn Legacy Cruisers and a cozy bed with the Threshold Puckering Comforter Set to come home a snuggle in? I feel like this represents Target Wedding's "Be Yourself, Together" mantra because they can enjoy what he loves during the day (and what she growing to love) and then after a long day of bike riding they can enjoy what she likes.

What makes us unique as couples is what made us fall in love with our significant others in the first place. And Target Wedding gets it. You can view the entire Target Wedding Catalog online.

What would you put on your Target Wedding Registry that would help you be better together?

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