The Power of Online Shopping: How It Can Save You Time and Money

The world of online shopping has revolutionized the way we shop, and it continues to grow in popularity year after year. In today's fast-paced society, time is a precious commodity, and convenience is key. That's why more and more people are turning to online shopping as their go-to method for purchasing goods and services. Not only does it offer unparalleled convenience, but it also has the potential to save you both time and money. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of online shopping and how it enhances your overall experience while saving you money.

The Power of Online Shopping: How It Can Save You Time and Money

How You and Your Family Can Support Local Businesses

How You and Your Family Can Support Local Businesses

Running a business independently can be tough, and it’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic hit local companies the hardest. While chain stores certainly have their place in our malls and on our high streets, it’s the independent shops and cafes that give a town its unique personality. So, with most cities now starting to get back to some semblance of normality, it’s time for us to do our part to support our favorite local companies and help them weather this storm. Here are four ways that you and your family can do so.

How to Get Grocery Essentials Delivered So You Never Have to Leave The House Again

Whether you are starting to venture out into the world again or not, there is now a gas shortage so buying essentials online just seems to be the way to go. I have been doing a ton of research and these seem to be the best options available whether you are getting food delivered, ordering food online, ordering your groceries, and more.

How to Get Grocery Essentials Delivered

Cost-Effective Online Shopping

In the following guide, we’ll look at the best ways you can save money while shopping online!

For one, you may be interested in signing up directly to your favorite brands or stores online. As a member, you’ll often be applicable to special discounts and other advantages to save on costs. With or without membership, many brand/store sites offer special cost advantages. For instance, Misguided provides 50% off once you sign up to their site and Calvin Klein offers free delivery on sales of 2 items or more!

Back to School List Essentials

School starts August 1st for us. And that is so crazy to think that summer is almost over. I went to our local stores and they are still trying to get everything for back-to-school on the shelves! If you would like to know what to get for those lists, check out this one I have compile for you. You can also find some back to school shopping lists here.

I personally try to get everything that is asked for even some teacher's wish list items because my mom was a teacher and I remember her using her own money multiple times for things. Some items the teacher might need help replenishing through out the year so consider that as well when you are purchasing. I love that Target has an easy back to school section on their website, but you if you are like me and your school wasn't listed - then Amazon is the way to go.

Save Money When You Shop on Amazon

If you are anything like me, then you are always looking for a deal. I love shopping on Amazon, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. Something may seem like a great deal, but it isn't. And what if the seller has a coupon code available out there? How will you know? What if there was a way for Amazon sellers to put their sales all in one place?

Save Money When You Shop on Amazon

I like shopping on Amazon for the convenience. I can order toilet paper or school supplies at the tap of a few finger tips. But if I can find a way to save money on something I am buying anyway, then I want the best deal available. I recently became aware of VIPON. VIPON is the largest Amazon deal sites with everything 50% to 90% off! They have over 2,000,000 registered shoppers and 40,000 discounted Amazon products in kitchen, beauty, home d├ęcor, baby, fashion, outdoor, and more!

How it Works:

Personalize Back-To-School with Office Depot

The school shopping lists are covered. We have bought everything for both of my kiddos school supply lists thanks to Office Depot. Office Depot and OfficeMax have a ton of fun, fashionable school supplies, plus amazing accessories to make your kiddos' supplies truly personal.

Back to School Shopping with Schoola

Yes, you read that right. It is already time to start thinking about back-to-school season, especially if you want to score the good deals. Kids grow way too fast to pay full retail price for clothing. I try to buy marked down in any way I can. I have been shopping with Schoola since they first launched in 2013. They have clothes up to 70% off retail and I have had a great shopping experience since. I was excited to collaborate with Schoola on my very first back to school guide because they are company I believe in.

How to Avoid the Oops

Imagine it. You are reaching for a fresh new diaper to put on your little one. And then...oops. You are all out. What do you do? Do you frantically try to find an old t-shirt, so you can make a run to the store? And just hope that the car seat isn't ruined by the time you get there?

What about when you grab for some toilet paper and the roll is out? Then you call for your significant other to grab you a new roll and oops. There are no more to be found.

This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Walmart.

I'm an avid online shopper. I absolutely love it. You don't have to leave the house, you can snag some great deals, and you don't ever have to run out of the essentials again. It is very easy to stock up on every day essentials and never leave your house. Just head to

Here's how it works:

Back to School Guide 2015

From backpacks to pencils, from play doh to snacks, kiddos need a lot of items to start the school year. I will be featuring products to help make your back to school shopping a little easier. If you would like to see your product featured in this guide, please email me at

Suave Now at Save-a-Lot #SaveALotInsiders

#spon: I'm required to disclose a relationship between our site and Save-A-Lot.
This could include Save-A-Lot providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

I know I have mentioned how frugal of a shopper I am before and my love for saving money. It started out of necessity. I needed to learn how to stretch our income as far as possible since the birth of my daughter and becoming a one income home with a new mouth to feed.  

I recently had the opportunity to shop at Save-A-Lot, although it was a bit of a drive for me, they are continually opening new stores. You can locate a local store near you. Save-A-Lot recently starting selling Suave products. I decided to purchase Suave Green Apple Shampoo, Suave Green Apple Conditioner, Suave Free & Gentle Body Wash Kids, Suave 2-in-1 Surfs Up Shampoo, and  Suave Kids Detangler.

Celebrate Earth Day with Publix #PublixEarthDay

Celebrate Earth Day with General Mills by incorporating new environmentally-friendly practices into your daily routine, like bringing reusable bags to the grocery store or other “green” initiatives. Starting today, you can find great savings on brands like the Cascadian Farm, Larabar and Muir Glen, available at Publix. Be on the lookout for the “Happy Easter” Advantage Buy flyer in stores!

You’ll find great Earth Day Savings like the following:

#TangerOutlets #BackToSchool Shopping #Haul

I received a $50 gift card to Tanger Outlets from the sponsor as a US Family Guide Blogger. All opinions are 100% my own.

Tanger Outlets Taste & Style Experience Locust Grove

Did I ever mention how much I love shopping? I love shopping because I LOVE looking for great deals. Plain and simple. The more I can save off retail, the more I love to shop.

This past weekend was Tanger Outlets Back to School Taste & Style Experience. While not as epic as their previous Taste & Style Event, I managed to save a TON of money getting Sweet Pea some clothes for our upcoming yearly family vacation as well as next summer.

So here is what I got. My mother-in-law watched Sweet Pea for me, so I got to shop in peace. LOL I did meet my dear friend and shopping buddy, Shirlee, at Claire's where we headed over to Carter's. The deals there were meh. I wasn't very impressed although I did want to buy everything because of the explosion of cuteness. But I digress...

Gezzo's at Tanger Taste & Style

We then headed over to the food trucks because it was 11:30 and I didn't eat breakfast. I decided to grab a $4 soft chicken taco from Gezzo's Grille. And it was delicious! There weren't as many Food Trucks as there were in March, but they still had a great selection and of course my favorite!

And then back to shopping!

Tanger Outlets Shoppping Haul

I love Gymboree. Did you know that their clothes are pre-washed to reduce shrinking? I found some super cute shirts and shorts for $5 a piece! I stocked up for next summer for Sweet Pea.
Osh Kosh B'Gosh was were the GREAT deals were. Shirlee had to leave before I went to this store. I always check out clearance and although Osh Kosh doesn't let you use coupons on certain items like clearance, but they were having an additional 30% off clearance sale PLUS spend $20 and get a FREE $20 Shutterfly gift card! How great is that?!

Tanger Outlets 20% off coupon

Hubby absolutely needed some white under shirts, so I went to a Hanes Brands store and browsed. Okay so I'm going to confess something here. I never buy Hubby white under shirts. His mom is the only one who does. They were prices $15.99 each and if you bought three, you got one free. I had to look up online to see if this was a good deal. I had NO idea! I got to use my 20% off coupon that I printed at home and what was left on my gift card, so I only came $9 out of pocket for the whole shopping trip!

Have you been back to school shopping yet? Are you going to use coupons? Where are you going?

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Fun Day at #TangerOutlets! :D

Started the day at around 10 a.m. I wanted to make sure I got there early enough to make sure everything was in order for the day.

We went to Carter's first and let the kiddos play with puzzles while we shopped.

We let the girls ride the carousel.

And since Tanger was hosting the first annual Taste and Style Event, they had face painting. And TONS of food trucks! We ate at Great Pretzel, Gezzo's Grill, AND Great American Cookie over the course of the day. Gezzo's Grill was our favorite!
They had a mermaid walking on stilts that we didn't manage to get a picture with, tons of games for the kiddos, free food tastings, and an air cannon that shot out candy!

Of course after this awesome day, Sweet Pea was exhausted.

Thank you US Family Guide and Tanger for an amazing event! I can't wait until next year! :D

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