Back to School Shopping Supply Lists

Here is an on going list of my children's school supply lists each year. I thought that maybe they could help you too. You can click to print each one. You can also search on your school's website for yours. Different teachers may change a few little things here and there. You can also check out products we recommend for back to school HERE.

I decided to share these because my sister-in-law is looking to get a head start on school shopping since she knows it can get expensive. I suggest watching deals on Amazon as well as your local stores may change different products that go on sale week to week.

Kindergarten School Supply List

1st Grade School Supply List

Please also note that many items go into a huge pile to make to easier on teachers to keep up with supplies as well as to help the students who are less fortunate. They may ask for additional products through out the year as well. My mother was a teacher for many years. There are children that were more worried about if they were going to have dinner that night than if they have a pencil at school or not. I always try to do what I can and shop sales because you never truly know someone else's journey.

Were these lists helpful? I will try to update every year we get a new one. What do you think about communal school supplies?


  1. We still have over a month left of Summer vacation. But I am already thinking about BTS shopping.


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