20 Best 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas on Pinterest

My son is in kindergarten this year and the 100th day of school is coming up. He was assigned a project to complete a shirt with 100 items on it. When my daughter was in kindergarten, they asked all the littles to dress as a 100-year-old. It was too cute. I like the idea of the shirt a little better from an educational aspect because it got my son to count in groups of ten. This helped him with his counting and with his small motor skills. Since I had a search party on Pinterest trying to find ideas of what to do for our "100 Day of School" Shirt, I thought I would share some of my favorites here and you can also check out our creation too!

100 days of school shirt ideas for kindergarten, preschool, & more

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These ideas are super easy and very affordable. I bought my shirt for a little over $2 at Michael's Craft Store. I will try and link any related items that are cheap from Amazon. I remember taking 100 pennies and pasting them to a piece of cardboard sitting in my grandmother's kitchen with my cousins. We lived with my grandmother for a little while when my mom went back to school after my parent's divorced when i was five. I remember it feeling like it was taking SO LONG to count to 100. That's why I suggest the 10 by 10 method. I also only included easy and inexpensive DIY ideas because the idea was to be a project that a preschooler or Kindergartener can handle, but you could use Patches4Less as well. If you are looking for something that is great for groups, can be outsourced and is affordable and customizable check out these custom chenille patches by UltraPatches. If it wasn't a project, then there are tons of handmade shirts made with Cricuts online too.

If you also want to complete these fun creative shirt ideas, then try bulk custom T-shirts, not only can you customize the material needed for the event for easy modification, but you can also print the school's logo and let the students design their own designs on the shirts, and you can also wear the designed creative shirts on your body, and the kids will surely feel proud of them. It can inspire creativity and interest in do-it-yourself design.

I've Bugged My Teacher for 100 Days - Funny 100 days of school shirt

I've bugged my Teacher for 100 Days found on Pinterest. And you can use these Plastic Realistic Bugs found on Amazon.

100 Days Flew Away - Cute 100 Days of School Shirt Idea

I love this 100 Days Flew Away cape idea that you could easily put on a t-shirt. You could also replace the pom-poms with small, deflated balloons.

Colorful and lovely 100 days of life. All of these PVC patches can be customized on the GS-JJ. Show your mood every day with different patterns.

I've Loved 100 Days of School - Valentine's Themed 100 Days of School Shirt

"I've Loved 100 Days of Kindergarten" This one was made by us! I really loved the way it turned out. I had these hearts on hand. My mother-in- law bought them on clearance after Valentine's Day. I found some foam heart stickers that would be similar on Amazon. If you want your words written Pinterest or Instagram perfect, then I suggest using stencils of some sort. I free handed it and only used a permanent marker, I would also suggest either fabric markers or fabric paint. The point of this activity it to get your child to count to 100. And since it was my son's first project, I had him do a lot of the gluing as well. I want him to understand early that mom will not be doing his projects or homework for him.

I survived 100 Days of School - Easy 100 Days of School Shirt Idea

I survived 100 days with colorful band aids. What an adorable and easy Pinterest find.

Time Flies in 100 Days - Funny 100 Days of School Shirt Idea

Time Flies in 100 Days. This cute frog eating fly's shirt was found on Pinterest. It would be easy with a frog print out and then add these Mini Joke Flies.

I Blew Through 100 Days of School - 100 Days of School Shirt Idea

My friends made this one. I blew through 100 days of school. I love that she used pom-poms and buttons to give the gumball machine some variety. Oriental Trading has a ton of craft supplies like buttons and pom-poms at cheap prices.

Creepin' My Way To 100 Days - Minecraft 100 Days of School Shirt

Creepin' My Way to 100 Days. This Minecraft Pinterest find is such a good one! I also love this Diamond sword idea as well. Just let your kiddo count out 10 sets of 10 felt squares and you are good to go.

Having a Ball for 100 Days of School Shirt Idea

"Having a Ball for 100 Days of School" - Darice.blog goes through an entire tutorial on how to make this one! Great for the sports fan in your life because you can easily change out the basketballs for soccer, baseballs, or footballs.

100 Days Brighter - 100 Days of School Shirt Idea

100 Days Brighter. I found this 100 days of school shirt made with star foam stickers on Pinterest, but you could also very easily use paint like Glued to My Crafts did. There is also this awesome space themed one.

I crawled my way through 100 days - very hungry caterpillar themed shirt idea

I Crawled My Way Through 100 Days. I love this caterpillar themed shirt. And the idea of making it the same colors as the Very Hungry Caterpillar would make it perfect!

I flew through 100 days of school - easy and cute 100 days of school shirt idea

I flew through 100 days of school. This one just takes some feathers and some self-adhesive foam sticker letters and you are good to go! Easy, peasy and super cute idea from Glued to My Crafts.

Baby, Shark doo doo doo doo.... Just kidding. I love this Shark themed "100 Days Sharper" where the teeth are the 100 items. You can find some great SVGs on Etsy. I found a couple Here and Here.

100 Days Smarter He Is - Star Wars Themed 100 Days of School shirt

With the new "Baby Yoda" from The Mandalorian, who doesn't love this Star Wars themed shirt? "100 Days Smarter He Is"

100 Eye Monster - 100 days of school shirt idea

I love this simple 100 eyed monster from Amy Latta Creations. All it takes is some fabric paint and googly eyes. There are some cute sayings online too like "Eye Made it 100 Days" or "Eye Survived 100 Days". You could use some of the eyes to make this Dr. Seuss' Lorax shirt for Read Across America Day.

Monster Truck 100 Days of School Shirt

This super cute Monster Truck 100 Days of School shirt would be easy to make with some felt. You could find a truck template online and then get your kiddo to add the pom-poms or buttons. The sayings are endless with this one: "I Crushed 100 days", "100 days Crushed", "I Smashed 100 days".

100 days and counting - 100 days of school money counting shirt

This 100 Days and Counting is a great idea if you make sure you use plastic coins so the shirt isn't too heavy.

100 days of fabulous - bows and buttons 100 days of school shirt

This would be a great way to get your child involved on a self portrait too! 100 Days of Fabulous.

We've LEGO of 100 days of school - LEGO themed 100 days of school shirt

"We've LEGO of 100 Days of School". I love all these punny 100 Days of School sayings! And what Lego lover wouldn't love this LEGO brick shirt.

To make this one, you could use these patches and these felt coin pieces.

I love a good pun. 

100 days of school raced by! Tulip brush-on paint in Matte, Tulip Puffy dimensional fabric paint in white and black, Tulip fabric markers for the green sign (Green brush-on paint would’ve been better for that in retrospect.) Posted on Pinterest HERE.

Use these cute butterfly beads to make this gem.

So, I said I would also share a picture of my daughter dressed as little 100-year-old and here it is:

100 year old lady for kindergarten 100 days of school

I either need to get better about sharing more of real life on Instagram again or bring back Wordless Wednesday. I have so many pictures and so much of my life I want to share with you all again.

If your child created a 100 Days of School Shirt project, please let me know in the comments below.

Which 100 Days of School Shirt Idea is your favorite?

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20 Best 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas on Pinterest


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