Top Tips for Preventing and Managing Infectious Diseases in Kids

Picture this: It's a typical school morning and your child is getting ready for the day. Amid the usual hustle, you notice they seem a bit sluggish and have a slight cough. Your immediate response is likely to wonder: is it just a cold, or something more severe? Is it contagious? Where did they pick it up?

Such situations underscore the critical role parents play in monitoring and managing their children's health. From spotting the first signs of illness to taking preventive measures, it’s a parent’s responsibility to shield their children from infectious diseases, starting from their earliest years.

Top Tips for Preventing and Managing Infectious Diseases in Kids

Understanding the complexities of children's health can at times be overwhelming, particularly for new parents. The landscape of paediatrics is vast and varied, covering everything from deciphering symptoms to making informed decisions about treatments. Rest assured, however, that it’s entirely possible to safeguard your child’s health effectively with the right information and proactive measures. Below are some key practical, evidence-based advice to help you navigate this crucial aspect of child- rearing.

Tips to Help Kids When They Are Sick

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With everyone stuck indoors more due to cold weather, sickness is bound to go around. Recently I was introduced to a new way to help little ones when they are sick specifically kids that don't like to take medicine. So today, I am sharing how I have helped my children get through their illnesses.

Special Things to Do for Your Children When They Are Sick

It is a horrible time when our children are unwell, but as they spend so much time outside and with other kids at school, they end up being around a lot of bugs and eventually pick things up. It is inevitable and as awful as it is to see them get sick, they will recover, and it is the parent's job to help them get through it as painlessly and as comfortably as possible. There are a few things you can do to help them get through being unwell.

Special Things to Do for Your Children When They Sick

One of the first things is to get them comfortable, the prime place is for them to be in their bed or to make up a bed on the sofa for the day so you can keep an eye on them, and they are all snuggled up. Depending on if they have a fever or not you can get them a hot water bottle. Keep the windows open so they have fresh air.

How to Handle the Holidays When Sick Gets Real

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What do you do when sick gets real in your house? It can be especially hard during the holidays because no one has time for that. But cold and flu season has started. There are so many activities to attend and so many people that you see only once a year which means you are inevitably exposed to new germs. Here are my tips to try to keep the germs at bay and then what to do if sick gets real.

My daughter's birthday is December 9th. At my daughter's school they have what's called "Rock Days" where they rent a bounce house and have other fun activities for students who have been good all semester. And last year it fell on her birthday. She was so excited, but ended up having to miss it because of illness. I felt SO BAD for her.

So what can you do to take care of yourself and try to avoid getting sick:

Back to School Essentials When Sick Gets Real

Back to school means new shoes, clothes, backpacks, and new germs. As the summer days slowly fade, fall and cold season begin. I stay home, but both kids are in school exposing themselves to a ton of germs and then bringing them home to me. The joyous sick cycle begins.

We like to stock the house with hand sanitizer, orange juice, tissues, and Pfizer Pediatric products. Pfizer Pediatric makes sure that back to school season goes as smoothly as possible with Children's Advil®, Children’s Robitussin®, and Children’s Dimetapp® when sick gets real.

Things to Purge During Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally in the air which makes it the perfect time for spring cleaning! Your list may already include dusting or re-decorating, but have you given thought to what you would be purging? There are so many things we have cluttering up our homes that actually have expiration dates. Many that I didn't know about. Make sure to check out my Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks, too.

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Surviving Cold & Flu Season with Pfizer Pediatric + Giveaway

It's that time of year. That sniffling, sneezing, fever, coughing, germs everywhere because the kids are stuck inside due to the chilly weather time of year. I ran a fever a few weekends back and then my husband came down with strep throat and then I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. The kids never ran fevers, but poor SweetPea did have a cough that she finally kicked. It seems like every day someone shares a status update of themselves or child being sick. Yuck! Here is a list of tips to deal with those Sick just got real.™ moments.

Our Sick Kid Essentials

My little man isn't feeling well today. And it got me thinking about all the very useful things that I keep on hand in case one of my kids get sick. Since my son is two and my daughter is five, I keep a wide variety of products on hand, just in case. Because you never know and you never want to be caught off guard.

These are products that I have used time and time again because they work. This list is more than fluids and lots of rest. Because when sick gets real, you don't want to be left off guard. Feel free to share your thoughts on the products you use as well.

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When your child is sick you feel helpless. You wish you were the one who was sick because they just don't understand and you just want them to feel better. At least that's how I feel and of course I inevitably get it too, it's the cycle of sickness. My children thankfully haven't been sick very often. But when one gets sick, we all do...
I think the most memorable time was when went on our yearly family vacation a few years ago.