Our Sick Kid Essentials

My little man isn't feeling well today. And it got me thinking about all the very useful things that I keep on hand in case one of my kids get sick. Since my son is two and my daughter is five, I keep a wide variety of products on hand, just in case. Because you never know and you never want to be caught off guard.

These are products that I have used time and time again because they work. This list is more than fluids and lots of rest. Because when sick gets real, you don't want to be left off guard. Feel free to share your thoughts on the products you use as well.

1. Pacidose. The pacidose was created by Dr. Agnes Scoville. I wish I had one of these when my son was younger. He was the worst about taking medicine. Especially when he had to take his iron supplement because the taste was horrible. Designed with 6-18 month old babies in mind, the Pacidose let's you safely and effectively administer medicine to your baby through a pacifier. The Pacidose attaches to a hospital-grade oral syringe for perfect measurement, and a tiny tube down the middle that prevents the liquid from being wasted in the nipple. Available on Amazon.

2. Kinsa Thermometer. Labeled as the smartest thermometer on the market. This thermometer requires no batteries. It’s small, durable, flexible, lightweight–making it completely comfortable for your little ones. For use by infants, children, and adults. Download the free Kinsa app for product use. 10 second average and accurate read time. Optional extension cord allows you or your child to watch and interact with the screen while in use. And currently on sale on Amazon.

3. NeilMed® Naspira® Nasal-Oral Aspirators. My family recently received one to try out through Moms Meet. This is great to keep your little one's nose clean. I love this the best out of all the nasal aspirators we have ever used because it can be washed in the dishwasher or boiling water for easy sterilization, it's clear so no worries of hiding mold, and it can either be used as a NeilMed NasaBulb aspirator or as an effective Nasal-Oral suction device, where you can use suction force generated by the mouth to alleviate nasal congestion in babies and small children who can't yet blow their nose. My son doesn't struggle when we use this and I never worry about getting anything yucky in my mouth because it has a filter. I like using my mouth as the Aspirators to make sure his nose is clean in a more gentle way. Use code "MOMSBLOG" for $3 off the purchase of NeilMed® Naspira® Oral Aspirator through NeilMed's web store, neilmed.com. Check out THIS VIDEO for more details about this revolutionary product!

4. NeilMed® Pedia Mist Saline Spray. This goes hand in hand with the Nasal-Oral aspirator. NasaMist® Pediatric Saline Spray is a sterile natural soothing saline spray. Using a gentle fine mist in the nose is a great way to keep the nasal passages moist. NasaMist® Saline Spray helps alleviate:
  • Nasal Allergies and Dryness
  • Sinusitis, Rhinitis
  • Allergic Asthma
  • Post Nasal Drip
  • Sinus Pressure & Nasal Congestion
  • Nasal Symptoms from Flu and Cold
  • Nasal Irritation from Occupational and House Dust, Fumes, Animal Dander, Grass, Pollen, Environmental Pollutants and Smoke

5. Crane Humidifier. Which ever humidifier you choose will be great, but I personally love the Crane Humidifiers because they come in so many different colors and options. I am absolutely in love with the elephant one.

6. BeKOOOL soft gel sheets. I provided a formal review last year, but I have actually been using them since my sister introduced me to this product in 2010. There is also some for migraines that work great. BeKOOOL soft gel sheets provide immediate cooling relief from fever discomfort and you can use them with oral medications as well.

7. Pfizer Pediatric products:
We recently received a variety of Pfizer pediatric products, but I have been buying them from Target for years because they work great.
- Infants’ and Children’s Advil® provide unsurpassed fever and pain relief(1) , and contain ibuprofen, the medicine pediatricians use most for their own kids’ fevers(2) (for ages 6 months -11 years). Children’s Advil® comes in several great-tasting flavors, including: Sugar-free Dye-free Berry, Bubble Gum, Grape, Blue Raspberry, Fruit and Dye-Free White Grape flavors. There’s also Infants’ Advil® White Grape, which provides unsurpassed fever relief with a syringe for easy dosing for children 6-23 months.
- Children’s Robitussin® provides soothing action and cough control with some formulations lasting up to 8 hours (for ages 6-12 years). Non-drowsy daytime formula helps break up chest congestion, while the long-acting nighttime formula relieves coughs and runny noses to help kids get the rest they need.
- Children’s Dimetapp® provides great-tasting cold-fighting power and is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand for children's cough & cold symptoms(3) (for ages 6+). Tackles a child’s most bothersome stuffy and runny noses, all while working to relieve cough.

Enter to WIN
This giveaway we are doing a little different. There will be THREE prize packs. All of which are outlined below:
Prize One: 1 winner will win a $50 Amazon Gift Card from Pacidose and a NeilMed Naspira.
Prize Two: 1 winner will win a bundle of Pfizer Pediatric Platform products and a NeilMed Naspira.
Prize Three: 1 winner will win a NeilMed Naspira.
Entry is simple, just follow the prompts on the Rafflecopter below. Open to US only, must be 18+ to enter. Make sure to follow us on Facebook so you can stay up to date with our current giveaways. Good luck!

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  1. chicken noodle soup, vitamin C and hot tea

  2. We like natural home remedies and essential oils!! Thermometers are a MUST to keep track of temperature!!

  3. we're still expecting our first, so im not quite sure yet! i imagine the nosefrida and a humidifer will come in handy :)

    1. It's a Naspira and it's better than a nosefrida. Seriously check out the video. :)

  4. Out sick essentials are definitely the Be Kool fever reducer gel patches, humidifier, baby's vicks vapor rub , probiotics & infant's advil.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. 7-up, crackers, and chicken noodle soup are great for keeping strenghth and hydrated.
    Books, movies, a stuffed animal, and comfy blanket all help depending upon age and sickness.
    Sherry Compton

  6. My sick kid essentials are orange juice and lots of hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray!

  7. Definitely a humidifier! To help open clogged sinuses.
    Jennifer Rogers

  8. Ginger ale, soup, saltines, and cold medicine.

  9. Honey for sore throats and coughing! These items look great though, will need to add them to our list.

  10. Homemade chicken soup, Gatorade, cold medicine, DVD's and books to read.

  11. No kids, but I like hot tea, essential oils and plenty of sleep.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  12. Sleep, cuddles and a nosefrida!

  13. I give mommy kisses, warm baths, tylenol and bed time stories. Mrsflores78@outlook.com

  14. My sick kid essentials is aspirin. Also juice and jello as tolerated.

  15. My sick kid essentials are lots of water, Advil, plenty of sleep/rest, homemade chicken noodle soup & lots of hugs!!

  16. cuddles, cold calm when it is a cold, elderberry, and more cuddles. Even if it means mommy gets sick..
    Although on the mommy end handwashing is constant!

  17. Chicken noodle soup, lots of juice, a warm blanket, and cartoon network.

  18. wow i didnt know some of these existed lol i've gotten old!


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