Road to Recovery: 7 Helpful Tips for Successful Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

Are you recovering from a knee replacement and trying to figure out how best to approach the process? You are not alone! Knee replacements are an increasingly popular orthopedic surgery - from 2017-2018, over 730,000 people had knee replacements in the U.S. - but they require care and diligence with postoperative rehabilitation. Whether it’s avoiding certain activities until full healing is complete, or understanding how to manage pain during recovery, those who have undergone this procedure can benefit immensely by heeding the advice of their healthcare professional on the path toward successful knee replacement rehabilitation. In this blog post, we will discuss seven helpful tips that can assist patients as they take initiative for returning back to normal activity levels again after major joint surgery.

How Pediatric Physical Therapy Can Enhance Your Child’s Life

In today's world, everyone wants the best for their children. Children are the leaders and pioneers of the future and there is great value in ensuring that they're raised to be their best selves every day. The early phases of their body’s development can give them a lot of experiences and lessons, albeit unconsciously, about how they can properly use their bodies as vehicles toward their little goals during play.

How Pediatric Physical Therapy Can Enhance Your Child’s Life

People with children who suffer from congenital conditions or who have experienced it want to find the best possible way for their children to have an equally great childhood experience. There are many outlets that parents may look into and many forms of actively creative ways to improve their child's life. One of these is pediatric physical therapy.

Pediatric physical therapy is when specialized therapists or specifically trained therapists carry out certain procedures or forms of therapy in order to improve the lives and daily functions of children who experience congenital conditions, illnesses, or injuries. Pediatric therapists usually work with the family as well as the child in order to assist the child in reaching their maximum potential. They also assist in helping the child function on their own and become more actively involved in activities at home, in school and in the community.