Essential Self-Care Strategies for Optimal Recovery Following Eyelid Surgery

Recovering from eyelid surgery is a journey that demands careful attention and dedication to a set of self-care strategies. Whether it's to address aging, improve vision, or enhance appearance, this surgery offers significant benefits.

Essential Self-Care Strategies for Optimal Recovery Following Eyelid Surgery

However, recovery is crucial for achieving the desired results. Following post- operative care instructions is essential for a speedy recovery and optimal outcomes. In this guide, we'll explore four essential self-care strategies for a successful recovery after eyelid surgery. Each method will help you navigate this period effectively.

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Design Your Vision: Customizing Your Look With Scott Harris Glasses

Despite that you may prefer to rock simple and plain glasses, probably because they go with most outfits and activities, you can spark up your look and still achieve a simple appearance. Let your eyewear speak for you when you step into a place.

Design Your Vision: Customizing Your Look With Scott Harris Glasses

Be it glamour and sophistication, or serious and business-minded, customizing your frame to your personal taste should be an addition to your everyday lifestyle. Especially, if you wear your eyeglasses every time.

How To Protect Your Eyes If You're Working at the Computer

Most people spend hours in front of a computer screen, whether it be for work or play. And while this can be great for productivity, too much screen time can be harmful to your eyes. The computer emits blue light, which can be damaging to the retina over time. It can also cause eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches. There are a few things you can do to protect your eyes when working at the computer, starting from these six.

5 Effective Tips for Your Eye Health

The eyes are undoubtedly the most crucial part of our body. Eyes help us witness the beauty of the things that revolve around us. However, most of us own a pair of spectacles as we’ve somehow managed to weaken our eyesight. Or maybe our screen-time suggests we should wear specs while working. In this scenario, we’re most likely to be reckless in taking care of our eyes. There is hardly anything we do regularly to ensure the well-being of our visionary organs. As a result, the eyesight continuously weakens, or the eyes get tired too quickly. Moreover, people who wear contact lenses should take utmost care of their eyes, which they certainly don’t. One must understand that their eye health is as important as any other issue in their bodies.

beautiful woman zoomed in on green eye

Eyes are sensitive, and one can never afford to take a risk with them. In this blog, we’ll discuss how we can take suitable measures to make our eyes healthy. Maybe this way, the eyes might restore their vision too! Moreover, might have managed to have your back here. They have introduced an all-new range of CBD-based products at

But before we get to discuss some essential tips to take care of our eyes, let us take a look at some typical eye problems that we majorly come across nowadays.

Everything You Need to Know About Eyeglass Lens Coatings

Should you choose aviator, wayfarer, cat eye, or oval frame? That’s usually the first thought that comes to mind when choosing eyeglasses. Often, we leave choosing the lens and lens coatings for the doctors to decide.

As fun and trendy eyeglass frames might be, the lens is the heart of your eyeglasses.

Maybe you didn’t listen enough when the doctor talked about lens and lens coatings while examining your eyes. You might not even have heard him talk about blue light defense with prescription glasses.

While there may be no statistics to back this up, many see eyeglasses as more of an accessory than a medical device.

Of course, the onus falls on your doctor to prescribe lenses and lens coatings that best suit your eyes; you owe it to your eye health to understand the prescriptions.

We believe you would have decided on the frame, and your doctor prescribes the lens; the next action will be to choose lens coatings.

Tips for Transitioning Your Child into Eyeglasses

If your son or daughter is suddenly falling behind in classes, it’s easy to judge everything. Is the teacher not giving enough time to my child? Has my child developed ADHD; are they not getting proper sleep? The list goes on and on. A multitude of reasons can run through a parent’s mind as they try to figure out what’s going on, but oftentimes it’s something much simpler: not being able to see something that the others kids can. Yep. Eyesight. Luckily, that’s easily addressed.

If you think your child might need an eye checkup, check with your insurance to see what is covered before heading in. Some will automatically cover an optometrist, for example, but would need a reference to see an ophthalmologist. Ideally, you’ll want to make an appointment with a development optometrist, since they’re specialized in understanding how eyesight changes and develops as a child grows.

Tips to Take Care of Eye Glasses + SnapIt Giveaway

If you have been following my blog, then you know my son recently started wearing glasses. He just turned five and got his glasses right before his fifth birthday. They have helped him so much in school and recreational activities. He wants to color more and has been hitting the ball more in baseball. They aren't quite 100% and I think that's because although I searched pediatric ophthalmologist, the facility I took him to doesn't normally see children. The doctor admitted that she was scared to go stronger, but that's what he might need. And when I took him to his one year physical check up, they had a chart of shapes and he still couldn't see the bottom lines. We will get there. Since he still has issues recognizing letters, this is a process for us to figure out what is the best prescription for him.

I have had glasses since I was in seventh grade. My mom has had glasses since she was a toddler, so glasses just run in our family. When my son got his new glasses, they told us a few helpful tips on how to take care of eyeglasses that I thought I would share with all of you because some of these even I didn't know!

When To Take Your Child to the Eye Doctor

So I have been having concerns about my son's eye sight. My pediatrician said that children should actually go to the ophthalmologist once a year especially if you have eye insurance. This post is all about my experience getting my son his glasses. If you have ANY concerns at all, even the slightest thing, then you need to talk to your pediatrician. Write down your concerns as soon as you have them so when you go to your pediatrician you can address them. I wish I had done this.

kid glasses

I am not a doctor, this is just our experience.