6 Important Things Every New Mum Needs To Know About Breastfeeding

As a new mum, you’re likely both excited and nervous about the prospect of breastfeeding. While it is undoubtedly one of the most natural and fulfilling forms of nourishing your little one, there are several important considerations to keep in mind if you choose to breastfeed. Here, are 6 key components that every parent should know while navigating their journey with breastfeeding.

6 Important Things Every New Mum Needs To Know About Breastfeeding

Tips to Boost Your Breastmilk Supply

I am NOT a lactation consultant or a doctor, but I have nursed a baby with lip tie and had supply issues myself, so these are things that have helped me with my breastmilk pumping journey and tips I have learned along the way to help increase your breastmilk supply.

Tips to Keep Up Your Breastmilk Supply
This is my pumping face. No make up, crazy hair, & all. :)

Milk Making Giveaway with Lactation Cookie Express

 When I was I tried everything to boost my milk supply for my babies. And I really wish there was a product like Lactation Cookie Express on the market that I could easily buy instead of worrying about the exact ingredients to make the perfect batch of breastfeeding or lactation cookies. With all the babies being born recently, I thought it would be fun to share this fun giveaway for a bundle of 3 lactation cookie mixes from Lactation Cookie Express. 

Milk Making Giveaway with Lactation Cookie Express

Lactation Cookie Express's cookie mixes have successfully helped thousands of moms increase their milk supply. They are recommended by top lactation consultants and loved by nursing moms nationwide. They are loaded with key ingredients for increased breast milk production and optimal nutrition and contains no Fenugreek. These cookie mixes contain the highest quality wholesome oats, fresh from American farms. Each ingredient is carefully sourced from the USA for best quality and taste. Each mix is made in the heart of Massachusetts at a family owned bakery.

Motif Medical Breast Pumps Giveaway

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Breastfeeding is such a personal journey. And however you choose to feed your baby is up to you. My breastfeeding journey would have been so much easier if I had a decent pump to help me through it. That's why I'm so excited to share this giveaway with all of you!

ENTER TO WIN two popular Motif breast pumps from Motif Medical! The approximate prize value for this event is $350! Learn more about this fabulous prize package, then enter on the easy giveaway form below! Good luck to all who enter!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Giveaway

Earth Mama believes in the natural process of birth, and the healing power of nature. Their mission is to provide safe, herbal alternatives for pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, and babies of all ages, and to help educate people about traditional plant medicine and safe personal care. They manufacture natural and organic products that work, combining generations of women's wisdom and traditional plant medicine with the safety and assurances of contemporary evidence based research. If it doesn't measure up to Mama's standards, it doesn't leave the building.

Since Mother's Day is right around the corner, I am partnering with Earth Mama for a wonderful giveaway!

What you'll win:

Kaylaa Bags - Stylish Bags for Breastfeeding Moms + Giveaway

If you're a working mom who is breastfeeding and pumping at work, and you struggle with bringing too many bags with you for your pumping needs, and the ugly "briefcases" just don't cut it.

Kaylaa Bags - Stylish Bags for Breastfeeding Moms

Kaylaa Breast Pump Bags are the perfect solution to bring all of your pumping necessities, plus laptop, purse, and everything else you may need, in just ONE single bag, effortlessly. And on top of that, everyone will envy how fashionable you are with your stylish bag, without even knowing it's a pump bag.

Spectra S1 Double Breast Pump with Tote & Cooler Giveaway, Ends 10/20

Did you know that many insurance companies will now cover a brand new breast pump for expecting and new parents? That's right! There's no need to spend hundreds of dollars out-of-pocket for a new pump. A new, name-brand breast pump can be yours and there are services out there that will do all the work for you - including billing insurance and shipping the pump to you for free. Edwards Health Care Services is one of these organizations and they believe that all women should have access to breastfeeding equipment. So, they make the process of obtaining a breast pump simple. All you have to do is fill out their online form or give them a call. One of their Breast Pump Concierges will take care of verifying your insurance, getting a prescription from your doctor and communicating with your insurance company on your behalf. Once they verify the order with you, they'll ship the breast pump for free right to your door. Easy, right?!
Free Breast Pump through Insurance

Edwards Health Care Services is offering one lucky reader a Spectra S1 Double Breast Pump with tote and cooler! The S1 with tote and cooler is a “deluxe” pump and would incur an upgrade fee when ordered through insurance, but they want to ensure you have everything you need to get started on the right foot. You can learn more about Spectra pumps by following their Facebook page.

Here is some information about the Spectra S1:

Baltic Essentials Giveaway, Ends 8/30

Baltic Essentials carries a wide variety of jewelry for children, adults and pets too!  The collection includes Baltic Amber and Hazelwood designs that are very trendy and are known to aid in teething pain and other ailments.  All jewelry comes with an authenticity guarantee.  You can read more about Baltic Essentials by visiting the review by Latched On Mom HERE.

Bellema Breast Pump Giveaway, Ends 8/31

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​Bellema is committed to providing superior quality breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories to enhance mothers nursing experience. Their designs and development are backed by a dedicated R&D team that includes over 20 experts! By combining years of expertise and reputation, they have gained trust from nursing mothers around the world.

Breastfeeding Awareness Month Giveaway, Ends 8/24

On August 6, 2011, the United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) officially declared that August is National Breastfeeding Month. This breastfeeding campaign, funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, was designed to encourage women in their breastfeeding journey by providing support and research about breastfeeding. For example, did you know that new research shows that babies who are exclusively breastfed for six months are less likely to develop ear infections, diarrhea and respiratory illnesses, and may be less likely to develop childhood obesity? That's pretty cool, right?! In recognition of National Breastfeeding Month (NBM), I'm partnering with a few of my favorite blogs and brands to celebrate! We want to support you in your breastfeeding journey by providing you with some amazing products to help along the way! 
 The winner of this giveaway will receive an amazing prize package that includes all of the following:

Simply Baked Lactation Cookies Giveaway, Ends 8/19

Do you need a lactation boost?  Many moms are concerned that they're not making enough milk. One of the most common galactagogues you'll see mentioned is lactation cookies.  Simply Baked is a WAHM business that offers Lactation Cookie Kits and premade Lactation Cookies, Boobie Bites, Lactation Cookie Cups as well as toddler Teething Biscuits and Daddy Cookies!  To learn more about their products, check out Latched On Mom's review.

Momzelle Breastfeeding Apparel Giveaway, Ends 8/17 #WorldBreastfeedingWeek

There are many things happening during World Breastfeeding Week!  Here's some more fun to be had!  You have a chance to win $50 store credit to Momzelle! Momzelle wants to help mothers feel confident and comfortable breastfeeding anywhere! Momzelle nursing bras and clothes are made with high quality fabrics so their products remain beautiful and vibrant, even after many, many washes.  Their nursing wear offers a flattering fit, soft fabric, and really easy to use nursing openings.

This giveaway is hosted by Latched On Mom and co-hosted by Mama Hippie & Mama Banana's Adventures!

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra Giveaway, Ends 8/15 #WorldBreastfeedingWeek

The importance of a good pumping bra can not be underestimated. Having both hands free allows you to more efficiently manage your time while you pump which helps you be more productive.  Visit Latched On Mom's review of the Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra to learn more about how this bra differs from other pumping bras and how it can benefit those who pump.

World Breastfeeding Week Giveaway, Ends 8/15

August 1st through August 7th is 2016's World Breastfeeding Week. 2016's theme is about how breastfeeding is a key element in getting us to think about how to value our wellbeing from the start of life, how to respect each other and care for the world we share. My breastfeeding journey has been one of the most precious times of my life.

Supporting a mother who chooses to breastfeeding their child is key to their success. When a nursing mother is judged, shamed, denied time or a place to feed their baby it is not only effecting that child's growth but that mother's mindset of their breastfeeding experience. This week highlights a women choice to breastfeed and all things that go along with that choice.

What Makes a Quality Nursing Bra? Introducing the Mamaway UltraComfort Maternity & Nursing Bra

I received complimentary products to provide this post. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.
Mamaway is a brand I was introduced to last year when I reviewed their ring sling. So I was excited to work with them again. I was recently asked to review their newest innovative product which is their UltraComfort Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bra. Though I'm no longer nursing, I do know what to look for in a quality nursing bra. 

Here is what I look for in a Quality Nursing Bra:

Mom Life Fashion with Udderly Hot Mama

I received complimentary products to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

Mom Life Fashion. Yoga Pants. Leggings. And Nursing Tops. Enough Said.
But you can still make mom life fashionable if you buy stylish leggings and nursing tops. I was recently introduced to Udderly Hot Mama Nursing and Pumping Wear. I was sent the Whimsical Wrap Nursing Top in Navy to review. Not only is this top SUPER cute, but it is VERY soft as well.

Enter to WIN from Mrs. Patel's! {FALLing for Prizes Giveaway Hop, Ends 9/30}

Hey breastfeeding mamas! Fall is right around the corner which means all the fun activities! With both of my kids, my supply seemed to drop around the holidays. I'm not sure why, maybe because I didn't nurse as often because we were always on the go. But whatever the reason, I would have loved to try Mrs. Patel's breastfeeding products to give my supply a little boost.

Breastfeeding Essentials from Evenflo Feeding Giveaway

Breastfeeding Essentials from Evenflo Feeding Giveaway
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Did you know August is National Breastfeeding Month? With World Breastfeeding Week being August 1-7? As you know, I am a strong breastfeeding advocate. Although I believe whatever way you choose to feed your babe, you should be supported. I am so excited to partner with Evenflo Feeding for this awesome giveaway.

MAM's #MyBFStory Contest, Ends 8/7

In preparation for World Breastfeeding Week next week, MAM’s #MyBFStory is celebrating breastfeeding and the triumphs and challenges that come along with it. MAM is inviting moms to share their breastfeeding experiences with as much candor as possible and to offer words of encouragement and advice for expectant moms as they look to begin nursing themselves.
Breastfeeding is natural, beautiful and healthy; what breastfeeding is not is easy for all moms like most of the conversations online would have you believe! MAM believes that we all can benefit from honest, candid dialogue about breastfeeding between real moms so please share your personal story and your advice for new/expectant moms at http://bit.ly/MAM_MyBFStory with #MyBFStory. MAM will choose their three favorite stories to win a $100 gift card! Contest ends 8/7.

16 Minute Club Breastfeeding Subscription Box Review - Limited Edition Sun & Fun

I received a complimentary box to provide this review. All opinions are my own.
Celebrate breastfeeding all summer long with 16 Minute Club's newest Limited Edition Sun & Fun Breastfeeding Subscription Box.

Curated by co-founders Chris Burdick (busy dad of three) and Wendy Wright (lactation consultant and mother of two) to meet all of your warm weather needs. 16 Minute Club is a breastfeeding subscription box curated to your stage of breastfeeding. Subscriptions start as low as $31.50 per box.