MAM's #MyBFStory Contest, Ends 8/7

In preparation for World Breastfeeding Week next week, MAM’s #MyBFStory is celebrating breastfeeding and the triumphs and challenges that come along with it. MAM is inviting moms to share their breastfeeding experiences with as much candor as possible and to offer words of encouragement and advice for expectant moms as they look to begin nursing themselves.
Breastfeeding is natural, beautiful and healthy; what breastfeeding is not is easy for all moms like most of the conversations online would have you believe! MAM believes that we all can benefit from honest, candid dialogue about breastfeeding between real moms so please share your personal story and your advice for new/expectant moms at with #MyBFStory. MAM will choose their three favorite stories to win a $100 gift card! Contest ends 8/7.

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