Word of the Year: Balance #BehindTheBlogger

Dear 2016 Me,

Your word of this year is Balance. I know you don't normally do a word of the year, but I have seen others do them and writing New Year Resolutions down, I've realized that BALANCE should be your goal word of the year.

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You need a more balanced diet, making progress with simple steps will help. You need to balance your time better so you can spend more of it with your family, in order to find my family's Formula for Happiness.

Taking small steps to your goals is how we are going to find balance this year. Planning ahead and scheduling will help, but living in the moment isn't a bad idea either. We are gearing up for our best year yet. There are so many opportunities ahead and things we have planned. You turn thirty this year. So let's end our twenties with a bang!


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  1. Balance is an amazing thing to strive for this year and so challenging when you have little ones. I will be working my balancing my home, family, and blog this year too! Happy 2016

  2. Balance is the perfect word--I feel like my life is a constant struggle to find and/or maintain balance! :P Best of luck to you, and happy 2016! :D

  3. My word of the year is "time" so hopefully I'll use it wisely.

  4. Great word!! i have never heard of this word of the year until very recently but Im intrigued!! I will have to think of one!!

  5. That should be my word for the year, I have strived for balance but it eludes me! But keep trying, need to go back to the drawing board.


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