How to Reduce Your Child's Screentime

One major concern that many moms and dads have is the amount of time their kids spend looking at screens. Screentime and how much of it kids should have is a hotly debated subject, and many parents, and even parenting experts, disagree about how much screentime is too much. As every parent knows, reducing how much time your kids spend using their gadgets is not easy. Sometimes letting the kids play video games for a while is easier than constantly saying no and encouraging them to do something else. If you are struggling to keep your kid's screentime low and find that this is causing disruption in the family, it is time to take action.

How to Reduce Your Child's Screentime

Research shows that kids aged from eight to 18 years spend an average of 7.5 hours looking at screens each day. This figure includes 4.5 hours each day spent watching television. If you are concerned that your child is spending similar amounts of time looking at screens every day, you may be looking for ways to reduce this significantly. Here are some tips to help you tackle the issue of too much screentime:

Great Things You Need to Make Sure You Get Right as a Modern Parent

Parenting is always tough, and there are a few excellent ways of improving your role as a parent. This largely involves making the right decisions that will help you improve your life, as well as focusing on making life as a parent slightly easier as well. There is a lot that you need to think about here and being able to improve your role as a parent is one of the biggest.

Great Things You Need to Make Sure You Right as a Modern Parent

There are a lot of things that you should look at trying to get right when you are a modern parent and being able to improve this process is so important. Make sure you focus on what works best for your kids, and don’t try to copy the approach other people take, because every child is different. Here are some of the great things you need to get right as a modern parent.

11 Ways To Ensure Your Kids Live Life With A Positive, Gleeful Attitude

As a parent, your job is to ensure that your children live the best possible life. In order to do this, they need to make sure they do a few things right. They need to always keep on the move, they need to be kind to those around them, and they need to be positive throughout most instances. If they can get these things right, then they’ll stand a great chance of living a full and happy existence. Life tends to be surprisingly straightforward most of the time, so this shouldn’t be that much of a worry. We often build lots of aspects up, only to find out that they weren’t anywhere near as difficult as we’d initially anticipated!

11 Ways To Ensure Your Kids Live Life With A Positive, Gleeful Attitude

Throughout that list of actions, we mentioned that your child should live a positive life. Positivity is one of the main things a person will need in life if they’re to be happy and successful, of course. This is obvious, but not everyone adopts this kind of mindset. You’re their parent, so you are tasked with bringing them up with the right attitude towards life. Whatever happens, you’ll want your kid(s) to fully embrace the situations and come out of them with big smiles on their faces.

They won’t just be positive, though. While the brain likes to release happy chemicals and allow us to feel happy a lot of the time, basic science won’t cover all bases. Often, our thoughts are based on our surroundings and who we have been brought up by. If you were brought up by pessimistic parents, you’ll likely be that way yourself. The brain behaves the way it does because it has been trained to do so. If you spend years thinking a certain way, then it will become second nature to you.

Parenting Frustrations: What To Do When Your Kids Get On Your Last Nerve

As much as we love our kids, there will always be times when they push your buttons and you find yourself getting angry with them. However, it’s important that we deal with these situations in the right way because if you blow up at them and scream and shout, that sets a very bad example and it can seriously damage your relationship with them. Blaming them is not useful and it’s an issue that you need to sort out for yourself. So, what should you do when your kids get on your last nerve?

Parenting Frustrations: What To Do When Your Kids Get On Your Last Nerve

Why We Need to Teach Children to Be The Boss of Their Bodies

 I don't make my kids hug or kiss anyone they don't want to. I was never forced to as a child because different experiences that my mother had growing up. I was always thankful that my mom never made me because I would go through phases of being shy.

Why We Need to Teach Children to Be The Boss of Their Bodies

Quite a few years ago now, my husband's family had a Christmas party and my husband's Aunt told my daughter to come give her a hug. My daughter looked at me timid and I told her she didn't have to do anything she didn't want to. So she didn't hug her and just said, "Merry Christmas". Later, my mother-in-law confronted me about how she thought this was rude and "It was just Aunt [name redacted]". This was an uncomfortable conversation since I don't like confrontation, but it needed to be said. It wasn't about undermining or embarrassing anyone, but educating. I told her that I would never force my children to be hugged or kissed by anyone even if that person is their Great Aunt because it's their body. I also mentioned how they don't know her very well because they don't remember seeing her at all. I don't know what changed my mother-in-law's mind for sure, but she no longer expects the grandkids to hug anyone that they don't want to.

The reason I have this rule is simply, I don't want my kids to be groomed for sexual abuse.

4 Top Benefits Of Hiring A Babysitter

So you’re thinking that you might need a babysitter, but perhaps you're a little unsure? With the right hiring process of background checks, references, and interviews; rest assured you’ll find someone who is the perfect fit! A detailed interview will allow you to find the correct personality for your family. As long as you are clear about what you want from the beginning, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. There are plenty of benefits to be accessed from hiring a babysitter; let’s take a look at the top ones! 

Finding the Me Time in #MomLife

When you stay at home with young children all day, sometimes you lose yourself. You say things without thinking because the lack of social engagement has made you lose your filter. You adjust your bra not realizing that you haven't even tried to hide it from the next door neighbor. Or is this just me?
I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam. This post is in partnership with them. All opinions are my own.

If there is one thing that all of us moms have in common whether you stay-at-home, work-at-home, or work outside the home, we need some me time. (And dads need it too.) How do you find your me time? Is your me time sneaking left over Halloween candy that you told the kids was 'all gone' months ago. Or do you tell the Hubby that you're going to fold clothes, but hide in the laundry room while you catch up on the newest season of Orange is the New Black? Been there. Done that.

Finding the me time in mom life can be hard, but it's so important. That's why Netflix wants to know, where is the strangest place that you have got your Netflix on.

7 Things I Won't Feel Guilty About

I was going through my Facebook feed and I follow babycenter. They posted an interesting blog, so I thought I would share my views. :)

"I always knew that the moment I held my baby in my arms for the first time I’d feel love like never before. What I didn’t know was that with great love, comes paralyzing fear and massive guilt. Wasn’t quite prepared for that." - read more posted in Honor of BabyCenter's Guilt-Free Parenting Week. So here are the things I won't feel guilty about as a new mom:

Making Parenting Mistakes 1. Making Mistakes. (At least I'll try not to feel guilty.) This is my first baby so I'm going to make mistakes. Example: We took Sweet Pea to the park on Sunday. It was windy and sunny. We forgot a sun hat. I rocked her to sleep on the swing, making sure to cover her face, and then I put her in her stroller so the wind and sun would be off her. As they say, 'You live and learn.'

2. Breastfeeding. Sometimes I have to nurse in public. My baby doesn't take a bottle from me. And I am a terrible pumper (or it could be my pump). Why would she when mommy is so close by? She is also already developing a stranger anxiety with people she doesn't see often (I didn't know they developed it this early but apparently they do). So please explain to me what I'm suppose to do? I cover up and it's the most natural thing in the world. All mammals do it. If it makes you feel uncomfortable, don't look.

Daddy Helping Out 3. Passing her off to Daddy when he gets home from work. Two reasons this doesn’t bother me: One, being the only caregiver all night and day is tiring, and I am appropriately exhausted by the time someone else walks in the door, and two, I know daddy misses his baby time as much as Sweet Pea misses her daddy time. :]

Not Doing Housework 4. Not Doing Housework. I won’t feel guilty about putting my baby before my housework. Some things are more important in life. She will only be this age once, the housework will still be there.

5. Letting her be a Kid. I will not feel guilty about her watching TV or eating out every once in a while when she gets older. I did when I was a kid and so did my husband and we are capable, functioning adults. I will raise my kid and not have the TV do it for me. I will not feel guilty about letting her get dirty and be a kid. Jumping in puddles is dirty and fun. And as I said before they are only this age once.

Co-Sleeping 6. Co-sleeping. Nursing has been great for us so far but I was completely incapable of sitting up to nurse at 12, 2, 4, and 6 when she was a newborn. We figured out the side-lying nursing thing and haven’t looked back. Now she doesn't sleep in our bed the entire night like she did when she was a newborn but I enjoyed every minute of it when she did and I actually miss it now.

Our Birth Story 7. My Birth Story. Lastly, I was induced because of my blood pressure, I had an epidural because I'm a wuss. I only wanted my husband in there with me because no one was there when we created her. I love my birth story and no one is going to make me feel guilty or try to steal my joy about it one way or the other. And that is that.

So mommas or soon-to-bes, what are some things you refuse to feel guilty about?

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