Traveling Can Be Dangerous: Here's How To Stay Safe

Are you thinking about going traveling? Perhaps you have been inspired by the individuals on Instagram and other social networks who seem to spend their whole lives touring the world? While this is a wonderful possibility, it’s important to explore it the right way. Specifically, you need to make sure that you are safe while traveling. Let’s look at some of the key points to think about.

Traveling Can Be Dangerous: Here's How To Stay Safe

Properly Maintain Your Family Car with These Useful Tips

Maintaining a family car is essential not only for its longevity but also for the safety of your loved ones. Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape can prevent any serious breakdowns or accidents along the way, so it's important to spend some time taking proper care of it - whether that's through regular servicing and upkeep or making minor repairs yourself. To help you out, we've compiled a list of useful tips that will ensure stress-free drives with your family car and keep everything running smoothly!

Buckle Up: What To Look At When Buying A Car Seat

Buying a car seat for your child is one of the most important decisions you make as a parent. They are designed to keep your kids comfortable and safe, especially during long car rides. 

You should also look at if the car seat’s features fit your child’s needs. There are a lot of different types of car seats you can choose from. All have unique features that satisfy a parent’s ideal car seat. 

If you are still confused about what kind of car seat to get, we got you. Here’s a quick guide to easily find the right car seat for your child.

Best Cars for the Family - Reviewed and Compared

When you’re bringing a family on the road, safety and comfort are paramount. That’s why many families look to their cars when they want to hit the open road. The best cars for families give passengers peace of mind in any situation, no matter how long or short the trip.

When choosing one of these vehicles, there are several things to consider: plenty of seating for passengers and luggage, high safety ratings, ample storage for personal items, and plenty of technology to keep everyone happy on the road. We have listed the top cars for a family. Check them out...

Must-Have Features for Your Next Family Vehicle

When shopping for a new family vehicle, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with style and fuel efficiency. However, there are many more features that can ensure your family is as safe and comfortable as possible. From cutting-edge tech to safety programs, there are a few major ways to ensure your next family vehicle will keep you happy for years to come. To ensure you make the right decision, here is a list of some of the must-have features for your next family vehicle:

Must-Have Features for Your Next Family Vehicle

Essentials by Britax Emblem Car Seat Giveaway, Ends 2/22

Car Seat Safety is very important. The misuse of car seats is a common occurrence, unfortunately. Many people look at them as another product they have to buy in order for their child to be "legal" in a car, but the reality is - they are a necessity to save a child's life and when misused they can't do their job properly.

For over 50 years, Britax has been producing some of the best car seats on the market! Essentials™ by Britax® is a new everyday value brand that brings Britax levels of protection to families who make safety a top priority. Born from a leader in child passenger safety, Essentials™ by Britax® is a value brand built upon the primary focus that every family deserves the peace of mind that comes with over 50 years of Britax safety heritage. Each innovative safety feature is designed with your family in mind, because “Safe Enough” is not “Good Enough.” Miranda from Thrifty Nifty Mommy recently shared her Britax Emblem car seat review and a Britax Allegiance car seat review. These are the first two convertible car seats from Essentials by Britax. Make sure you head over and read her full reviews of these seats!

Compact Travels with the mifold Booster Seat

I received complimentary products to provide this post. All opinions are my own.

My daughter will be 7 in December. We want to keep her in a five-point harness as long as possible, but she can sit in a booster seat. I was recently introduced to mifold. mifold is the most compact booster seat I have ever seen and makes traveling a breeze. Perfect for use in carpooling or taxis (or uber/lyft). It is so compact that it can fit in your purse or diaper bag.

Instead of bringing the child up like traditional boosters, mifold works by bringing the seat belt down. You can not use just a lap belt with mifold, so it is not recommended for air travel. Being so compact, I was worried about the quality, but it is still very heavy duty and very well made.

Safe Family Travel with Diono radian® rXT Convertible Car Seat

It is Child Passenger Safety Week and I am so excited to share with you all about the Diono radian rXT all-in-one Convertible Car Seat. I have wanted to work with this brand for a while now. Diono is a top brand in child safety and with all of the traveling we have been doing this year, I want to make sure my family is safe.

National Baby Safety Month Giveaway

September is #NationalBabySafetyMonth, sponsored annually by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). This month-long event increases consumer awareness of baby safety issues and the safe selection and use of baby products. For the past 40 years MAM’s top priority has been the development of products for the well-being, safety and health of babies that make life easier for parents and allow them to focus on the joy of family.

Image by Peach & Oak Photography

As parents, nothing is more important to us than the safety of our MAM babies. In observance of #NationalBabySafetyMonth @MAMbabyUSA is posting safety tips to help raise awareness of key things we can all do to protect our babies.

Child Passenger Safety Prize Package Giveaway, Ends 10/3

BubbleBum Prize Package + $75 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway
Nothing is more important than making sure your kids are happy and safe, so we've teamed up with BubbleBum to share some tips for child passenger safety and to give away a fantastic prize package to one lucky family! Kids love staying both safe and comfortable with BubbleBum’s kid-approved, super cool inflatable booster seat. Buckle up your older kids (age 4-11) in a car booster seat providing safety and comfort that is the top choice for all parents. BubbleBum gives kiddos the perfect "boost" to prevent the risk of slouching (which happens with flat car booster seats) and seat belt abdominal injury in the event of a crash. The cool factor makes kids more likely to want to use a booster seat.

Diono Radian RXT Giveaway, Ends 9/30

According to the CDC, accidents are the leading cause of death among children in the United States. September is Baby Safety Month and it's usually an especially busy time of the year for parents. It's back to school time and there are carpools, sports, and endless extracurricular activities to get to, but that doesn't mean you should forget to take the proper safety precautions to keep your most precious cargo safe. That's why Diono, the leading manufacturer in child safety seats and travel accessories is sharing some car seat safety tips. Head over to Viva Veltoro to check out Diono's safety tips and to see why she loves the Diono Radian RXT.

Diono Radian RXT Giveaway, Ends 2/26

With the chilly temperatures outside, most of us are bundled into our winter clothes and snow gear to stay warm. If you have kids, it's pretty likely that at some time or another you've overdressed them to the point where they can't move.
Unfortunately, even with the good intentions of keeping our little ones safe, we might be putting them in more danger by combining winter outerwear and car seats. Ruth from Viva Veltoro has all the information you need from Allana Pinkerton, Certified Child Passenger Safety Instructor and Global Safety Advocate for Diono, to educate yourself about the dangers of your children wearing puffy coats while in their car seats. Make sure you check out her post for a full list of Do's and Don'ts when it comes to winter car seat safety.
Diono wants your little ones to be the safest they can be, so they're giving one lucky person a Diono Radian RXT Convertible + Booster Car Seat!

Summer Travels with GooGah Baby View Mirror

I received this product complimentary for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

We are still rear facing my son, although he has picked up this habit of screaming in the car because he was bored. It was a playful scream and I think it was just to get his sister to pay attention to him. I have tried giving him toys to play with, but he throws them all down. LOL So when I was sent the GooGah Baby Car Mirror to review, I was pretty excite because I thought that this might be something that would keep him entertained while I was driving.

I loved being able to see him in the car. It also made it where he would no longer scream while I was driving down the road. He would just make faces at himself in the mirror. The extra large wide angle convex infant car mirror is shatter proof so that every new mom can feel secure with no worries. Installation was very easy once I paid attention to the directions. You can view my installation in the video below.

Oh The Places You’ll Go: Travel Safety This Summer By Safety1st

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School’s out and the question everyone asks is – where will you go this summer? According to AAA road trips top the list this year. This Memorial Day Weekend was marked as the highest travel volume in 10 years…and that was just to kick-off the season. 

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With many families hitting the road this summer and the upcoming 4th of July holiday, Safety 1st wants to make sure parents and children have a safe summer while on the go. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 75% of car seats on the road are installed incorrectly. Here are some easy tips to think about before hitting the road.

Enter to WIN the GB Travel Safe Sweepstakes! Ends 4/17

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Car seats are one of the most important purchases parents make. That’s why GB places their priority on safety with the GB Asana35 AP Car Seat. Their unique 3-way FirmFit System provides Mom and Dad the ultimate peace of mind.

As part of GB’s effort to promote car seat safety and their recently launched Asana35 AP car seat, they are hosting the GB Travel Safe Sweepstakes offering parents a chance to win a $500 Babies “R” Us gift card with second and third place winners to receive GB baby gear like the GB Asana35 AP and the compatible GB Zuzu stroller! Leading up to this grand prize, weekly winners will receive Babies “R” Us gift cards. PLUS you can get extra points for adding the Asana35 AP to your registry!

Enter To WIN!:

Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX Convertible Car Seat Review

I have been on the search for the perfect car seat for my son. I ended up buying another car seat, but I don't think it will grow with him as long as he needs. So when I was sent the Evenflo ProComfort Symphony DLX Convertible Car Seat to review, I was very excited because it accommodates children ranging from 5 to 110 pounds!

About the product