Personalize Your Holiday with Crayola Crayon Melter

This time of year is fun for so many reasons. Holiday events, baking all season long, and making gifts for friends and family whether that is homemade holiday cards, ornaments, and so much more. This year we received some goodies from Crayola to make some super special holiday d├ęcor gifts for family.

Crayola Crayon Melter brings renewed life to Crayola crayon sets everywhere with melted crayon artwork that's easier than ever before to create. That's right! Now you can use up those broken crayons and make beautiful artwork to share with everyone.

Help Your Children Take Note! with Crayola + Giveaway

Crayola is excited to introduce Take Note! – a brand new suite of innovative writing tools designed to make colorful marks - just in time for back to school. Using color for note taking is proven to aid in memory retention and can be helpful for organizing tasks. The Washable Gel Pens feature a quick-dry formula for rich, vibrant color that is streak-free and the Erasable Highlighters’ bright colors will make a bold statement on homework and projects alike. Capture your thoughts, notes and doodles with Crayola Take Note!