Tips for Women Looking to Return to Work

Have you been out of work for a few years taking care of your family? Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to start back after a break or you are worried that the lapse in time will affect you negatively. Thankfully, most companies see the benefit of women in business and have re-entry programs available. But this isn't the case for every job or career. Here are some tips if you are interested in returning back to the workforce after taking time off to raise your family or for other reasons.

1. Prepare Your Resume. Even though you have had a large time gap in between your last paycheck, you can still upgrade your resume. Did you keep a blog and stay up to date with SEO and coding? Or started working with a social selling business like Chrissy Weems' Origami Owl? The skills you have acquired are valuable and you should mention them. Also search the web for current resume designs and terminologies.

2. Be Honest and Confident. I understand that the latter can be easier said than done, but if you know that you can still confidently do the job, then a time gap shouldn't matter. But you should own the years you took off. There isn't anything wrong with taking time off for your family, but you should be open and honest when returning to the work force.

3. Prepare for Interviews. Just like you would have before when you were first starting out. Sometimes women scan over this part because they feel like they already know the process, but when there is a time gap especially like a few years, then the process could have completely changed. Make sure to check out some tips to nail your job interview. You can also search "interviews questions {your field}" online and find a great deal of resources available so you can be prepared with the best responses.

4. Dress for The Job You Want. And this includes updating your wardrobe. You don't have to break the bank to do this, but you should always make sure you look professional when going in to an interview. Search a few simple outfits on Pinterest that stand out to you and possibly your future interviewer.

5. Consider Further Education. Need to go back to school for a little while to get an updated certification? There are many online programs available. Find the right one for you, if this is what you need to make your resume stand out a little more and so your future employer knows that you are serious about getting hired. And remember, it is never too late to go back to school.

You might be nervous about returning to the workforce after taking some years off for your family, but the good news is that you aren't alone. I have personally been looking into getting back to work after over eight years of being a stay-at-home mom and homemaker. And if you have any questions, do a little research and you might find what you are looking for. Thankfully, there are so many online resources to help women just like you return to the workforce.

Are you a stay-at-home mom looking to go back into the workforce? If you have already returned, please share your tips to help future women returning below in the comments.

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