Weighing In, I lost a TODDLER!

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According to Wii Fit, I am as fit as a 20 year old!

I haven't officially weighed myself in a few weeks but since then I have lost 3.4 pounds!
So glad to see the numbers going down again. :D

What I have been doing differently?
My cravings subsided after Aunt Flow's visit but I was noticing that I was eating the same even though I wasn't hungry. So that was the FIRST thing I changed!

I still want to get a day planner and get better organized so I can get beak into a regular work out schedule.

The biggest inspiration for me, is my wonderful friend has lost 10 pounds since she started her weight-loss journey around a month ago. I am so proud of her!

The other picture up there?
Well that's Sweet Pea and I talking because everyone else has been lazy! HA!
BTW my daughter weighs almost 27 pounds according to Wii.
I have lost more weight than she weighs!
I can officially say I lost a toddler. ;D

Thank you all for your kind encouraging words along this journey.
I had a doctor's appointment Thursday
and I feel my goal is so close I can almost taste it.

I posted these pictures in my Wordless Wednesday post this week and on Instagram.

I was 15.
I can not believe I thought I was fat!
So sad what society warps your to believe. :(

Still randomly using MyFitnessPal.

I am so proud, these were shorts that were SNUG during the summer! :D

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  1. Congratulations! I too think back to how thin I was and wonder why i ever thought I was fat! Following back!

  2. Congratulations! You look great!
    Thanks for hosting!
    Have a lovely week.
    With Smiles,

  3. That's awesome Diana!! It takes work and effort but eventually it all starts coming together!

    Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
    Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  4. That is so awesome, keep up the food work!

    Thanks for sharing your favorite post at Raising Imperfection! We feature our favorites on Friday, make sure to come back and check.

  5. Way to go! Feel free to link up too. http://blissfulandwishful.blogspot.com/2013/02/slimming-down-sunday-week-6-year-2.html

  6. Great Job! Keep it up!!


  7. Great job and thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you


  8. Awesome and congrats on the weight lose so far!! :)

  9. Way to go! The biggest thing besides numbers is how your clothes is fitting. It makes so much more of a difference, right!

  10. Judging by your shorts you are doing an awesome job! That's really fantastic. Keep it up!

  11. congrats! i can't believe i thought i was fat as a teenager too. oh how i wish i still looked like that!


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