Same job, different kid, 24/7 hours, and no pay check. But worth it.

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Sponsor Me? Grab A Button?

What does my blog have to offer?
I created my blog in August 2010 as a way to keep track of my pregnancy.
I have only made it public within the past year.
I had 10 GFC followers and 200 rss feed readers.
In that time I have more than tripled my readership, cut my Alexa score in half,
and am still appearing at the top front page in Google searches.
If you wish to work with me, please e-mail me at

Who is my target audience?
I blog about my life. Frugal living, Family events, Parenting tips,
Weightloss, breastfeeding, reviews/giveaways, and occasionally recipes.

BLOG STATS AS OF August 29, 2013:

Average Posts Per Week: 5-7

Including a weekly Wordless Wednesday Linky.
Average views per day: 1,000+

Average views per month: 30,000+

All time views: 268,455

GFC, BlogLovin, NetworkedBlogs, FeedBurner, & LinkyFollowers

Facebook: 3,050
Twitter: 3,020
Pinterest: 1,705
Google+: 1,360
Instagram: 627
YouTube Subscribers: 57

Here are some of the buttons I have to offer, please feel free to ask about different sizes. :)


Awesome Affiliates:
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  1. I love your blog! I'm so sorry your sweet pea has allergies! No fun! If you would like to do a button swap with me-I'm game!

  2. I just put your button on my blog. I am a newbie DIY/humor mommy blogger.
    LOVE your page!
    TMB blogger too!

  3. Absolutely love your blog and bloghops! Will be sponsoring soon :)

  4. I'd love to put your button on my blog (and probably will while I'm hoping for a response!) and cross my fingers that you'll do the same. I'm a former nanny, current doula and newborn care educator and I've just started my blog (way more work than I initially expected!). I'm gonna go ahead and grab your current 125x125 button but if you could shoot me a link to a 125x125 link with the "24/7 & No Paycheck. Worth it." slogan on it I'd be wonderfully thankful. Let me know if you'd like to do a button swap and check me out at


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