Financial Planning 101: Assessing Your Needs and Goals for Life Insurance Coverage

Insurance is a topic that might not be the most glamorous, but trust me, it's crucial when it comes to securing your financial future and protecting your loved ones. It's important to know how to compare life insurance policies and what's going to be right for you.

Understanding Long-Term Disability Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents

The role of a stay-at-home parent is often undervalued, yet it's one of the most crucial jobs in a family’s life. From childcare to household management, the responsibilities are endless and often go unrecognized in financial terms. However, what happens if a stay-at-home parent becomes unable to perform these duties due to a long-term disability? This is where understanding long-term disability insurance becomes vital.

Understanding Long-Term Disability Insurance for Stay-at-Home Parents

Common Medical Malpractice Cases and How to Handle Them

Sometimes healthcare professionals make deliberate or unintentional mistakes in their practice, and a case may be filed either way. These mistakes may result in the temporary or permanent defection of patients. You could also make a case out of malpractice against the healthcare facility or the specific healthcare professional handling your treatment. You should consider getting an experienced injury attorney to represent you in a medical malpractice case.

How to Get the Right Health Insurance for You and Your Family (Wherever You Live)

Wherever you and your family reside in the world, it is imperative that you get the right health insurance to ensure everyone gets the quality care they need in the event of illnesses and injuries.

But how do you select the right insurance provider and policy for your needs? Well, the following helpful advice will enable you to find the insurance you require.

Why Health Insurance Is an Important Investment in Your Life

A fast-paced lifestyle, growing pollution, late hours, demanding schedules, and other factors have put us and our health in a perilous situation. Health is truly wealth. The reality that healthcare expenditures are always rising does not alter the truth that health is currently a key concern. While the average life expectancy has greatly increased, it is also true that the number of illnesses affecting children and adolescents is on the rise.

No matter your age, plans for health insurance are a requirement in this regard, and you can get life insurance for seniors with no medical exam here; there is no doubting it. Below are a few reasons why you should choose health insurance, since medical emergencies can happen at any time.

3 Signs You Need an Attorney

3 Signs You Need an Attorney

Deciding to hire an attorney can be a big deal - a decision that you don’t make lightly. Sometimes, it can be challenging to know when you need an attorney (or not). This is especially true for accidents. After an accident, you may find yourself considering whether to hire an attorney to handle your personal injury case. There are some definite benefits to hiring a personal injury attorney to represent your case if you were injured in the accident. This can be tricky and at the end of the day, you will be the one to make the call for yourself, and you will know what feels right in your gut. However, if you are questioning and need some advice, here are a few signs you need an attorney:

When to Think About Supplemental Dental Insurance

Getting regular checkups from a dentist can help you avoid losing teeth and prevent bad breath and toothaches. A dentist can also recognize early signs of serious health problems such as oral cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Here are some situations where you should consider supplemental dental coverage.

Drama, Drama, Drama

I can't really go into any details here but there were discrepancies with my father's life insurance and trying to figure it out has been obnoxious and stressing. Honestly, the whole thing is ridiculous. If I could take all the money and give it away to have him back, then I would.

Updated 2/15/23:
“When I initially wrote this post, I was worried that I would step on people’s toes. But since people thought I was the bad guy because my step-mom ran her mouth around, then here is the truth.

She filed a paper that apparently my dad signed, but it was illegal because she was his power of attorney. On my dad’s death bed, she was going through his jewelry box calculating how much money (out loud) she could get for different pink diamonds he had. Anyways, There were separate life insurance policies; one for her and one for my brother and I. She wanted them both. When she got the paper work in the mail that my brother and I were suppose to fill out, she freaked. Then she consulted an attorney and told me not to fill it out. Can you say shady? Then she said she would give us $1000, but in bonds. When I said we could use it now, she said “oh I would only have to pay like $30 and she would get it when she was 18”. But she told my family I was money hungry. She also told me I needed my grandmother’s China cabinet (when she was moving to an assisted living facility) so I asked my grandmother, then my step-mom told everyone I was just money hungry and wanting things. Told them I was never around before my dad passed when I would come there everyday on my way home from work. She said to me I should have quit my job to take care of my dad, but yet she had no job and was his 15 year younger wife. 

 I had the paperwork because she gave it to me before she freaked out not knowing what to do and so I decided to call them, they told me to fill out the paperwork and to not listen to anything she said. 

Unfortunately I consulted a lawyer friend (who wasn’t practicing in our state) that made us more scared by saying my step-mother could drag this out for years costing us a bunch of money that we didn’t have if we were to fight. We were young (24 and 26) with a baby on the way. So we went to mediation with her. We said we would split it into thirds. She got pissed and said my husband was running everything, this was on purpose so she wouldn’t run all over my brother and I. I shouldn’t have done the mediation because I was suppose to be in bed rest because of my blood pressure. She said that she always treated me like her own daughter, which was never true. She was always cruel to me and jealous of me. She would purposely go out of her way to be mean to me.

When we received our portion of the life insurance money, we went to her apartment and saw she was driving a red Mustang. She had bought a new car. This is how we knew she was lying and found out about the other policy, plus my mom had told me later. 

This is why I believe in helping your children even when they are adults. Make a safe place so they feel like they can come to you for advice.

My step-mom is now remarried, but only in the Lord’s eyes as she straight up told me to my face so she can keep receiving my dad’s social security and veterans benefits.”

On a happier note, Greg got his promotion!!! :D

And I felt the baby move again today and she was moving ALOT!

That's really all. I'll go into more detail about stuff when I can. Now, off to find something to eat! :]

BTW I don't know what I would do without my husband, He is my rock.