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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Adjusting to a "Big Boy" Bed Comfortably Thanks to Eight Sleep

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that we moved my son into his "big boy" bed. He was in a small toddler bed that has a mattress with next to no support. I love how his bed came together. The head and foot boards my mother-in-law bought at a yard sale, my sister-in-law gave us the box spring, we bought the bed rails and bed slats off Amazon, my mom bought his bedding for his birthday, and the mattress I was fortunate to get to review from Eight Sleep.

 I have been intrigued about ordering a mattress that comes in a box for a while now. How does it unroll? Is it comfortable? Is it too soft and not firm? Will it actually be big enough for the bed? That last question was actually my first thought when we were unboxing this mattress. The box didn't seem like it was going to be able to hold a mattress that would fit his bed. You can see an unboxing video below of how it expands once opened.

Friday, April 28, 2017

My Work Out Style with PACT Organic Clothing

As you may know, we have been on a fitness and healthy lifestyle journey. We have completely changed the way have been eating and we have actually been using our gym memberships. We wanted to create a better life for ourselves and our children. We have been exploring our world and I want comfortable clothes to do that in.

PACT Organic makes super soft cotton clothing that is better for both people and planet because they use organic farming practices that don’t pollute the soil or water while partnering with organizations that protect the well-being of the people who make the clothes. Organic cotton doesn’t pollute the soil or air and uses 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton. Growing organic cotton keeps farmers and their families safe because they are not exposed to toxic chemicals.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

WE DID IT! Running the Color Run 5K Atlanta

I told you all that we were going to be running our first 5k and I am happy to report that we did it! I was a nervous wreck before hand. I had been having serious pain in my hip and I didn't know if I was going to be able to power through. I decided my husband and I needed a non-weight goal to look forward to, so we signed up to run the Color Run 5K Atlanta. Since this was a fun run, you didn't have to run the entire time (just keep moving) which is why I loved it for our first 5k.

My husband and sister-in-law ran with me. My father-in-law was kind of enough to get up super early so we could head to the Atlanta Motor Speedway. I was worried about what to do with my phone and if I should wear my Bluetooth headphones or even my Fit Bit because I didn't want them to get ruined by paint. But the paint is powdered and you don't have to get any on you if you don't want to. It was a little chilly that morning, but I just knew I would get hot once we started running.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Why I Watched 13 Reasons Why

I want to say first and foremost: This post may be a trigger for some people. If you or someone you know needs help, visit The Crisis Information for help. Saying that, I know I tend to talk about happy things here. I like to talk about my family, sometimes I like to talk about the ugly side of parenting, and as my children get older, I have noticed that sometimes it can get really ugly. This post is also going to get very personal, so if you just want the happy and fun posts, feel free to stop reading now. This post also might be a little all over the place, but it is real and raw. I honestly have gone back and forth about posting this, but I wanted it to be a conversation starter.

I have spoken multiple times about how difficult parenting can be. And I want to talk about something that although my kids are young, it can start from a very young age. Bullying. It can start as exclusion. And bullying isn't always physical. Rumors are a form of bullying even though it isn't directed to the person's face. If you don't know something to be true because you don't have proof or didn't see it with your own two eyes, then you don't need to say it at all.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Share Memories with Mom Thanks to Mixbook

I love giving personalized creations for Mother's Day. We live in an age where we don't print pictures anymore, but it is something that is still so important to do. Since Mother's Day is coming up and my mother-in-law casually mentioned that she really liked photobooks and that she really doesn't have very many printed pictures of the grandchildren. So I decided to make her one with Mixbook.

When creating a photobook, the thing I loved the most was how many different options there were to create the perfect photobook. Each page can be customized in a way so you can always create a different book each time. Even if you choose one of their start templates and auto add your pictures, you can still customize it in any way you like.

Things to Purge During Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally in the air which makes it the perfect time for spring cleaning! Your list may already include dusting or re-decorating, but have you given thought to what you would be purging? There are so many things we have cluttering up our homes that actually have expiration dates. Many that I didn't know about. Make sure to check out my Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks, too.

Things to Purge During Spring Cleaning + #SickJustGot Real Giveaway