A Letter to My 1st Time Mom Pregnant Self

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Dear First Time Mom Pregnant Self,

      You think you know everything because you were a Nanny for five years and worked at a day care before that. But 24/7/365 with no pay check is a COMPLETELY different story. First of all, don't sweat the small stuff. If your daughter wants to sleep with every stuffed thing in the entire house, count your blessings that at least she's willing to sleep. Nurse every two hours until your milk comes in. Pumping sucks literally, but it can help too. Don't worry about bed sharing some nights. Or even most nights. It won't last forever and one day you'll miss it. Pacifiers are your friend. Get the dog trained BEFORE the baby is born. Make time for your husband, make sure to find ways to include him, and make him be included whether he wants to or not - that means making him change diapers. He will thank you later. Breastfeeding is hard. There will be ups and downs during that entire first year, but you can do it. Take a bath with the baby because at least you'll kind of get one too. Do at least a load of laundry a day, but don't sweat it if you miss a day because babies don't keep. Make sure the car seat's chest clip is at arm pit level. Don't let others pressure you to do something that your mommy instincts are against. Stock up on diapers before hand, not when you run out and have to use a shirt. Wipe warmers are pointless and waste wipes. Pampers Swaddlers are awesome because they have the color-changing wetness indicator that makes it easy for you (and Hubby) to tell when it's time to change a diaper, they are one of the few that won't break your little one out (this was my experience, yours may differ), they are Pampers' softest diaper, the #1 choice among hospitals, and Pampers has their wonderful Gifts to Grow program.

Yes my boy uses a pink tummy time mat. :)

I loved putting Sweet Pea in Pampers Swaddlers and although she was a little baby, I was sad when she grew out of them. And Peanut is 14.4 lbs at 3 1/2 months old and will now get to experience Pampers Swaddlers longer because they are now available up to size 5 at Babies “R” Us! Pampers Swaddlers give your baby comfort and protection they’ll love for even longer. With up to 12 hours of overnight protection, Swaddlers help you make your baby as comfortable as possible. PLUS you can save some money by buying  Swaddlers Super Economy Pack and Economy Plus Pack which are now available.

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I also wrote a post a while back about 15 REAL Tips for the First Time Mom. I got a lot of help to write it from real moms and I think it's worth a read. :)
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What advice would you give yourself before you had children?

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  1. I would've told myself to accept help whenever it is offered., and to even ask for it. Adviced myself to take naps when the baby does, let the housework go, until you get to it, and like always, it will wait on you. :)
    Paula Caudill

  2. Lots of praise and affection. We also like to call the grandparents whenever we hit a milestone!!

  3. I celebrate milestone moments by calling everyone and letting them know all about it.

  4. I celebrate by capturing pictures and sharing with those I love. Plus I have a personal family website where i blog.

  5. We celebrate by making a big fuss and praising our daughter!

  6. I celebrate the precious milestones by getting my camera out!! :)

  7. I celebrate Milestone Moments with a picture book. This is so adorable & memeries to share ♥

  8. I celebrate with pictures and calling my husband and mothers! I love being able to look back on such great moments (Miriam Matheny)

  9. We celebrate by doing whatever the person wants to do for their special day within reason.

  10. I try to take a video and pics of all my baby's milestones :)

  11. We celebrate by taking pictures and trying to remember to write in the baby book!

  12. We take lots of photos and videos. Will want to remember these moments.

  13. We celebrate my capturing the moments on video or by picture


  14. I try and take lots of photos

  15. We usually have special dinners.

  16. I do a scrapbook with lots of pictures.

  17. We celibrate with pictures and with emails.tweets and facebook posts!

    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  18. We celebrate milestone moments by taking photos or videos and passing them along to the grandparents, who live out-of-state.


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