Best Breastfeeding Advice I Ever Received

I breastfed my daughter for a year. And it was hard. I struggled with supply issues and the pain in the beginning was almost unbearable (she had trouble latching on). The lactation consultant wanted me to use a nipple shield which only confused me. But I worked through it and we actually made it to fourteen months. And I'm not gonna lie, yes she self weaned but I encouraged it because I wanted my body back. And saying all that, I can't wait to do it with my next baby. It was such a wonderful experience. The snuggling, the bond, the empowerment! It's amazing what a woman's body is capable of doing. Not only can you give birth but you can make food! It's wonderful and even through the hard parts I loved every minute of it.

Breastfeeding Advice

It's World Breastfeeding Week, and in honor of it, I decided I would tell you the best advice ever given to me.

World Breastfeeding Week
1. It's hard but you can do it. - There are so many things that can happen, low supply issues, thrush, mastitis, poor latching. But with each one you can work through it. My daughter had poor latching in the beginning due to an undiagnosed lip tie and my body conformed to her, we just had to keep working at it. We also had low supply issues, I nursed frequently, pumped, took fenugreek, and ate breastfeeding cookies. The cookies were the best part. ;)

2. Use nipple cream after EVERY time you nurse. - Your nipples get chapped and that sucks. I suggest Lansinoh.

3. Wake that baby up and nurse every two hours. - Once your colostrum is gone, your milk needs to come in and this is the only to make sure it does. My daughter was jaundice so I received this advice from her pediatrician, FIVE days after she was born. I have a very PRO-breastfeeding pediatrician and without this advice my milk may never have come in. Also feed on demand. Nursing should be your go to thing when your baby cries. And nurse when you feel like you need to. This will help your milk come in, keep your supply up, and help you from getting engorged. If you can't nurse when you feel the need to, then pump.

Breastfeeding Bond
I miss this.
4. It's really not as exhausting as you think. - You are exhausted in the beginning just by having a newborn. Breastfeeding won't change that. Don't give up just because you think it's exhausting. What's more exhausting? Turning over and nursing your little one or going to make a bottle and then feeding a screaming baby?

5. Push through it. - My husband said this. He wasn't quite on board with breastfeeding and I think that had to do with the fact, he had never known someone to breastfeed and we were new parents. He said this to me after a long night and I was crying from exhaustion. He said remember you wanted this and you know it's best for her, so push through it. I think this goes along with, 'You can do it'. But it really does needs to be emphasized.

So what was the best breastfeeding advice you heard? And for you pregnant-first time moms, why are you looking forward to nursing?

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  1. I breastfed my first child and will be doing so with my second as well. My daughter (she is 12) is almost never sick and I believe that breastfeeding was the first step to providing optimal health for her.

  2. I am currently breastfeeding #2 and love the bond it gives me with my daughters!!

  3. I tried to breastfeed my daughter, and had so many problems that it just didn't work out. I was uneducated and unprepared! Now I am due in November with my second little girl, and I have done loads of research and have an amazing support system! I can't wait to breastfeed successfully!

    1. This was my issue too. I didn't know my daughter's issue with latching was from an undiagnosed lip tie issue until we stopped our breastfeeding journey, but now I know for number two. :)

  4. My best breastfeeding advice to new moms is lansinoh, and lots of it! Not on the nipple but put a big glob of it on the breast pad in the first weeks. Will keep the nipples from getting sore, cracking and bleeding. I am currently breastfeeding number two and it saved me both times.

  5. I'm a FTM, due in late October. I think the best advice I have received so far is be prepared for it to be really terrible for the first 3-4 weeks and to nurse as frequently as possible. I've requested some books from the library about breastfeeding, so hopefully I can learn a little more before baby girl arrives.

  6. My husband and I are trying to get pregnant, but I have no advice yet! I'm excited about breastfeeding because it's healthy for the baby!

  7. Best breastfeeding advice I wish I had gotten: build up your support network before your baby comes. If you don't have any friends or family around you then look for a La Leche League group or an equivalent, or find a group on the internet. And don't be afraid to ask questions.

  8. Best advice came from my awesome hubby: just breathe, baby! Nursing definitely isn't always easy - even at the Bes of time


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