Tips to Boost Your Breastmilk Supply

I am NOT a lactation consultant or a doctor, but I have nursed a baby with lip tie and had supply issues myself, so these are things that have helped me with my breastmilk pumping journey and tips I have learned along the way to help increase your breastmilk supply.

Tips to Keep Up Your Breastmilk Supply
This is my pumping face. No make up, crazy hair, & all. :)

How to keep your supply up when nursing a baby:

Stay hydrated

Drink LOTS of water at least half your weight in ounces. So if you weight 145, then you should be drinking 73 ounces of water or more a day! I have a HydroJug (10% off with code BECAUSESHELIFTS), they are half a gallon and great to lug around the house because it has a handle. But I also like some cute cold cups too. Getting you a cute cup can help so much stay hydrated.

Tips to Boost Your Breastmilk Supply

Eat Foods Rich in Galactogogues

Great way to get these is to eat cookies from Lactation Cookies Express! Their cookie mixes have successfully helped thousands of nursing and pumping moms increase their milk supply. They are recommended by top lactation consultants and loved by nursing moms nationwide. Each mix is loaded with key ingredients for increased breast milk production and optimal nutrition. Contains no Fenugreek.
Make homemade and super delicious lactation cookies with our easy baking mix - just add your own egg and butter. Each pouch makes 2 dozen (24) cookies, with our 3 pack bundle you'll get 72 cookies. Stock up, bake and freeze so that you'll always have cookies on hand. They only use premium and carefully sourced ingredients from the USA for best quality and taste. Our lactation cookie mixes are made in the heart of Massachusetts at a family owned bakery.

Get lots of rest

I don't know, but it works. I'm not a lactation consultant or a doctor, but trust me on this. Your husband, kiddo, and body will thank you later. Even if you don't "sleep", resting and relaxing will help you.

Take a natural probiotic

There are so many benefits of taking a probiotic. Can also help steer clear of mastitis. Again, I am NOT a lactation consultant or doctor. But I have done my own research, talked to my own doctor, and talked to my pediatrician. It really does help.

Take Fenugreek

I found mine at GNC. This helped a TON when I was breastfeeding my daughter to make it to my one year milestone. Because once she had started eating solid first, my supply started dwindling even more. She would always refuse formula, so I knew making it to one year would be crucial for her.

Pump & Nurse Frequently

You can get one through your insurance. Pump if you still feel full after a nursing session. If you are trying to build a freezer stash, then pump after every nursing session. Wake up to nurse. When my milk was starting to come in, I nursed Peanut when I felt a spontaneous let down as I call them. I have better luck pumping in the mornings after we first wake up. With breastfeeding there is a big supply and demand issue. So if your body doesn't see the demand, it won't make more. But if you 'trick' it into thinking there is supply issue, then your body will make more.

Eat Breastfeeding Super Foods

Hummus, Carrots, Salmon, Spinach, and many others are known to help with the production of breastmilk. 

Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

You know to take one while you are pregnant, but to get the most out of your milk it's important to continue taking one when you are breastfeeding. Your body is designed to give baby the best nutrients so where do those nutrients come from if you aren't getting the right nutrition? That's right, from you. So to make sure you and baby BOTH stay healthy, keep taking those prenatal vitamins!

Keep Stress Low

I have some helpful tips to reduce stress for busy moms. I understand that sometimes life happens and keeping stress low is easier said than done. But if you can relax your mind as best you can, then it helps release the necessary hormones for milk production.

Apply Warm Compress

before & after nursing sessions. They are actually nursing pads that you can buy to help with this. Massage breasts while feeding and pumping as well.

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  1. i would love to try Nordic out! I'm going to be a first time mom, and have been doing a lot of research--and this looks like a great product!

  2. Lactation cookies are my recommendation for helping with milk supply! Not only are they yummy, but the ingredients supposedly help with supply (brewer's yeast, oatmeal, etc.) I want to try out nordic naturals DHA products out because I'm currently pregnant and current vitamins make me a little nauseous.

  3. I'd love to try the Prenatal!

  4. What really helps me is visualizing my hungry baby and taking deep breaths while i pump. I want to win to give these to a pregnant family member. Im going to post your tips on my office's mother's room for all the pumping mama's. 9 months of pumping!! Sputering along but still going!!

  5. I as actually having a supply issue a couple of weeks ago. I found the Mother Love More Milk supplement helped me almost overnight. I also started using the pump EVERY TIME I nursed for a few days. Baby would nurse on one side and I pumped the other. Then I would pump even after baby was done. the first day I was only able to get a few little dribbles but it managed to kick-up production very quickly. I would love the baby DHA because I KNOW that I don't have a very good intake of the oils for myself so it definitely is not enough for little one. I would like to make sure that healthy habits start immediately so it is not so hard for her to learn later (like it has been for me).

  6. It is very important for newborns to always have an available supply of milk because they need to get the same nutrients that they are getting when they were still in the mothers stomach. Milk is their only source of nutrition and having them on the early stage of growing up is the most important for it is the time when their bodies are starting to form. It is common knowledge that milk helps strengthen the bones and for babies having strong bones means getting to walk and move around by themselves without falling down. A child that has strong bones has more potential of growing up as a healthy kid.

    Toni Simpson.

  7. I have breastfed eight children. We never had any set schedule. It's basically supply and demand.

  8. Darlene Carbajal5/19/2021 01:41:00 PM

    I would love this for my cousin.


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