Couponing is hip too!

the crack cocaine of middle aged married American women",
quote from 'smartarse001'
on The Krazy Coupon Lady's youtube page.

I coupon. I'm not ashamed of it. I actually get excited about it and enjoy doing it. I've saved a ton of money for my family in the few weeks I have done it. I'm a twenty five year old stay-at-home mom. I worked a full time job before I had my daughter. So going from two incomes to one income PLUS another person was an adjustment.

I must admit, I got into it because of that show Extreme Couponing on TLC. Yes, I joined the fad. But now I can't believe I didn't do this before and I don't understand why everyone doesn't shop this way! It has been like an extra income for our family.

These are BABY things I got for a GREAT deal:

Countless jars of Beechnut Baby Food plus a box of their cereal for FREE

Our review:
HUGE FAN! I can not say enough great things about this baby food. Perfect texture, tastes good, the only thing is I wish they made some in BPA free plastic containers as in some varieties the metallic lid can make the food taste funny.

Gerber Graduates for FREE

Our review:
She is almost two now and we are STILL huge fans Gerber puffs and crunchies. The veggie and tomato varieties of the crunchies are her favorites and the sweet potato is her favorite of the puffs! :)

4 Beechnut Toddler Mini Meals for FREE

Our review:
Not a fan which is sad to say because she loved their actual baby food and loves the fruities now. Sweet Pea didn't care for them and I didn't care for the texture. They are suppose to be stage 4 (whatever they means) but stage 3 Gerber baby food has a thicker texture. The 'macaroni and cheese' were runny and hardly had any noodles. I wouldn't even buy these again if they were free, except to donate. And maybe not even then because I don't want the company thinking people like these. :/

Tons of FREE Huggies wipes!

Our review:
A HUGE fan! I like these way more than Pampers. Yes, Pampers are softer but they take a TON to get everything clean. And yes I may get them super cheap after coupons, but I still care about where my money goes. We give Huggies wipes TWO Mommy thumbs and two baby thumbs up! ;)

MULTIPLE Playtex sippy cups for FREE
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Our review:
LOVE THESE CUPS! They were the only ones that helped my sweet pea easily adjust to using a sippy cup. They have a softer spout than some of the options out PLUS they have great easy to grip handles.

Why WOULDN'T I coupon? :D

*Disclosure: Although I offer reviews here, I was in NO WAY endorsed in ANY way. These are my opinions and I am sharing of my own free will. Thanks!*

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