26 weeks and Dragon*Con 2010

Friday we headed to Atlanta for our annual con-going to DRAGON*CON!!! It's fun to people watch. Greg as a last minute costume dressed up as Popeye, the outfit was one of our friend's who is about 4 pants sizes smaller than Greg, so he was Popeye after the steroids wore off. When they tried to squeeze the shirt on him, he had red marks. People loved it though, even though they weren't asking for pictures, there were many random ones of his tooshie! Don't worry he had underwear on.

Saturday we couldn't go. So I shaved Greg's head and we got our costumes ready. I also was officially 26 weeks along. Info on this week:

How long baby is. :]:

Sunday, I went to the store for some last minute items for our costumes. Then I picked up Greg from work and headed up to Dragon*Con again! I wore my shirt I made, the Wario (costume I planned to go as) overalls didn't fit my big behind. :) Greg dressed up as Homer again and everyone loved!

Ofcourse the night was great until on the way home I got a ticket by a rude cop who was wrong. He gave me a ticket for failure to yield to pedestrians. I believe he was looking for drunk drivers. He turned on his lights and start to do a u-turn behind before I even crossed the cross walk. I waited for the people to get on the curb. And he still gave me a ticket anyways. I'm going to fight it. Ofcourse it's our word against his but he is an [bad word] cop who gets his jollys off on pulling people over.

So all-in-all it was an up and down Labor Day Weekend.

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