The Whys and Hows of Disposing of Your Old Family Car

It's finally time to say goodbye to your old family car. You've had it for years, and it's been a faithful servant, but now it's time for something new. How do you go about getting rid of it? There are a few options available to you, and we're going to talk about them in this blog post. We'll cover the pros and cons of each option so that you can make an informed decision about what to do with your old car.

3 Top Car Insurance Companies in Georgia if You Take a Lot of Road Trips

If you are constantly on the road and take a lot of road trips, then you need to have car insurance. Car insurance can protect you from both your own mistakes on the road as well as the mistakes of other drivers and if you are on the road more often than the chance of getting into an accident goes up even more.

If you are in the Georgia area (at least until your next road trip!) then here are some of the top insurance companies that you need to work with. All of them will have their pros and cons, and it is up to you to do the research!