10 Tips For Monitoring Your Child’s Media Consumption

Today, children are exposed to an unprecedented variety of media content that can shape their perceptions, learning experiences, and social interactions. While the accessibility of technology and the internet offers many benefits, it also indicates challenges for parents seeking to ensure their child’s safe and responsible media consumption. Monitoring and guiding your child’s media usage is essential to foster a healthy relationship with technology, encourage critical thinking, and protect them from potential harm.

10 Tips For Monitoring Your Child’s Media Consumption

This article offers valuable tips for monitoring your child’s media consumption and helping them navigate the complex world of media and develop a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle. So, read on!

Why I Removed YouTube from My Child's Tablet

It's not that I am totally against YouTube. I watch it myself and have a few accounts that I subscribe to and actively follow, but between pedophile comments on kid content and suicide tips for kids hidden in videos on YouTube, I decided that enough was enough and I removed YouTube Kids from both of my kids' iPads. My daughter cried. Seriously. But I explained to her that some recent stuff had come out about bad content that she or her brother might accidentally see. I told her that it could get fixed, but there are videos that I just don't want to have to worry if she would see or not right now. She seemed okay with that explanation and moved on to her educational apps that she enjoys as well.

Why I Removed YouTube Kids from My Child's iPad

And hopefully the algorithm will get fixed. And it wasn't just the bad press that YouTube has had recently that made up my decision. My children were becoming like little electronic zombies. Looking at a screen too long is bad for eye sight and my son already has vision problems. Thankfully my children still play outside, but the weather has been so poor this past week and they were on Winter Break from school. They ended up watching YouTube almost non-stop. My daughter who normally loves arts and crafts, wasn't asking at all to create anything. But yet she did ask to start her own YouTube channel and she is only 8!

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