Setting Intentions: The New Law of Attraction

The habit of setting intentions has a long history in all sorts of new age practices, from meditation and yoga to green witchcraft and nature-based spiritualities.

But more recently, people have come to realize that setting intentions is a healthy, positive way to clear the mind and attract success and satisfaction in virtually every aspect of life.

Setting Intentions: The New Law of Attraction

When we set an intention, we are focused on a specific goal or outcome that we wish to achieve. This could be anything from wanting to get healthy and fit, to seeking out our dream job or relationship. Whatever it is that you desire, setting an intention is a powerful way to help manifest your desires into reality.

Many people set intentions as part of a larger practice that involves meditation, yoga, prayer, or spiritual ritual. But you don't have to do all that to set intentions.

This brief overview provides a step-by-step guide for basic intention setting and a few examples of intentions as well.