Helping Your Child Master Numbers

No matter what type of schooling you have, numbers will come up. In mainstream schools, and sometimes to get into colleges, you will need math - although it doesn’t come easy to everyone. Some children see numbers that make sense, but for others, it feels tough.

Helping Your Child Master Numbers

And while everyone learns at a different speed, you can do many things to help your child master numbers at a speed that supports their natural learning.

How IB Math Prepares Students for Global Challenges and Real-world Applications

In an era characterized by rapid technological advancement and globalization, equipping students with skills that transcend borders and disciplines is paramount. The International Baccalaureate (IB) program, established over half a century ago, has continually evolved to ensure it remains aligned with the needs of our changing world. It offers a challenging and adaptable framework of education that fosters both academic excellence and personal growth. At the forefront of this program is IB Math—a subject that goes beyond traditional calculations and formulas. Designed to be both rigorous and relevant, it emphasizes the broader implications of mathematics in solving contemporary global issues. But what are the intricate ways in which it equips students to take on the challenges of our interconnected world?

Top Tips for University Students to Get Rid of Math Phobia

Math is a subject that many students find challenging and difficult to learn. Some people suffer from math phobia, and it can be difficult to get rid of this phobia, especially when you are in university or college.

You might not feel motivated or interested in doing your math assignments, and even if you do, they might be incomplete or incorrect.

Can Math Problems Be Passed Down from Parent to Child?

Millions of American parents have learned an unexpected truth as a result of the disruptions to their children's education during the past two years. They are not as proficient at arithmetic as they had imagined. Trying to educate your own child about fractions is the best way to prove your lack of mathematical skill. The bright side is that we have gained insight that can be used to boost math education across the country.

10 Crafty Ways To Teach Your Child During Summer

As your kids stay home for the summer holidays, they are bound to miss out on new information and skills. They may end up losing up to a whole semester of reading skills and mathematical skills from their school year. Therefore, it's up to you to ensure that they keep acquiring new skills or at least retain the ones they've received.

10 Crafty Ways To Teach Your Child During Summer

If your kids genuinely dislike the school curriculum, they will transfer this resentment and frustration with their school to you. However, making your kids do homework or review flashcards repels them from the whole idea of learning. It would help develop fun and entertaining ways to deconstruct your kids' most challenging subjects subtly. For instance, math learning games can transform the attitude of one of your kids struggling with algebra or fractions.

Furthermore, your learning sessions should involve your children's extensive participation. If they participate in their daily routines, you won't have to worry about focus loss. Sometimes, treating your children with confidence in their judgement asserts their inner drive and competence. The following are some of the ways you can start with:

Free Online Math Games for Homeschoolers

Although I received compensation to share this info with you, all opinions are my own. If you were like me and trying to find completely free math games for kids, then look no further.

If you are like so many others right now, you are scouring the web to either find something to help your child further their education from home, already a homeschooler, or you want to find something to supplement the rest of the missing school year in the midst of our current craziness.

Schools closed down completely here for the rest of this academic calendar. The day of school was March 13 and it was a half day at that. The teachers were literally given a half day to throw something together and were told for only two weeks, not the rest of the school year. My daughter is in 3rd grade and they have laptops that come home with them. My son is in Kindergarten and not so lucky. 

Searching the web for easy games that they can actually use to help them in different subjects like math can be tiresome. I was so grateful when I discovered and their free math and logic games.

Math Games to Play at Home with Elementary Kids

My elementary school aged daughter's school shared these math games with dice and cards to play at home and I thought I would share them with all of you. The title of the game is a link to the game instructions and other materials that may be needed to play. Have fun while brushing up on those math skills!

The awesome thing is that children are practicing their math skills without even realizing it!