Timeshare Phone Scams: Learn How to Recognize One

Timeshare phone scams have emerged as a pervasive threat, preying on individuals seeking convenient vacation accommodations through deceptive means. Understanding the intricate tactics employed by these scammers during phone calls is pivotal in safeguarding oneself against falling prey to their deceitful schemes.

Timeshare Phone Scams: Learn How To Recognize One

Easily Prevent Bicycle Theft with These Practical Security Tips

Bicycles are an excellent form of transportation and exercise, but they can also be easy targets for theft. Unfortunately, bicycle theft continues to be a major problem in cities around the world. While there is no guaranteed way to protect your bike from being stolen, there are steps you can take to reduce the chances of it happening. In this article, we'll explore some of the best ways to safeguard your beloved two-wheeled companion from potential thieves. We'll discuss various types of locks and security systems that can help keep your bike safe, as well as tips on how to properly use them and other strategies for protecting your bicycle. With these simple measures in place, you can rest assured that your ride won't be easily taken away from you!

25 weeks & guess what? MORE STRESS!

As of yesterday , I am 25 weeks along. I know I didn't do an update last week but life has been a little over whelming as of late. On top of everything else that has been going on this year (my grandmother passing away, car wreck, my father passing away, and all the drama with his life insurance), I am now the victim of identity theft. A lady opened a Pet Company, Ashley Stewart, Old Navy, and Target account. I balled on the phone with my mom and made her cry. So now I'm having to deal with that. I froze my credit so hopefully this won't happen again but now I have to fill out paper work and tell these places that I didn't create these accounts. And so far Target has been the nicest about it and Pet Company has been the worst (of course they are owed the most). 

Update 2/15/23: “I had to file a police report before anyone would believe me.”

But anyways, I wanted to end this post on a lighter side. My 6 month appointment on Tuesday went great. My blood pressure was very good and they gave me a glucose tollerance test and we'll find out the results very soon. Lizzie's heart rate was 140 which is great. So this year may be going terrible but it is going to end with the best little blessing God could have ever given. The greatest present of all.

Here's some info on how baby Lizzie is roughly doing:

She is now about the size of an eggplant!!

And weighs about as much of a rutabaga!

That's about it! Hopefully life can get a little less stressful but alteast the baby is doing great. O and we have Lizzie's Nursery cleaned out!! We need to move the furniture (which I can't do) but atleast everything is organized. O and my husband fixed my dish washer!! :] I'm so grateful for my amazing man. I have no idea what I would do without him.