Breaking The Stigma: The First Steps To Seeking Help For Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is said to be a prevalent disease affecting countless souls globally. However, the shame and stigma surrounding it often prevent individuals from seeking the help they desperately need. This post explores the initial steps someone with an alcohol use disorder can take to begin their recovery journey.

Breaking The Stigma: The First Steps To Seeking Help For Alcohol Addiction

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2024, Less Alcohol & More Wellness Mocktails

Let 2024 be the year that you get control of your drinking. Doing research on my mother and her alcoholism, lead me down a rabbit hole of realizing that I didn't really have control over my own drinking. Did you know if you consume more than 10 drinks for men or 7 for women in a week then you are classified as an alcoholic in the medical community? It is really a low bar for some, but is it? Some say they like to have a glass of wine to wind down at night. But is it actually a glass? Because a glass of wine is only 5 ounces. My sober life all started with my journey through Dry January. And what helped me was finding alternatives. These wellness mocktails I found will really help you on your sobriety journey.

2024, Less Alcohol & More Wellness Mocktails to try this Dry January

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks

 Thank you to Nova Scotia Health Mental Health and Addictions Program for sharing these amazing non-alcoholic holiday drink ideas. These mocktails will be sure to make your sober life still merry and bright. I was sober curious for a while and since I now have been sober for over two years, I can tell you that some people you are weird for not wanting to drink, but you have to be strong in what you know is best for you. I get asked, "Are you pregnant?" and "What do you do to have fun?", but if you HAVE to drink to have fun then maybe you don't actually like who you are hanging out with or what you are doing. Find your tribe, love them hard, and remember why you are doing this!