How-To Shop: Finding Quality Organic Beds & Mattresses for Your Family

Welcome to the realm of conscious living, where each decision we make echoes in the tapestry of a healthier planet and a more fulfilling quality of life. Amidst the myriad choices that define our conscious lifestyle, one often overlooked yet fundamental aspect is the quality of our sleep. In this comprehensive guide, we will journey through the intricacies of finding and embracing quality organic beds and mattresses for your family. From understanding the profound benefits of organic materials to navigating the labyrinth of certifications, we've got you covered on your expedition to not just sleep, but sustainable slumber.

How-To Shop: Finding Quality Organic Beds & Mattresses for Your Family

The Best Strategies for Kids Who Have Trouble Sleeping

Sleep is essential for a child’s development, as during sleep, the body recharges and heals after any damage that has occurred throughout the day. Anything new your child learns during the day is retained when sleeping. It also has an important regulatory role in behavior, memory, attention, and the overall mental and physical health. Children with disrupted sleep patterns have a higher incidence of metabolic syndrome, brain development issues, decreased growth rates, learning difficulties and a higher incidence of disease.

The Best Strategies for Kids Who Have Trouble Sleeping

The amount of sleep kids should get depends on their age. For infants under one, between twelve and sixteen hours are required for optimal growth. Children between one and five need between ten and fourteen hours of continuous sleep, while for those between six and twelve, the time decreases a little to nine to twelve hours. In the case of teenagers aged between thirteen and eighteen, the amount of sleep they should get is similar to that of adults, so between eight and ten hours each night.

However, some children might struggle to fall asleep, so they will be awake until the very late hours of the night. Here are some things you can do in order to help mediate this issue.

How To Make Bedtime Easier

Bedtime battles are a literal nightmare for parents, and there is nothing worse than ending the day on a bad note. While you know that your child needs proper rest to grow and learn each day, children often have trouble settling down in the evening. Fortunately, it is possible to transform bedtime into one of your family’s special times of the day, and you can use these tips to make putting your child to bed easier on everyone.

A Good Night's Rest with Snugg Organic My Little Big Pillow

I received complimentary products to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

When did you first introduce a pillow to your little one? My little man is a toddler whether I want to accept it or not. He is still in his crib and no attempts to climb out...yet! So we are going to keep him in there as long as possible. I'm also pretty particular about what I let go in his crib. He's old enough now where SIDS isn't as big of a risk, but that doesn't mean it still isn't a concern of mine. So I went back and forth on a pillow for him. Then Hubby asked, "When do they start sleeping with pillows?"

So when I received the opportunity to review the Snugg Organic My Little Big Pillow, I thought well here's my chance to see if he's ready. Of course the first night (and second and third), I kept the baby monitor off of VOX mode so I could see him at all times. But he was fine and I think we made a good choice in toddler pillows.