Top Projects For Industrious Stay-At-Home Parents

In an era when as many parents work at home as in remote offices, millions of moms and dads spend most of their time with their young children. The situation is prevalent during summer when school is not in session. Parents have the luxury of designing their schedules and tackling all sorts of projects that would be impossible if they held traditional office-based jobs. What do home-based mothers and fathers do when they have the time?

Besides many improvement projects, today's working parents take on worthwhile chores like energy makeovers, decluttering projects, e-commerce business startups, prep work for selling the house, and online college degrees. Every parent's situation is unique, but those top chores are among the most popular in 2023. Here are more details about each one.

DIY Home Improvements

When your office is in a spare bedroom, and the kitchen stands in for a company cafeteria, it's easy to begin thinking about home improvements you'd like to make. It's human nature to want to repair, upgrade, and beautify our living and workspaces. What kinds of tasks top parents' lists of to-do home upgrades? Along with bathroom and kitchen renovations, many working adults gravitate to the back of the property and begin thinking about new decks, enclosed porches, above ground pool installations, greenhouses, storage sheds, and similar outdoor improvements. Other favorites include interior and exterior painting, attic and garage conversions, and solar panels.

Online Degrees

One of the most significant benefits of the computer age is distance education. Since the digital age began, online college degrees have become a hot trend among all age groups. For dads and moms who need to attend to children on summer vacation or enjoy the work-from-home lifestyle, getting and financing a college degree is well within reach. Most educational institutions now offer all-online degree paths with reduced tuition, self-paced coursework, and a generous selection of majors.

How do working adults who are raising families pay for college? Luckily, they can search for scholarships from the comfort of their home office computer screens. Some platforms allow users to identify scholarship opportunities and apply for multiple awards simultaneously, all from a single website. For home-based adults who want to further their careers by completing a four-year degree program, scholarship money can make the process much easier by helping cover a portion of the expenses or the entire cost in some cases.


Removing clutter means removing unneeded items in attics, basements, garages, and other rooms. Spend 30 minutes daily for a few weeks, and the results will be noticeable. Consider selling or giving away anything of value. Remember to recycle and donate specific items to charities. Always keep receipts and paperwork for tax purposes and look to hiring a junk removal company to carry away boxes of worthless items.

Energy Makeovers

Making a home more energy efficient is a fun and potentially profitable endeavor. Start by installing a programmable thermostat. Then replace or add to insulation, seal gaps under doors, caulk window crevices, and use ceiling fans to maximize the power of air conditioners and heaters. Replace old lightbulbs with energy savers and choose a motion-sensitive light system for your house.

E-Commerce Business Startups

Start a small company that requires a few hours per week but can turn a profit, like resume writing, computer coding, content creation, or website design. Most micro businesses built on the e-commerce model can go a long way toward supplementing family income.

Preparing a House For Sale

If you're getting ready to move, doing prep work is an excellent way to use your spare time at home. Pay attention to landscaping, small repair jobs, cleaning the windows, storing personal items, vacuuming, dusting, and thoroughly cleaning kitchen and bathroom areas. Brighten common areas and hallways by adding decorative plants and accent carpets in high traffic zones. First impressions are everything and could improve not only the home’s value but decreasing the amount of time on the market.

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