5 Tips To Save Time A Busy Mom

A mom’s life is always busy. It doesn’t matter if you have five kids or one, are a stay-at-home mom or a working mom; there is always something to do. Fortunately, there are some time-saving tools you can use to optimize your time. This article will look at five top tips to save time as a busy mom.

Pre-Prepare Meals
Pre-preparing your food through batch cooking is the ideal way to save time as a busy mom. Set aside an afternoon to cook and prepare meals throughout the week, using simple ingredients and meals that can be frozen ahead of time. Often, we may not have time to pre-prepare meals, so purchasing grab and go snacks is also a viable alternative. Many pre-packed lunch boxes come with healthy and hearty meals that kids love.

Automate Where You Can
Automation will save you time as it essentially outsources your basic tasks to technology. You can automate tasks like:

- Auto-paying bills via setting up monthly direct debits each month
- Automatically transferring savings into your accounts via tools like Qapital
-Using a shopping app that automatically re-adds items to your list when stocks go down.
Automating stops you from relying on your memory for regularly occurring items like paying bills, saving money, or buying food. When finances are involved, carefully review your direct debits or payments at least once weekly to ensure everything works as intended.

Set Up Healthy Habits
Healthy habits are also a great way to ensure you look after yourself while operating on autopilot. Take the time to set up processes you’ll thank yourself for later, like always putting your keys in a particular drawer, cleaning up after cooking, or choosing a healthy snack over a sugary treat. Over time, when you’re busy, you’ll still default to your healthy habits.

Teach Your Kids To Be Self-Sufficient
Teach your kids to do tasks appropriate for their age, like dressing themselves or cleaning up after they eat. You can also encourage them to be more motivated and enthusiastic about learning so they’re more inclined to want to do their homework after school. The more confident your kids are on their own, the more resilient and well-adjusted adults they’ll become. In the short term, you’ll also save time when you won’t need to follow them around cleaning up their messes.

Let Things Go
If you have kids, inevitably, you won’t have the cleanest house. Learn to let things go as much as you can. Tidy up when you can, but don’t expect everything to always be in its designated spot. Accept there’ll be times when the kids don’t love doing their homework, or when they throw tantrums, or when you want to throw one! Let things go to free up time away from excessively worrying about how things aren’t perfect.

You can do many short-term things to save time as a busy mom, like pre-preparing meals or using automation to pay bills or replenish your shopping list. However, investing in longer-term goals, like setting up healthy habits or teaching your kids to be more independent, can save you time in the long run. Ultimately, letting go of non-essential things like having the perfect house, or the most well-behaved kids, is essential to saving yourself time as a busy mom.

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