Free Printable Classroom Valentine for Fidget Toys

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Looking for a non-candy kids valentine idea? I have been trying to be a little creative each year with my kid's school valentines. This is a craft idea that you or your child can do because it is an easy printable! Fidgets and Pop-Its are all the rage in our house so I thought, why not create something that my children's whole class would enjoy! Plus, I have made it into an easy, cute printable that you can enjoy with your loved ones too. You could also use this printable for blow pops or pop rocks as well.

Thanks for Making My Valentine's Day POPPIN' {Free Printable Classroom Handout for Fidget Toys}

I remember handing out valentines in school. You spent the day making a box to keep them in. There are so many creative boxes now. When I was in school it was just a shoebox and I think the most creative that I ever saw was someone made a mailbox. That's what I love about Pinterest because you can find so much inspiration. I have found so many easy Valentine Box ideas. Pop Its allow for people to give their bodies something to keep themselves occupied, which permits them to focus on learning in class, reading or whatever the activity may be. Due to fidgeting behavior becoming common among adolescents, more products are being designed to support this habit

To make these valentines, it is very simple. I simply purchase these pop it keychains 40 count that I found on Amazon, but if you need less, then you can find smaller lots with better deals. I have two children in school now, so this should cover both of their classes.

Boy and girls a like love popits. These sensory toys can effectively relieve anxiety and stress through pressing and popping sounds. Toys suitable for adults and anxiety and restlessness can reduce depression and be more attentive and focused on work. Suitable for those lack of attention with hyperactivity disorder, also suitable for students, office workers and daily fun.

If you would like to printable the individual card, click the image below.

There are multiple ways you could apply the labels.

1. Cut them out, fold them over, and staple/tape them. You can find that Printable HERE.

2. Cut them out and tape them. You can find a 9 count printable HERE.

3. If you have thick card stock, then you can attach the sticky to the top of the printable. What I ended up doing was stapling the printable on top the individual package that the pop it came in.

I like to put these together with my daughter. We enjoy crafting together and she loves giving little, sweet gifts to her friends. These pop its are the perfect, creative valentine gift for boys or girls alike. If you liked or used this printable, please let me know in the comments below.

Do your kids hand out valentines?

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  1. I really like those fidget toys,my grand son was selling some awhile and of course I had to buy them some

  2. This is such a cute and unique idea. I like that it is an alternative to candy. I would like one of these for myself.


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