Non-Candy Classroom Valentine Ideas for Kids

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. And I thought I would share some non-candy valentine ideas for kids with you all that I have found on Pinterest. There are so many different ideas and I love that they are allergy friendly too! From slime to glow sticks, bubbles to bookmarks - there is something here for everyone! And the best part is that they all come with easy, free printables to make your life super easy!

Easy Classroom Valentine Ideas for Kids

Check out these Easy Non-Candy Classroom Valentine Ideas for Kids below!

1. "Some Bunny Likes You" Non Candy Valentine Idea - This easy printable for a non candy valentine idea is such an awesome idea for the kiddos to give out at school. Just grab a pack of Annie's snacks off Amazon and you are good to go!

2. DIY Coloring Card Valentines - Whether you have a Silhouette Cameo or not, you too can make these super cute cards that the kids get to color too. Plus there are so many easy designs to choose from just from searching "free printable coloring images".

3. Slime Valentines - What a great idea! Slime is every kids favorite thing right now! I know my daughter would go crazy if she got slime with a cute printable on it at school in her valentine box. The recipe used here isn't sticky and more of a silly putty texture.

4. Printable Valentine's Day Bookmarks - Anytime you can encourage a child to read more, the better! Whether your child is a budding reader or advanced, they are sure to love these super cute printable bookmarks! And there are so many designs to choose from!

5. "Valentine, You Make My Heart Soar" - These are super cute printable that were inspired by adorable airplane erasers that were found in Target's Dollar Spot! This craft proves that inspiration is everywhere!

6. DIY Cupid's Heart Glow Stick Valentines - This is a cute idea whether you buy glow sticks on Amazon for 100/$10 or stock up after Halloween! If you’re looking for Valentine ideas without candy, these are perfect for kids!

7. "Love is a Battlefield" - I absolutely love this super creative and retro valentine for kids. This toy soldier Valentine is a fun, unique, easy, and inexpensive Valentine’s Day gift idea!

8. Backpack Charms Valentines - These free backpack charms valentines printables are cool enough, even for big kids and tweens. We love pairing them with emoji and squishy charms.

9. EOS Monster Valentines - Not only were these printables created by hand drawing them, but how unique are they? I will admit these are little on the pricey side, but they are just too cute not to include!

10. You Put Color Into My Life - Who doesn't like a brand new box of crayons? You can stock up on crayons when school is starting back and I think these make such a cute pre-school valentine gift idea!

11. Candy Necklace Valentine's Printable - Although I was focusing on non-candy Valentine's, I loved this printable and I found these necklaces on Amazon that you could use instead!

12. Printable Valentines "handy" for a no-candy rule - Such a cute printable with a punny name...who couldn't resist! I love the different options you could have as the gift as well.

13. "You're My Main Squeeze" - This one is such a fun one to me. I love that you could send in cutie oranges or orange juice!

14. "Sip Sip Hooray, It's Valentine's Day" - What kid doesn't love a silly straw? These non candy Valentine Ideas include a free printable. Silly straws are an adorable alternative to a sugary treat for your child’s class Valentine’s exchange!

15. Butterfly Bubbles Non-Candy Valentine & Craft Tutorial - This is a fun one that the kids will surely enjoy making as well. And I don't know a kid that doesn't love bubbles.

16. Applesauce Cup Valentine's Day Free Printable {Allergy Friendly Nut Free Valentine} - "I think you are awesomesauce!" Great for schools that are candy free, nut free or allergy friendly. This is great for when you realize that TOMORROW you need to send in Valentines with your kids. You can get these complete in minutes.

17. "You're the Star of My Show" - These are made with those party glasses that kids love. Stefanie mentions all the sugar consumed at school parties and the reason she created this printable was simply because she didn't want to contribute to that. I whole heartedly agree!

18. "You're a Great Catch" Valentine Using Goldfish - My friend works for Pepperidge Farm and from time to time we get samples. I think this is a GREAT idea especially since I just stocked up on a 30 pack of Goldfish Snack Packs for less than $10 on Amazon.

19. Free Printable Pen Valentines - Wish friends or classmates a "Stu-Pen-Dous" Valentine's Day with these Free Printable Pen Valentines!

20. DIY Dinosaur Valentine Day Cards - What little one doesn't like dinosaurs?! Ashley says she found these in the Dollar Spot at her local Target. I also found a ton of different sizes and amounts of Mini Dinosaur Toys on Amazon.

21. "You Are My SQUISHY" {Unique Non Candy Valentine Idea} - Squishies are all the rage in our house so I thought, why not create something that my children's whole class would enjoy! Plus I have made it into an easy, cute printable that you can enjoy with your loved ones too.

22. Silly Valentine Printable "I love being silly with you" - These silly valentines are a great non-candy valentine idea perfect for if your child is in a class that doesn’t allow them to bring in treats. Kids of all ages will love this fun and silly Valentine.

23. "You Drive Me Wild" - Easy printable that you can use for little cars. I found this 100 count assorted miniature toy cars on Amazon for only $15. I'm sure you could also find some at Dollar Tree or Oriental Trading too.

24. You Are Write For Me Classroom Valentine Printable - Perfect for classroom Valentines, this free printable pencil Valentine is super easy for your kids to give. Great for schools that are candy free, nut free or allergy friendly. You can get these free printable pencil Valentine completed in minutes.

25. CEREAL-sly Cute Classroom Valentine Idea - Super punny and super cute.

Which Valentine is your favorite?

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  1. These are good ideas. With allergies, it's a good idea to go non-candy for class treats.

  2. Whoa! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a totally different topic
    but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Superb choice of colors!

  3. These are amazing ideas for non-candy Valentine's! I am definitely going to make some of these for my kids their friends.


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