Staying Organized with Name Bubbles This Holiday Season

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I love decorating my home top to bottom each year. But I hate the cleanup. Having a place for everything and everything in its place makes the process easier whether we are getting it out or putting all the decorations away. So started utilizing an organization system for my Christmas decorations a few years ago. I noticed that if I didn't put things away correctly that they would end up messed up or broken. Some of my decorations mean so much to me so I want to take special care of them.

organizing the holiday decorations

Before anything else, in order to keep your holiday decorations organized is making sure everything is properly labeled. Finding the right label is key. Name Bubbles Write-On Labels are reusable, writeable, and waterproof and are here to keep you organized. The best part is they can used for years and years to come.

Hanging Wreaths or Buying Special Bags. The best (and cheapest) way I have found to store multiple wreaths is to clip them to a coat hanger and place a plastic bag over them. But if you don't have the hanging space or not that many wreaths, then I highly suggest buying their own container, so they don't get crushed. I have been trying to buy these hard wreath containers after Christmas in hopes of finding a sale, but d├ęcor has been selling out quick everywhere. So, I have some fabric ones for now that are holding up well. To organize by season, use Name Bubbles Write-On Labels reusable labels which are environmentally friendly while being cute and practical.

Ornaments can be stored in egg cartons, a DIY box cup system, or buy your own ornament bag. We bought an ornament bag last year and it really has been a game changer. All our ornaments have a place, and the ornament bag is even customizable to the shape of each ornament. Plus, each section contains different styles of ornaments.

Wrapping paper tubs are essential for keeping rolls of paper from getting crushed, unrolling, or getting dusty between holiday seasons. The wrapping paper tubs have come such a long way and most even include a separate spot for holding bows, ribbons, and name tags. We also have a box specifically for reusing decorative bags that is organized by occasion.

Wrap Christmas lights around cardboard or buy a special light wrap. This has to the number one decoration that must be put away correctly or it is the worse. Outdoor Christmas lights can be so expensive to buy and if you must untangle them, then you just want to throw the entire strand of lights out as to not have to deal with the headache.


Whether it be your spice rack, your pantry, baby bottles, storage containers, or your leftovers, Name Bubbles Write-On Labels are perfect for putting any of your belongings in order. These reusable labels can withstand any dishwasher, bottle warmer, or microwave, so label away because these reusable Write-On Labels are going to make you the most organized in so many aspects of life. Don’t forget that you can save 20% sitewide with code HOLIDAY20 from now until 12/31.

How do you keep everything organized during the holidays?

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  1. Organized during the holidays??? OMG I can't get organized any time during the year!! I never have! (Only at work, I knew where everything was). But at home?? Yikes!


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