How to Create a Chore System {Teach Your Child Accountability & Financial Responsibility}

 I noticed since quarantine that my children were watching screens too much. Television, iPads, Nintendo Switch, all of it. My son also really need to learn some responsibility for a couple of things that happened, but the most recent....he broke his iPad screen. So we set up a chore system.

How to Create a Chore System {Teach Your Child Accountability & Financial Responsibility}

This system had to be implemented and it has to be worked on everyday, every week because honestly? Care tasks are hard and can suck even as an adult, but they are an important part of life. You feel better when you get ready for the day and have less clutter in your space. So here is what we started doing to help them learn to basically take care of themselves because mom and dad aren't going to be around forever.

We have a daily initiative of earning 30 minutes of screen time (iPads, TVs, etc.) - yes, they have to set a timer - and then a weekly incentive of $10 allowance. If they miss a day, then they don't earn screen time and they lose $2. They have daily chores and weekly chores plus the opportunity to earn extra money. I did also have to add for my son that he couldn't play outside until he did his chores because he was quickly doing anything in his power to avoid them. But each child is different and that's how life is, you have to adapt. The timer aspect has been hard, but so wonderful at the same time. Yes, my son has been trying to battle me on it, but I can already see the amazing benefits of less screen time in his life. Let me show you what we do.

First they have charts that have their personal daily chores:

My daughter has: empty dishwasher, read for 30 minutes, brush teeth, brush hair, make bed, put on deodorant, and then two popsicle stick (I'll explain those in a minute). Weekly chore: help mommy fold laundry.

My son has: clean off table after dinner, read for 30 minutes, brush teeth, make bed, and then one popsicle stick. Weekly chore: help daddy collect and take out trash.

How to Create a Chore System {Teach Your Child Accountability & Financial Responsibility}

Popsicle stick chores are chores that don't have to be done everyday, but definitely weekly. These are chores that my children are going to learn so if they don't know how to do something, then I will be helping them at least a few times at first. Popsicle chores include: vacuum living room, dust, clean front door windows, magic eraser bathtub, scrub toilets, microfiber appliances, etc. I'm honestly coming up with more ideas as we go along and I see what comes up. If they choose to pick another popsicle stick that day, then they have the opportunity to make money depending on what chore they choose. 

credit card for kids

The only issue we came to was having cash on hand at the end of the week each and every week. So I did a little research and decided to set my children up with a GreenLight account. The benefits include:

- Children can set savings goal for themselves.

- It's a Mastercard, but they limit where the child can spend their money through you.

- There is a chore system in their app readily available.

- They can earn 1% cash back as well as 2% on savings balances.

- With Greenlight + invest they can also learn about the world of investing through what you approve.

- plus you can send them money from anywhere.

The most recent comment I have received about giving chores to my children is: "They aren't your slaves. They didn't ask to be born so you can't force this on them." Let me insert eye roll here because if this is the logic, then none of us asked to be born. But I'm a Christian and I believe they were destined to be born. And I'm going to do my best to teach them to take care of themselves now so it doesn't feel like such a daunting task when they are an adult. Another old comment I have received, "You are a stay at home mom (which I work from home, but REGARDLESS), it's your job not your children's to do those things." It doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home and giving your children chores. Everyone lives there and everyone needs to learn to clean up after themselves. That includes laundry, cleaning bathtubs they use, sweeping floors they walk on, washing dishes they eat from, etc. They need to learn these things to be an adult. This is jus life. I am not rushing my children's childhood, I am doing this based off my childhood experience. 

If you have experience with a chore chart, I would love to hear what helped it work for you. If you are trying to make it work, feel free to ask questions for others to answer so we can all learn together. Parenting is hard, the internet can be an awesome resource, so let's help each other together...judgement free!

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