Back to School Essentials for a Successful School Year

WOW! Can you believe school it is already about time for the kids to start back to school?! This summer has flown by, but I am actually kind of excited to get back to our normal routines. Each year I put together a list of essentials that I am buying my kids and I love to share it with my readers because I have found that many of you find it useful too. My daughter will b starting fifth grade and my son will be in second. Let me know in the comments below anything I missed!

For the Kiddos to Bring:

Fenrci Back Packs and Lunch Bags

Fenrici has debuted new eco-conscious backpacks and matching lunchboxes that feature dinosaurs, mermaids and more for back-to-school. With exciting new patterns to hold all of the essentials, kids will love carrying everything in a roomy, comfortable pack. Durable and made from recycled materials, the backpacks can hold a laptop, books and more. The new backpacks and matching lunchboxes are available on and, with every purchase giving back to Global Genes. Trendy new patterns include Aqua Mermaid, Blue Dinosaur, Purple Terrazzo, Camo, Tie-Dye Blue, Tie-Dye Pink and Leopard.
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Planet Buddies Kids Headphones

Planet Buddies is an environmentally conscious child-friendly electronics brand, with a product range that includes Bluetooth and wired headphones, Bluetooth wireless speakers, tablet cushions, and more. Planet Buddies just recently launched in the US and our Bluetooth Headphones will be available in August. Each Planet Buddies product comes as a character that represents an endangered animal to help raise awareness and educate children - each has a story about its character, why they are endangered, and practical tips on what children can do to help protect all life on our planet. A portion of the revenue from each product purchase goes to World Land Trust and the Marine Conservation Society.
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mead trapper keepers

It’s time to get nostalgic! The original Trapper Keeper is back. When it comes to organization, you’ve either got it or you don’t – so get it! It includes many of the original features you know and love with a secure closure, a metal clip and an inside storage pocket. Remember leg warmers, bold colors, big hair and oversized blazers? This original Trapper Keeper keeps the 80s and 90s vibe alive! Neon laser beams create a diagonal pattern and stand out on a black background – an old school favorite. Nothing falls out even if you drop it! All your stuff stays trapped inside with a secure hook and loop closure. Papers stay in place. You get two folders with vertical pockets that trap loose papers, so they won’t fall out. Common stats are printed right on the folders, so you don’t forget the basics. Store the folders and other 3-hole punched sheets on the sturdy 1" metal binder rings. A metal clip on the back of the Trapper Keeper secures loose papers and notes while on the go. Store even more in the inside pocket, perfect for keeping hand-outs, assignments and extra paper close at hand.
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Mabel's Labels

Get back to basics this year with the Ultimate Back-to-School Combo Label Pack from Mabel's Labels! This classic set includes all the durable, waterproof labels needed to keep your child's things out of the lost and found. With new, on-trend designs for children of all ages, Mabel's Labels make it simple to identify belongings...from backpacks and lunchboxes to clothing, school supplies and more...

Class Tracker Middle School Edition

You now have multiple subjects each with their own teacher, their own rooms, and their own homework and test schedule. It can be totally overwhelming to keep track of everything. That’s why we designed the Ultimate Student Planner - Middle School Edition, just for students like you. Now you can stay on top of all your school assignments, extracurricular activities, special projects and tasks, so you can have less stress and more fun.
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For the Kiddos to Wear:

Under Armour & Nike from

If you haven't heard of proozy yet, you are seriously missing out on some amazing deals. Proozy is a mid-size sporting goods retailers company operating the e-commerce site Proozy sells its products and services in the sporting goods industry. Proozy is a very active brand when it comes to discounting and offering promo codes. Proozy has good ratings among shoppers as well.


Because positive thinking and mindfulness lead to a better life. That's what they want for you and everyone on this planet. MantraBand does this by promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, and mindfulness. MantraBand bracelets are made to inspire. They are the reminders to choose happiness, to live what you love, and to be present in every moment.
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For the Teachers:

Handzies Soap + Water Wipes

Get a 'soap and water clean' anytime, anywhere! Individually packaged and perfect for on-the-go, Handzies Soap + Water Wipes give you fresh, clean hands using only natural castile soap, water and essential oils. Say goodbye to harsh hand sanitizers, Handzies do not contain alcohol, BZK, triclosan, artificial perfumes or dyes. Gentle for use by the entire family! Ideal for keeping in backpacks, lunchboxes or desks.

For Maintaining a Clean and Organized Home:

Neato D8 Intelligent Robot Vacuum

Now you can schedule a cleaning routine from the palm of your hand through the MyNeato app whether at home or not. The Neato D8 has 100 minutes (covering 750 square feet) of run time but will auto charge for larger jobs if it needs to. It has a large dust bin to effectively hold more dirt, dust, and dander from carpet, hardwood, or tile floors. It also has an Eco or Turbo mode, Turbo increases suction for those extra tough jobs in each nook and cranny. You can also make "No-Go" zones within the MyNeato app that are easy to set up with Bluetooth enabling. You will also have access to in-app customer care as well.
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Dry Erase Calendar

This gold aluminum frame magnetic dry erase calendar board is a perfect and functional solution for the frequent usage areas of your office, school classroom, home or any commercial space. A medium point black dry erase marker with built-in eraser is included. The board's magnetic painted steel writing surface will require minimal ongoing cleaning care to ensure the best performance and resist ink staining and ghosting.
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To Pack in Lunch Boxes:

Nunbelieveable Cookies

The name Nunbelievable was inspired by a group of nuns who devoted their lives to provide meals for the hungry. 1 in 6 kids in America don't know where their next meal will come from. * Over 40 million people in the U.S. struggle with hunger. * How It Works: You buy a box of delicious cookies. Nunbelievable ships your order directly to you. You enjoy their delicious cookies, and they donate meals to partner soup kitchens to feed people in need. *Donations from Nunbelievable to Feeding America will be matched through the 1 billion Meal Challenge providing twice the impact. Every $1 donated to Feeding America helps secure and distribute at least 10 meals to people facing hunger through the Feeding America network of food banks. Introducing the new Good for You Keto Bundle featuring our two newest Keto additions, Snickerdoodle with Baobab and Double Chocolate, in addition to the Keto Chocolate Chip and Keto Pecan Sandies. Satisfy your cookie cravings with grain-free, gluten-free, 1g Net Carb cookies, and with every cookie pouch you buy, we’ll donate a meal to help fight hunger.
Fight hunger while eating delicious cookies. Every cookie bought = a meal donated.

MyWish4U Notes from Me!

Pack your child's lunch with love... and include Lunch Notes from MyWish4U, which give your school-aged child reminders of love, thoughtfulness, and support during their school day. Starting this sweet tradition is easy - simply tear off and slip a note into your kid’s lunchbox, container, or backpack! Positive notes, riddles, facts, jokes and more, your child will be thrilled to find Lunch Box Notes each day.
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Without a Trace Foods

Healthy, allergy-friendly snacks to pack in your kid's backpack or lunchbox that are free from the top 8 allergens! Developed by a mom whose children have severe food allergies, without a Trace offers a mouthwatering variety of plant-based, gluten-free Chewy Granola Bars, Power Bites and Cookies. Perfect for tucking in lunchboxes or as a grab-n-go snack for everyone in the family. Their Rad Raspberry Power Bites & Strawberry Surprise Chewy Granola Bars are truly phenomenal.
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think! Kids

With four different flavors, Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Crème, Peanut Butter Cup, and Vanilla Cupcake, kids can enjoy a range of dessert-like tastes, while parents can feel better knowing each bar provides a good source of protein (7 grams!) and fiber and has 45% less sugar than the leading granola bar. think! also offers a variety of other flavors and different protein-filled bars for adults and teenagers as well, ranging from 10-20 grams of protein, which can also be found on think!’s website here. These are perfect for busy working teachers and parents who may not have the time for a full meal, want a healthy, energy-boosting snack throughout the day, or need a quick pick-me-up between work hours.

Undercover Snacks

Healthy disguise! Developed by a mom whose two daughters were diagnosed with celiac disease, all Undercover Snacks are made with carefully sourced all-natural, gluten-free, non-GMO, simple ingredients and Rain Forest Alliance Certified chocolate. Undercover Snacks are made with crispy quinoa, which is naturally gluten-free, packed with protein, fiber and nutrients, and has an incredible crunchy texture. Made in a dedicated facility that is free of the top ten food allergens. Certified Nut-Free, Certified Gluten-Free and Kosher. Comes in 8 decadent varieties. For lunchboxes, tuck one of their single serve packs in as a treat!
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PeaTos® the revolutionary feel-good comfort food snack that tastes, crunches, and looks better than your favorite junk food snacks from childhood - without all the junk. Peatos by World Peas is changing snacking by creating better-for-you "junk food." Peatos are a pulse-based, crunchy puffed snack that delivers the bold flavor and big crunch snacking experience we all crave, but without empty-calories.
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Aahana’s is a natural food company on a mission to create convenient foods that are healthful and delicious. Aahana’s globally inspired lentil and grain bowls are not only convenient and delicious, but also vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO made with organic ingredients and contain 15 grams of complete plant-based protein. A flavorful one-pot dish made with grains, beans and aromatic spices and herbs, khichdi is a simple dish and easy to digest; Aahana’s is delicious, simple and convenient! Perfect for an easy and quick lunch or a power-packed meal.
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Rule Breaker Snacks

Rule Breaker Snacks deliciously soft-baked brownies and blondies are vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, allergy-friendly (top 8 allergen free!), non-GMO and, well, just perfectly and deliciously guilt-free. Rule Breaker Snacks start with chickpeas (they are the first ingredient), but you’d never know it from the deliciously gooey and luscious texture. They are packed with protein and fiber and are available in four delicious flavors - Deep Chocolate Brownie, Chocolate Chunk Blondie, (Nut-Free) P’Nutter Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake.
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To Enjoy After School:

Calm Embrace Weighted Blanket from CushionLab

There are many benefits of a weighted blanket after a long school day. Weighted blankets alleviated stress induced insomnia by promoting melatonin production so you can enjoy full body therapeutic relaxation to help you transition into deep restful sleep. Smartly designed by their sleep experts, the Calm Embrace Weighted Blanket closely mimics the feeling of being help or embraced-instilling a natural calmness to effectively relieve anxiety and enable your body to fall deeply asleep. Naturally stimulate the production of serotonin (feel good chemical) and melatonin (sleeping chemical). CushionLab also sells the best pillow for sleep apnea.
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What are some essentials you are buying this year?

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