Your Guide To Having A Minimalist Kitchen

Understanding that more is less can be very difficult for those of us who like to hoard their old decoration pieces, crockery, utensils, and even machinery. You may have some sort of emotional attachment to all of these things but the only thing they’re doing now is cluttering. These “what if” appliances and crockery you have been storing are no good to you and you’ll only realize it once you let go!

Your Guide To Having A Minimalist Kitchen

Creating a minimalist kitchen is not about giving up anything in fact it has more to do with smartly choosing the things that you really “need” not “want”.

Let’s learn how to declutter and create a minimalist kitchen inexpensively. Our expert tips provided below can be a starting point for anyone!

1. Declutter And Make Space

You don’t need more space, you just need less stuff.

The only way to achieve a minimalist kitchen is to ensure that you get rid of extra items in your kitchen. Anything that you haven’t used in 6 months, get rid of it, you’re not magically going to need it now. Take out all the unnecessary items and have a yard sale or donate those to someone.

Decluttering will give you more space in your cupboard and drawers so you can move your appliances and gadgets in your cupboards. This will free up space on your kitchen countertops and will give your kitchen a clean and tidy look.

2. Focus On Organization

One of the reasons that many of us have messy kitchens is because we haven't organized things in the proper way. Put the things that you use rarely in the back of the cupboards and those that you use frequently should be right in front of you.

Put name tags on jars or even your cupboards if you forget what you have put inside a cupboard. An interesting thing could be making a list and attaching it to the inside of the cupboard. This way your kitchen will always look organized thus giving out the most minimalist vibes.

3. Smart Storage

A minimalist kitchen is all about modernity and smart usage of space. A lack of space can be a huge issue to a minimal kitchen. The homeless groceries and appliances can be a huge turn off. The ideal solution for this is creating smart storage like usage of tall pull out pantries which have the ability to literally squeeze in anywhere and the installation of racks in it makes it so easy to keep things organized and within your reach. Every minimalist kitchen needs a sleek pull out pantry! Another way to save space is by putting the big empty walls to use. Wall mounted storage can be made very stylish and modern with some artwork and calendars!

4. Go For A Monochromatic Color Palette

Minimalism looks different to everyone for some it is just modern furniture and fittings, for others it means organization and tidiness and for some of us it’s choosing neutral colors that don’t have a very lasting impact on the eyes. They make the room look soft, warm and welcoming. A minimalist kitchen should definitely have chic and simple colors like beige, grey, shades of white and even a very light yellow color on one wall. Not just the walls but sleek laminate cupboards add to the whole look. For a classical minimalist look go for black cabinets and white countertops and walls or grey MDF cabinets and off-white walls.

These are the 4 starting points for anyone who’s trying to make their kitchen look modern and minimalist. Remember that minimalism is just more than a sleek countertop and off white walls you need to make a lot of changes in your kitchen to ensure it maintains the minimalism!

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  1. I need to get rid of a bunch of baking things. I used to bake a lot but haven't in a couple of years.


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