10 Ideas To Bring Your Community Back Together Once Lockdown Is Over

If there is something that has saved the local economy during the Covid-19 pandemic is the community. Neighbors have come together to help each other, support local shops, and offer help to the people who needed it the most. While lockdown rules and social distancing restrictions are still in place, the vaccines' rollouts allow us to start dreaming about a new normal. At the same time, once it is safe to gather outdoors again, it is crucial to encourage the community to come back together.

10 Ideas To Bring Your Community Back Together Once Lockdown Is Over

This is not only to propel the local economy and limit the damages of Covid-19 but also to strengthen personal bonds and relationships. At the same time, it is important for your community to be ready in advance and be prepared to launch new initiatives. Here are ten ideas for your neighbor or local community to start thinking about now - so you can make the most out of the upcoming summer!

Live Gigs

Live gigs are always an excellent way to bring the community together. No matter the type of music you are broadcasting - they are a great way for people to spend an evening outdoors, enjoy the music, and interact with others. At the same time, communities of artists around the world have been among the hardest hit by the pandemic - and they have been forced to perform without an audience for too long! Nonetheless, it has never been as evident how important the arts are for young people's development and recreation. Hosting live gigs is a win-win!

Outdoor Cinemas

When is the last time that you have enjoyed a Sunday evening at the cinema with your family or friends? Of course, platforms such as Netflix have made sure that we all have plenty of new shows to watch. However, going to the cinema is also a social experience that we are all eager to live once again! Once the lockdown is over, you can organize outdoor film screenings or - even better - drive-in cinemas! You don't need much more than a large-enough field and a projector for your community to enjoy a film outdoors - but don't forget about making popcorns available!

Farmers Markets

During the pandemic, we have all been stockpiling our favorite foods - especially in the beginning. However, now that the panic is over and we know what to expect, it is time to go back to choosing food and ingredients that are good for ourselves, the planet, and the local environment. Farmers' markets are an excellent way to support local shops and business owners - and truly value the local produce!

Quiz Nights

If there is something we have all missed is quiz nights. Of course, virtual versions have started to sprout throughout the first months of the pandemic - but they are just not close enough to the real deal! Hosting a quiz night - even outdoors - is a low-cost option that allows you to bring people together and challenge their minds! All you need is a microphone and a few questions, and you can even donate to charity the earnings from the quiz's tickets.

Run a Community Garden

If you have ever spent a day in your garden looking after your plants and flowers, you know how therapeutic gardening is. And, if you have never experienced the joy of growing your own vegetable garden, you can trust the benefits proven by researchers! Gardening has been seen to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety and can also strengthen the immune system and ensure that you receive all the Vitamin D you need for a happy and healthy life.

Creating a community vegetable garden for the neighbor is an excellent choice to look after everyone's well-being. And, of course, they can also enjoy fresh, seasonal, and delicious vegetables as a result of their efforts!

Invest in an Animal Sanctuary

It is not a secret that animal farming is negatively impacting the environment, and many people have started to understand the benefits of a more wholefood, plant-based lifestyle. Promoting this kind of lifestyle and encouraging your community to learn more about their choices won't only be an excellent way to bring them together. It can also promote a healthier lifestyle and a happier community. Creating a local animal sanctuary with rescued animals from farms allows you to educate children and give a chance to adults to spend time outdoors and in the company of animals.

Host a Treasure Hunt

Any neighbor or local community has hidden pearls waiting to be discovered. And, since international travels will be off-limits for some months to come, you should consider launching initiatives to encourage individuals to explore the local area.

Hosting a treasure hunt can be an excellent way to do so! You can encourage couples and families to take part by making a prize available - but the treasure hunt is likely to pass in second place once they rediscover the beauty of the local area! And, of course, this is an excellent alternative for families to enjoy a vacation together, strengthen their relationship, and make lifelong memories.

Live Steam Locomotives

There is nothing that kids and adults love more than model trains - but what about live steams? You can invest in a live steam locomotive such as a Model Britannia Class and provide entertainment for anybody in the neighborhood. Live steams are a great option for parents to have some free time while the little ones enjoy a ride on a historical locomotive!

Tours of the Surrounding Countryside

If you are not so far from a green area such as a forest, hiss, or the seaside, you can consider hosting day walking tours. While there might not be an internationally-recognized attraction nearby, you can always find something of interest. This option gives young people the opportunity to learn more about the area's surroundings. Additionally, anybody who is interested in hospitality and history might take the chance to become a tour guide and make the most of their passion.

Food Festivals

Food festivals, especially when coupled with live gigs, make for the perfect local event. Indeed, families and couples in the neighborhood wouldn't miss the chance to participate in such an exciting social event. At the same time, a food festival is a great alternative to promote the hospitality venues, restaurants, and cafes in the area. Indeed, this is one of the industries that have been hit the hardest by the consequences of the pandemic, such as closures and local restrictions. At the same time, they are the backbone of the local economy. A food festival might help them get back on their feet and increase visibility.

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