Checklist When Traveling on a Vacation with the Kids

It’s exciting finally getting to enjoy a family vacation after a lockdown. Kids can’t wait to get out of the house and enjoy activities they’ve lately been dreaming of, such as swimming, visiting amusement parks, and outdoor play. You too can’t wait to enjoy the fresh air, sun and relax away from the usual work and family responsibilities.

Checklist When Traveling on a Vacation with the Kids

If you’ve chosen New Jersey to be the destination, you are on the right track. Most towns, including Irvington, have family-friendly hotels, accommodation, and fun spots. Your kids will love the experience, and you, too, will not be left behind.

Under the leadership of the Mayor of Irvington NJ, the town has seen tremendous growth over the years, making it a favorable tourist destination. Besides the many tourist attractions, the locality enjoys ample security with friendly and helpful residents.

When traveling with kids, a foolproof plan will ensure your vacation is worthwhile, enjoyable and everyone feels accommodated. If you have small kids, your checklist should be more thorough because small mistakes or omissions can be costly.

Make Sure You Have Family Friendly Accommodation

You can choose a hotel room or a rental. Renting a house would be ideal if you have a bigger family and plan to have a more extended vacation. Also, a rental gives you the privilege of preparing your family meals, washing clothes, and operating a relaxed and safe schedule. Unlike a hotel, you can eat when you want and have more exciting options such as entertaining guests privately.

Pack Enough Clothes

Although the weather may be bright, warm, and sunny, it’s good to have a few warm pieces to put on when it gets chilly in the evening, or you stay outdoors longer than you intended. Also, have enough clothes to take you for at least three days and pack a larger suitcase for toddlers. The best equation is, pack three outfits for every day you will be on vacation. You may have to change that vest several times during the day from all the playing, spills, and wetness.

It also helps to have a cleaning plan in mind. Make sure your residence has an easily accessible washing machine. It’s even better to access a private one which means you can toss the clothes in the evening and have them clean and ready to wear the following day.

Have Some Medications and Medical Contacts

A baby can develop a fever when least expected. The change of weather, increased activity, and food can quickly upset a baby’s health, leading to unexpected illnesses. Fever and pain medication should be a priority but make sure you have at least two doctors in Irving you can call in an emergency. Remember also to carry bandages, antibiotic ointment, and a digital thermometer.


Carrying a favorite toy gives the child some security when in unfamiliar territory. You can also include their favorite blanket, crayons, a reading book, and snacks. Also, remember to pack a travel potty, stroller, and car seat. Give yourself adequate time to do the packing and, most importantly, have a checklist. There are things you can’t pack until the last day. Make sure to make a separate checklist and tick when packed. As you leave the house, count your bags for an idea of what you should always have.

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