7 Ways To Make A Salad Less Boring

When many of us picture an exciting and tasty meal, a salad is usually not the dish that comes to mind. While there’s no denying that salads are healthy, they’re often avoided because they’re viewed as boring. In reality, a salad doesn’t have to be boring - it’s all about what you put in it.

If your salad consists of nothing but lettuce leaves and cucumbers, then yes - it is boring. The best salads are packed full of different ingredients to create an explosion of flavors. Below are just a few different ways to make a salad less boring.

Look beyond leafy greens 

Your salad doesn’t have to contain lettuce leaves. Other vegetables such as broccoli, celery, squash, carrot and onion can often make for an exciting substitute when craving that crunch. Such vegetables are less light and could make your salad feel more wholesome. 

Mix in some herbs 

Herbs such as tarragon, kale, basil, mint and parsley can help to offer an added kick. They can also provide a more diverse leafy texture to your salad to make it look more exciting. Try experimenting with herbs and see what works. 

Pack in some protein 

Protein can help to make a salad more filling, which is essential if you’re serving up a salad as a main meal. Meat, fish, cheese and eggs are good options if you’re not a vegan. If meat and dairy is a no-no, then there are still plenty of protein sources to explore such as tofu, beans, nuts and quinoa. 

Diversify the texture 

Too much of one texture could make your salad taste boring. Try to add in textures beyond crunch - this could include raisins to add some chewiness or avocado to add in some softness. Sauces will meanwhile stop your salad from feeling too dry. 

Add the right dressing 

A flavorsome dressing can completely transform a salad. It can be worth making your own salad dressing if you want to stay healthy - store-bought salad dressings are notorious for being packed with calories, turning a healthy salad into a fast food dish. You can check out some healthy salad dressing recipes here. 

Try adding roasted ingredients 

Not all ingredients in your salad have to be raw. You can add warm sauces, melted cheese or cooked bacon to give your salad that extra dimension it may be missing. You can also add roasted ingredients such as roasted peppers or roasted pecans. These could add a smokiness to your salad. 

Keep it fresh

For the best taste possible, it’s best to stick to fresh ingredients. Vegetables are most flavorsome when they’re ripe and newly-picked. To find the freshest ingredients, you could try shopping at farmer’s markets or you could even try growing your own produce. Don’t use week old lettuce leaves that are turning brown or ingredients that have been frozen - do this and your salad is certain to taste bland. 

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