A Christmas of Self-Love: 4 Ways to Invest in Yourself and Rock the New Year

Looking after yourself is crucial, especially in a moment like the one we are living in today. And, now that the holiday season is quickly approaching, it is impossible not to think that Christmas will be a little different from usual this year.

Indeed, there won’t be as many family parties and gatherings, and all the traditions that are so close to our hearts might have to wait until next year. In all this, new lockdown measures and restrictions are coming into place. Whether you are facing the months ahead with your loved ones or alone, it has never been as important to dedicate time and love to yourself. Start from the tips below.

Learn Something New

Learning something new can be empowering and can help you keep sharp through the upcoming months indoors. You won’t necessarily need to go back to college or commit to substantial expenditures. Instead, you can just opt for an online course or training. 

Whether you have decided to do so to broaden your skillset or wish to give your career a new, exciting turn, learning something new can offer you endless possibilities. Indeed, it might help you discover a new passion, exploit an old one, or even decide on the best career path for your goals. Start today!

Take Time for Yourself

We are always caught up in our hectic daily lives, making it difficult to focus on what is essential. However, due to the pandemic’s consequences, we can now take a minute for ourselves and examine our lives. Without the stressful, time-consuming commute and entire days spent in the office, you can now enjoy the time you never seemed to have had before. Whether you wish to use this time to read a book, dedicate yourself to your favorite hobby, or just relax, you can now take the time you need to look after yourself

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Routines

The routine you choose for yourself can make or break your motivation, wellbeing, and chances of success. A morning routine is different for anybody, but it is equally important. Whether you prefer to get up and go for a jog before sunrise, or you prefer to take a 10-minutes meditation break, the way you start your day truly counts. 

Your routine can have a substantial effect on both your mental and physical wellbeing. Indeed, deciding on an exercise and mindfulness schedule can help you keep your mind and body healthy and strong. 

Look After You Appearance 

Looking after your appearance can have incredibly positive effects on your general wellbeing. Of course, most of us are working from home today, but this should not be an excuse for letting yourself go. Instead, make sure you get ready in the morning and take some time to make yourself look at your best - this is bound to raise your confidence like nothing else! 

Sometimes, you might need more radical interventions to achieve the skin or smile you have always wanted. In this case, keep in mind that braces cost much less than you would expect, and they can help you get the smile and confidence you have always wanted to have!


  1. I couldn't agree more about the learn something new part. During the early lockdown of the pandemic I chose to download a language app. Not much call for Gaelic but it was just for me for fun. I ended up doing this all summer, once I went back to teaching I switch to Spanish as I have two students who speak very little English so I needed to brush up my skills. Learning is awesome and feels like I like I accomplish something meaningful for me

  2. Every woman should take time for themselves. We usually take time for everyone else first. I used to forget that I was a separate person. I loved reading for relaxation. A lot of time, I was too tired to go out with friends. One time, a few of us went out to eat and a show. Well I fell asleep during the movie. For the last 20 years when I could actually have a little time to myself, I ended up battling cancer. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or feeling sorry for myself. This was just what happened. I have no regrets though. The family I was blessed with has made me so happy and has given me lots of support. This was pin worthy for other moms to read and take advantage of. Thank you for sharing!


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