Empower Yourself with These 3 Confidence Boosters

Confidence is like a superpower. It's believing in yourself that enables you to go after what you want, or simply, enjoy your life. Lacking self-confidence is just as powerful. The hold this void has on you prevents you from reaching your potential and steals any chance for joy.

The truth is that you have to live with yourself for the rest of your life, so you might as well like (possibly love?) who you are! If you're tired of constantly putting yourself down, experiment with these three tactics that can help give you a long-lasting confidence boost.

Wave Goodbye to Your Inner Critic

Mental health is just as impactful on your self-esteem as your physical health, and often it's our inner critic that robs us of our self-confidence. In her book, "Banish Your Inner Critic", Denise Jacobs shares how our inner critic tricks us into believing the worst about ourselves - "you don't know enough, you're a failure, you look stupid or you're being judged." This wasteland of self-criticism is just noise, and it produces stories we can choose not to believe as facts.

Anytime you're experiencing an inner critic attack, Jacobs recommends accepting that you're having negative thoughts and observe them from afar. Toxic thoughts can begin to fade as you refocus your attention on something else. Critical thoughts are just "brain events", rather than real truths about ourselves.

Partake in New Experiences

Low self-confidence holds us back — maybe it's our careers, relationships or pursuing our dreams. But while we may feel trapped inside a box that tells us "we're not good enough", we have the power to break free, and one way to knock down these walls is to travel.

Indeed, traveling offers new experiences, which can offer new perspectives about life and yourself. It may take some courage, but consider the rewards of embarking on a trip on your own. On a solo journey, you'll face challenges you're forced to overcome, achieve a sense of accomplishment, and gain the independence that you can proudly bring into your everyday life back at home.

To truly experience personal growth, pick a destination that's outside your comfort zone. Of course, traveling abroad undoubtedly exposes you to new worlds, but you can take risks on an adventure of any scale, as long as it's full of possibilities new to you. Let's say you live in the hot desert of Phoenix. In the winter, plan a trip to Denver, where there's snowfall and low temperatures. Shop for new cold-weather gear, take a snowboarding lesson, and navigate a new wintry locale all on your own.

Be the Star of Your Own Movie

Take a moment to think about the source of your struggle with confidence. Is it because you're stuck playing the comparison game? The comparison game is a deadly one, and it can kill your confidence. You're not as thin as the women in your fitness class or you're not as successful as your friends. It also doesn't help when you scroll through Instagram to see all the shiny things you don't have or exotic vacations you can't afford. Social media is a self-confidence danger zone.

First accept that there will always be someone who's thinner, more successful, wealthier and seemingly happier than you. This is life! You could be that person to someone else. But more importantly, don't subscribe to arbitrary metrics as you learn to love yourself. No one can do a better job of being you than you! Think of your life as a movie. This is your movie. You're the star and no one else can play this role. Just because your movie is different from someone else's, doesn't mean that it can't be award-winning, too.

You Should Go and Love Yourself

If you're low on self-confidence, bear in mind it takes hard work to build and maintain it. The responsibility is yours, whether you need to work on vanquishing self-doubt or strive for self- improvement. Do you need to do some work on the inside? Could eating better, exercising or rehabilitating your wardrobe help you feel more positively about yourself? Confidence doesn't come easy. But by silencing your inner critic, trying new things and no longer measuring yourself against others, you can discover who you are and start to actually love that person.

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