Educational Gift Ideas for Kids Bored at Home This Holiday Season

It's that time again! This year is suppose to be different and more hectic (as far as shipping goes) than years past. So I wanted to get the ball rolling and showcase some gift ideas for kids bored at home this holiday season so you can start your gift giving season off a little earlier than normal so those presents can be in loved ones' hands on time.

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Inspire kids to sink their teeth into the rewards of healthful home cooking! What’s on the menu? Crispy, tender chicken nuggets…bright, zesty zucchini fries…all made from scratch with REAL cooking tools, perfectly engineered for young hands! Color-coded measuring cups and spoons match up with the illustrated recipe cards, keeping your junior home chef cool as a cucumber. Soft-touch silicone utensils, a mixing bowl, star pan and apron are all foodie-approved. The tastiest projects for kids happen in the kitchen! Ages 4+ For older kids, include the Playful Chef: Safety Knife Set. Ages 5+ 

Grow your own brightly-colored hedgehogs with sparkling crystal spikes! Everything you need for this easy and fun science project is included. You can watch the process of crystallization over the course of 24 hours as your two hedgehog figurines grow amazing crystal spines on their backs. They’re a spectacular feat of science – display them in your favorite space when you’re done for a brilliant pop of color. Ages 8+ 

What magical molecules are behind the fun of slime and oobleck? Learn as you mix up 10 custom squishy stress balls! Ooze through these chemistry crafts as you test how differences in mass, density and Newton’s law of Viscosity affect your creations! Colorful beads, glitter and other accessories allow you to break out your artistic streak along with your inner scientist. Ages 8+ 

Discover the endless possibilities of Tileblox 20Pc set. With the step-by-step idea sheet, create one-of-a-kind masterpieces! A great set for beginner builders looking to explore and learn through play. Arrives with 8 Triangles and 12 Square in Rainbow colors. Each geometric shape contains magnets that let you build with endless possibilities! TileBlox is perfect for STEM education and when playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store. Ages 3+ 

Learning Resources Botley 2.0 the Coding Robot Activity Set is the next generation of our award-winning Botley the Coding Robot. With the innovative modes, features, and fun found in Botley the Coding Robot 2. 0, our smartest coding robot yet. Botley 2. 0 helps kids as young as five learn to code through 100% screen-free play. It's easy to get started with Botley 2. 0. It's ready to code from the first go - code it to move in six directions, play music, and even put on a light show. Discover Botley 2. 0’s 16 fun interactions - transform it into a train, police car, ghost, and more. You can even test your memory with the lights and sounds of a game of Botley Says. Your little coders can build coding sequences of up to 150 steps, and go on adventures with a built-in sensor that lights up Botley 2. 0 in the dark. With the help of Botley 2. 0’s 77-piece activity set, kids will be solving their first coding and STEM challenges in just minutes. Ages 5+ 

It’s the perfect sparkle set for your princess/engineer. Q-BA-MAZE is a unique system of colorful cubes that interlock to form an exciting marble run. The configurations are UNLIMITED: use the guide for inspiration to build your own creations, or follow the instructions to construct a bunny, butterfly or hummingbird-shaped mazes. Compatible with all Q-BA-MAZE 2.0 sets. Ages 6+ 

Take a crack at this egg and discover all seven different species of dinosaurs hidden inside! Will you find the stegosaurus first, or the mighty T-Rex? Learn more about each creature with the excavation guide when you’re done. Just soak the egg in a bowl or sink, chip away with your chisels, and discover! Ages 4+ 

Enjoy an easier version of Gearjits and build an intricate, sound activated wooden dinosaur that moves and roars. Made from laser-cut wooden pieces, this 3D dino puzzle is part architectural genius, part engineering marvel, featuring the skeleton outline of the king of prehistoric predators. Once you assemble all the pieces, use sound activation to make the dinosaur robot move forward or turn. The battery-operated mechanics include a sound chip that adds realistic roars to your roaming dinosaur. Ages 8+

A combination of construction pieces and electronic circuitry components, Archi-TECH Electronic Smart House 2020 teaches creative engineering and circuitry in a whole new way with re-engineering for better fit and construction! Ages 8+ 

Create in delicious style with the better-than-ever Chocolate Pen! New kid-friendly design automatically loads the pen with chocolate while the warming tray keeps your candy melted and ready to go. At the touch of a button you can write words, draw one-of-a-kind designs, or use the 40 molds to make rainbows, hearts and other fun shapes, including bonus molds inspired by Blume Dolls. Kid chefs will love adding their chocolatey touches to fruit, cookies, cupcakes, or anything else their sweet tooth desires! Your DIY creations will magically harden in minutes and make a perfect gift for friends and family to enjoy. Ages 6+

Snap Circuits Elenco Plus My Home Electronics Building Kit

Build 53 exciting STEM projects that are based on electric circuits you would find in most homes. Learn how power gets to your home, how power travels inside your walls, what happen when you turn on a light, what happens when the power goes out, what are fuses, circuits breakers, and more! Use the color and number coded building blocks with snaps to build and understand electrical circuits, home security, overhead lights, dependent and independent lights, and even an infrared controlled lighting system. This STEM learning toy contains over 70 parts including a base grid, IC modules, solar cell, microphone, fiber optic tree, slide and press switches, vertical, snap and jumper wires, battery holder, resistors, capacitor, LED's, lamp, sound module, transistors, a meter, a motor, detailed instructions, and more!
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What gift ideas are on your shopping list this season?

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  1. I have given my grandson a gift that deals with coding. I was nervous at first, but he picked it up even though I didn’t. That’s another gift I would get again! I bought my girls long ago an Easy Bake Oven. Like you mentioned, they loved eating what they made. The cooking kit is one I would buy again. The crystal growing kits remind me of the Chia pet. These are all great suggestions that I had to do pin so I can remember them when all the sales come around. I’m also sharing for my friends on Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. These are great ideas. The Gearjits Tyrannosaurus Rex looks like fun!

  3. I am totally blanking on gift ideas this year! Thank you for the ideas!

  4. Love these ideas, Great for kiddos!

  5. These look like they'd make great gifts!

  6. My kids would love all of these. I really like the Playful Chef: Deluxe Cooking Kit.

  7. These are perfect for winter break! Crystal Growing Hedgehogs would be ideal because it is something to check on over the course of days while other are good for revisiting for longer learning like the coding Botely 2.0

  8. I like gifts that are fun and also educational.

  9. What a cool list of fun, educational things! I know my grandsons would love some of these items as gifts.


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