Hosting The Perfect Garden Party

The summer may be drawing to an end, but that doesn't mean that you have to slow down the garden parties and picnics with friends and family. Autumn can be just as warm as summer sometimes, and you can learn how to host the perfect garden party before throwing your own. You may not be able to head to Wimbledon or Ascot, but that doesn't mean that you can’t put on a show in the backyard you’ve got.

The pandemic has changed everyone’s summer this year, but with the right social distancing and hand sanitizer on offer, you can be the perfect garden party host. So, let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to do to be an excellent host this year. 

Watch The Weather

A garden party only works when you have the weather for it, and so you need to keep an eye on the weather. It doesn't have to be blazing hot, but it does have to be bright and dry so that you can have a decent time with a custom Cornhole set. You want people to have fun, and they cannot have fun sitting in the rain and the mud - nor can they play games in the rain! 

Party Bags

Just because you’re holding a party for grown-ups, doesn't mean that you can’t have party favors. Grown-ups like party bags just as much as children do, so you just have to know your audience to know that you put the right things in the bag. Think mini bottles of sunscreen and antibacterial gel for the garden, add some delicious chocolates and a scented candle, too. 

Make It Comfortable

You may be in the garden, but you don't have to sit on hard ground. Giant throw pillows scattered around the garden will give you that social distancing element and rugs and blankets will make the grass more comfortable, too. You can add low tables, too, and have a finger buffet set up ready to feed those who turn up. You could have a proper plated meal, but there’s something way more laid back about a low buffet table.

Play Games

One-touch with a soccer ball, throw a Frisbee and play Cornhole with your friends. You want to make this a fun garden party - a little elegance and a lot of fun will make for a garden party with a talking point.

Lock Box The Smartphones

When your guests arrive at the party, add their phones to a lockbox - and offer them the chance to text someone your house phone number so that they can be reached in an emergency. The element of social media needs to stay outside the door. You all have to be together, not staring at phones and taking a million photos on phones. This party is to be enjoyed in the moment - not through a screen! 

The perfect garden party is one that everyone has fun at and walks away from with a smile. You can do it with the tips above! 


  1. You have some great ideas! Too hot for one here but I like the way you think!

  2. This is a great idea to get out of the house and have some company rather than just your family! Enjoying the outside and even the hot air! The best idea you have in the list is to lock up those phones!! Some of the future invitations should say: leave your home phones at home or in your cars �� Now have a great time ��

  3. A garden party sounds like a really fun thing to do with my friends!


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